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  1. Jane just said (and other hosts always say) that viewers flooded her facebook page wanting to know "what was that jacket you had on? tell me about that jean jacket you had on." When I've tuned in, mid presentation, I can count on one hand -- in more than 25 years -- the number of times I've wondered what item a model might be wearing, or any apparel item being presented for that matter. Even then, I just thought the item was cute. I've never been so bowled over I was dying to order it, or HAD to have it. I can honestly say, I don't think I've ever wondered -- in a positive, or admiring way -- what any QVC host has had on. Are viewers really clamoring to know what these hosts are wearing?....so they could actually buy it? If I wonder what a hosts has on, it's because it's just that ghastly.
  2. selhars


    I caught just a little of the last part of a presentation of a two-piece set from a brand called Splendid. I thought it was a Carol Hochman item at first. And really don't see how it's that different from most of the other casual loungewear athleisure lines on QVC.
  3. I hate the way Jane T says coral. It's not KAW'-rawl. UGH. If that's the way she has to pronounce it, I really wish she would never say the name of that color. That's worse than any lazy talk from Amy. IMHO.
  4. The name "authentic Living" is a turn off for me -- in this sales context. What the heck do they mean by "authentic" living? -- when they're doing to likely be selling the same old stuff we've been seeing. Overall, I don't see where YHWJ, sold anything any different from what we see on David's home show. And I don't expect anything new on Sandras new show. Different topic: the high-low hem on the H by Halston Open Front Hi-low duster cardigan is too extreme for me. IMO, in most cases the hi-low difference should barely be perceptible. Six inches is way too much difference for me. Just don't like the look of it.
  5. I know it's a Friday midday in the summer time -- and not exactly prime time viewing....So QVC doesn't need it's top sellers on now, but.... ...give me Shawn K and Isaac ANYtime, over the unwatchable mess (IMO) that I'm watching now. Kerstin and Isaac are unintelligible and silly. They just said you want to look your best when you're pumping gas, and earlier that you need two pairs of shorts one at your main house and one pair at your beach house.
  6. Kim Gravel just wears toooo much make up. She looks like a clown or a drag queen.
  7. selhars


    There's an Elizabeth and Clarke Stain Tech button-down blouse that was 75.00 and is on clearance for $34. I LOVE that it's stain repellent... colored liquids are just rolling off. And in a dress blouse, for me anyway, that's big. (Won't have to keep an extra top at work "just in case" something spills on me.) Although, once again, the price it more like what my price point would have been in the first place. There's no top in the world for which I'd pay $75.00
  8. selhars

    Home Shopping Network

    I watched a bit of Colleen and Debbie. I liked them together. Also, I love the Anushka (sp? )bags HSN is featuring as the TS.
  9. OK. It looks like an H. So I will stand corrected on that. As for another topic.... I think I am willing to vote for all hosts to have an OAP for presentations. I like Ali Carr well enough, but this morning between 245 and 3 o’clock she was selling a Denim and Company dress. The dress was cute. I just got tired of her sing-song, way of talking and her voice. I wanted to click away just to get away from her doing all of the talking. Her examples of where to wear the dress, her stories about how she would wear the dress, All in that sing-song, up talk delivery was just too much. I got sick of hearing her talk. If she had had an OAP to play off of, who could also have done some of the talking I think the presentation would’ve been much, much easier to listen to.
  10. selhars


    I'm in the minority again. I think the dress is fine.
  11. As for "Ceristmas".....I don't care how I look at the sign....that "E" can't be mistaken for an "H." So maybe he's going to intentionally spell one word incorrectly to see if people notice?
  12. selhars


    I know that people who leave QVC can have their own ventures. I just wish that when they leave, they'd truly retire or just go away. Of course, I get that if there's too young to retire they may want to keep working. None of them seem to be able to stay off the Internet, though. But I confess I don't want to "stay in touch" with them, or buy any crap items they might sell. When they're not on set, I don't need to know a thing about them or what they're doing.
  13. I guess one person's sex kitten/cougar is another person's "orange skin tanning bed mom of New Jersey." I think she looks old, and not put together at all..... going by the picture/screen shot here anyway. She looks disheveled and like her skin is too tan or weathered.
  14. If anyone wonders if David is a top seller -- or whether just the mention of his name could boost sales....he just said that all day long this Tuesday (I think) on QVC3 -- will be repeats of David shows. It's 24 hours of David -- ITKWD, Fri Yay ITKWD, and even Down Home with David. And last I read here, people weren't even that thrilled with that show. Personally, I think they are overworking him. But -- IF he's like some folks I know, they'll work like a dog for a limited amount of time -- six months, a year, 2-5 years, all the while knowing and planning to quit or cut back after that time. Psychologically, they know they can work like a mad man, if they know going in, it's for a specific plan and only for a certain time frame. So, maybe David might be doing something like that. OR maybe he just likes to work that much, or can't say no for whatever reason. Maybe a few of us are the only ones who think he's overdoing it, or won't be able to keep this pace for long. And I'm one who thinks that. I've been a performer. I know that it can be exhilarating. But it also can zap energy like nothing else.
  15. Me, too. But for some reason this year I'm just not into food gifts at any price savings....at least not yet. Also, more and more of my friends really don't want sugar-laden foods for gifts anymore. For years now ,they've been saying don't get them cakes, candies, etc. and I always did, and they ate them up with glee. But they really are getting more serious about not being interested in any sweet treats. They'd still appreciate them of course. But they really are trying to have fewer treats like that. And of course, the costs keep going up...which puts them closer to being out of my price range for just a friendly, token holiday gift. Over the years, I've gifted -- and recommended -- Landies stuffed, chocolate coated pretzels, Giannios and Harry London chocolates, Mrs. Prinables apples, and Cheryl's- and Davids Cookies. And they've all been well received. I'd love to gift the Grandma's Coffee cake and the Tortuga Rum Cake...they look so good. And the the Germack, or Ferris mixes which look great. But the prices haven' "wowed" me this year. (And I have cheaper sources for great baked gifts. There are dozens of catalogs from which to order food gifts. Pittman and Davis (reasonable prices), Wolfermans $$$, Gethsemani Farms (best monastery fruitcake ever!, etc) I still might get something....we'll see. Maybe I'll order some Mrs. Prindables to take into work.