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  1. I'll take Shawn's stories over Jane Treacy's any day. (I don't want to hear ANY hosts stories, but apparently they HAVE to tell stories. UGH.)
  2. I wish Courtney Webb well. But for the longest time she absolutely SUCKED. She was one of THE worst of the recent hosts. So bad many people wondered why she wasn't lt go she was that lost and nervous on air. She came to QVC in Sept of 2018. I'd say it's only very lately in the last 8 months? that really improved enough to say she was fairly OK as a host. I will say she always was very professional and has improved immensely. Sticks to the product. No irrelevant stories. No crazy jokes. She stays in her lane and let's the OAP do his/her job.
  3. There may be more of them, of course. If you have any research showing the spend or buy differently -- make different buying choices -- than others, could you please share that. Thanks.
  4. QVC: I love Shawn! After David Venable SHE is the host I can watch the most! I love that she is so comfortable on air. I'll certainly take her any say over Blabby and her endless irrelevant stories, yeah and her -- IMO -- fake giggly smile
  5. What do you mean? Do "white" suburban moms spend or buy differently from other suburban moms?
  6. All the hosts sing the praises of all the space heaters they sell. But one just said she has 8 Duraflame Infrared Stove Heaters. If a person has eight of those, don't you just need a better heating system -- or to just turn up the darn heat? I just don't get why anyone, QVC host or not, would need, or use, 8 space heaters. Is it possible that is more financially prudent? -- more economical than just turning up your house heat? The OAP just said they're a decor heating item. I didn't grow up with space heaters, never have used them. Only seen co-workers use very small ones to keep feet wa
  7. I'd say Louis Del Olio is dressy. So are Bob Mackie and Dennis Basso. Used to be all the time, now Basso is all over the place. I said this when it first happened, Dennis Basso lost me when Q made him do leggings. That is NOT what I want to see from him. I just lost respect for him as a designer. That's all. Don't know him personally. He could be a wonderful person who would give you the shirt off his back. But, IMO, him doing leggings was selling out. And I don't like people who sell-out. (Obviously there's an irony there, Because QVC loves sell outs.) Why the "white" subur
  8. I wish him -- and all TV hosts -- heck ANYONE in life -- well - whether he works or not. All I know is everyone I know who has retired is happy as a clam, not even thinking about working -- and has PLENTY to do. Some don't want anymore time commitments. Some say they're just as busy -- doing nothing or whatever happens to come up. Some wonder how they managed to do all they did while having to work 8-10-12 hours a day. BUT, of course a person would have to have interests -- whether that's friends and family to visit or travel with, or interests like hobbies, volunteering, home puttering, or ju
  9. If I were David I would take the money I've made and run right out of QVC. Maybe I'm being influenced by what I read. But I do detect a LITTLE bit of him being "over" the grind of QVC. Look , he's busted his butt for years -- no different from millions of Americans who bust their butts for a LOT less money -- so IF he's over it, I can't blame him. I'm over the idea of working, too. I just can't afford to retire. And perhaps he could. It wouldn't surprise me at all, if he has a financial "goal" of some sort that the wants to achieve. And then maybe he'd leave. Could he possibly really want
  10. I was not impressed in the least little bit by the OAP for the new Halston line. For all we know she's some "influencer" who actually knows very little about Halton and the brand. All I heard was tired cliches. And I wasn't impressed by the items I saw. QVC's H by Halston I did/do like. And loved Cameron Silver...ever since I saw him on his Bravo TV show "Dukes of Melrose." I LOVED that show. AND Cameron knows fashion. You could tell he knew his stuff when it came to Halston. He has used his knowledge to shill on QVC. But at least I could respect that he knew what he was talking about. No
  11. As a sales pitch David just said so many people may not like mattress shopping because they don't want to make a decision on something that's supposed to last for years and years and they don't want to lay down on a mattress in front of strangers. So I suppose a better option is to make that decision based on a QVC huckster and buy a mattress we've never laid on even once?
  12. Is H by Halston gone from QVC -- along with Cameron Silver? I ask because "H Halston" is now on HSN -- with an OAP named Kim Lives (who was titled a "fashion contributor). (ETA: The OAP's last name isn't actually Lives (I don't think. I think spell check changed it .....and I can't correct it, because I can't recall what her name really is.....and I don't care what it is....oh well.)
  13. Hosts wiping their nose don't bother me. They're not digging their finger up and pulling out boogies and snot. They wipe their nose. So what. If there's nothing there, and the nose isn't runny, in my opinion, it's no different from wiping my cheek, or knee, or arm. It's a habit they may have. Clearly one that some people notice.
  14. And yet, people (some viewers) think of them as friends, and maybe even "family." They want to know why they're not on air this week. Where they went on vacation. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Look up where they live. Find out how much they paid for their house. Wonder where their kids go to school and what their spouses do for a living. etc. Well, Lancaster County is more Amish Country. But I get your drift.
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