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  1. How about: "Well, I don't know about you, but when I'm in the kitchen.....and the doorbell rings when my hands are in some dough (or meatball mix, or I'm just about to put my mac& cheese in the oven😀), I want to be able to see who it is, or answer the door the easiest way possible....and that's with my Ring Doorbell." David could sell snow in Antarctica. ETA: For David the possibilities are many:):).
  2. Call me crazy :):) -- but when he signed off just now, I could just hear David thinking in his head, "I am sooo glad this show is over. And my days offs are here." He just looked like he couldn't wait to get out of there. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. I fly out the door on my Fridays also.:) Actually everyday for that matter:))
  3. I don't even want to think about it.:) I had a co-worker who was self-centered/self-absorbed, as Jane is, IMO. Sometimes, it's a fascinating personality trait to observe. People like that really are oblivious to their surroundings. (We had a debate at work about whether that coworker was self-centered -- OR -- self-absorbed. Which we concluded are technically different. We didn't think "selfish" fit but we sure debated the other two.)
  4. selhars


    Do you think QVC automatically gives a viewer the lower prices -- if the prices was dropped during the day?? OR....do you think the viewer has to know/notice that and call and ask/demand s/he be given the lower price? A sidebar pricing issue......I know we all have our own individual shopping triggers and habits.... I was listening to David say the other day (yesterday?) that some item he was selling was the lowest price it would be for the next six months...then later (same thing).....this is the lowest price for the rest of the year. I remember thinking, "OK. Like that's supposed to make me buy it? That's some big enticement?" But to some viewers I imagine that it was, and is. Also today, was the entire 1p EDST hour devoted to the shark vacuum? I know they do other items that are not kitchen items during ITKWD. But I don't think Iv'e seen an entire hour of what's supposed to be a show devoted to a totally different category in the middle of the show before. 15-20 mins? Y es. An hour? No. So maybe it wasn't ...maybe it was just every time I happened to tune in during the hour.
  5. Lura, those kinds of scenes are rare, I'd bet. But if anyone has, or knows of, video of something like that, please share!:)
  6. selhars


    Oh, my. At the close of ITKWD, TPTB actually had him tell viewers to go over to HSN to check out a Wolfgang Puck anniversary show and TSV. Wow. I know they're sister stations now. But to send viewers to the other channel? Well, I guess in this case, they want to keep viewers who are into kitchen stuff, so why have them tune out completely when the Shark TSV comes on.....when you can send them to another kitchen show. I'd just never seen that done before.
  7. selhars


    Are you saying they've changed -- dropped -- the price of the TSV in the during TSV day. So the TSV price at -- for example -- noon, was less than the TSV price when they launched it at midnight? In general, I also, have wondered how many people are buying all these vacuums they're selling. But some hoarders will buy anything, even something they already have multiples of. (to end a sentence with a preposition). But sometimes I wonder who's buying all the Wen, and Philosphy, and Josie Marin, and everything other brand QVC seems to have on every time you turn around.
  8. What I'd love to recommend an OAP do is just sit there and not say a word just to see how long either Jane would shut up, or the producer would tell her to shut up. And then if she finally did stop talking -- say -- "Thank you Jane. I would like to tell the viewers something that's actually about the jewelry.....":):) I know THAT would never happen. But what should an OAP do? AND (If you didn't need the gig, I guess :)) what would you do?:):)
  9. She sold it by herself with no QVC host? I've seen OAPs fill for a bit while a host was off stage changing, getting some water, getting a mic fixed or whatever. But I've never seen an OAP just do their own show. On her new show, how much time is she on camera alone? Always a co-host? or another OAP? Or she's by herself (selling, chatting)spouting off) most of the time?
  10. Why does Ally (Ali) Carr always feel the need to mimic the Radley London OAP’s British accent? It’s not cute, it’s stupid and ignorant. She always says “ I love the way you say brolly (sp?) for umbrella,” and then of course mispronounces it. And today she just said a bag had been inspired by Kew Palace, and two seconds later she says Kew Place. I fear that as younger and younger hosts are hired, the newbies will be dumber and dumber. As if they aren’t bad enough already.
  11. selhars

    Home Shopping Network

    I suppose I'm going to answer my own question here....but are there THAT many people who buy coins, for HSN to give so much time to coin collecting? It must be a money maker. I know it's usually at low viewership times, but still 2 hours of coin collecting? Really? Coin collecting on HSN. And gold jewelry on QVC. Friday night in mid August. UGH.
  12. Yeah, for a while now the pace of the sales pitches has been increasing. No doubt, some people on air might have a naturally fast speaking style. But there are some, who I think are being rushed and encouraged to "speed it up" or "have more energy." Amy Stran speaks so quickly I sometimes can't even understand what she's said. Graver has always been speedy. David sometimes rushes as if the presentation is running behind schedule And it may be. But for producers to tell any host to speak faster and move the presentation along at some of the speed they do is ridiculous. It's not like they're telling them to speed it up to squeeze in more products. They're going to spend 20 minutes on the damn thing anyway. Actually, Carolyn's more moderated, calm, conversational sales style is what I liked about her form the start. Leah also is a host who is usually not a speedy talker. I feel I can tell right away when they're rushing her in her ear to pick it up, or move on, because she's not usually like that.
  13. Just saw a promo for a new show "Cooking with Chef Geoffrey Zakarian." Wed at midnight. Well, at least he is a real chef.
  14. selhars


    And to think....the Q's CEO, or Qurate's CEO or whoever he was.....recently said viewership doesn't necesarily translate into sales. (or something like that). I had to shake my head at that gem. (Although, technically I suppose he could be right.) The Q had better go after getting new viewers, because it's also losing longtime viewers, and I don't mean just because they're dying off. People are also tuning out more and more. Which the CEO shouldn't mind since in his world, I guess, less viewing shouldn't mean fewer (potential) sales.
  15. I believe I'd heard about it before, but I just saw a promo for it......Alberti's new home show. It is interesting who gets their own named show....and who doesn't. I'd love -- and pay 🙂 -- to be a fly on the wall when those decisions are being made: "Jill is leaving...she had a home show. We need a home show. OK, let's give Alberti a home show."