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  1. Well, Zakarin, Martha Stewart, Valerie Bertinelli, and Kevin O'Leary all have wines on QVC. And unless they're never going to be on ITKWD again -- I guess he'd better get used to it. And come up with something new and different to say about them all to differentiate them. But then again, the hosts say the same thing over and over about all the competing brands they sell, when there's nothing really different about them. So why should his (Qurate's) own wine be ny different in that regard. That's an interesting take on it I don't see how it's being wasted. It's being used to demonstrate the towels. What's make up for anyway -- but to put on skin for whatever purpose the person applying it has in mind, usually to change the appearance for whatever reason....(beautify the face/skin, cover up a birthmark/scar, create a character for a performance of some kind, etc.) If anything, the towels might be being wasted.....given that makeup can be removed with a liquid makeup remover and water.
  2. wow those things are in his baked goods? IF they are, THAT is the reason many people -- myself included -- look for things that have more "natural" and "whole food" ingredients. So that desire makes people susceptible to the vegan beef broth pitch. How could there even be vegan beef broth? You read the labels on soooo many foods these days and it makes you want to put half the items back on the shelf. Personally, I think it's crazy all the additives, and things we can't pronounce in our food. A lot of it really IS frankenfood. For years now at stores I've seen........lemon flavored cookies with no lemon. Chicken "flavored" both with no chicken? Crab rolls with no crab. WTF?
  3. It may sound silly to ask:" Is David just making up his recipes?" -- because every recipe is "made up" by someone. So, I'll ask does it seem to you like David is just throwing any old food combo together and coming up with a recipe for some odd food combinations? I ask because I don't think I'd be bragging about a pistachio cookie with a maraschino cherry inside. To my palate's way of tasting, I don't think I'd like that at all....a jarred syruppy maraschino cherry inside a pistachio cookie? That's a mighty strange food taste combo...IMHO. Actually it sounds kind of nasty to me. But we all have our taste/texture differences....
  4. I have never known hosts to wear a previous TSV like they've been doing for this cape. Twice week since it was a TSV I've seen that thing. They must have a crap load of them to unload. They've worn them during food shows. The last thing I'd want to wear around food is a cape. It just looked stupid to me. And when you know why they're wearing it. It's even more ludicrous.
  5. And yet her parents (mom) allegedly did what they're accused of. Incredible. ------- A Keuring TSV. And they're featuring Levis, a Dyson, a mixer, Bose headphones. And Dr. Denese? Is that not "been there done that?" Qurate must get a BIG cut of those sales. How new and different. Not! It's like their in a time tunnel time/warp and can't get out! Once again.....incredible. (and not in a good way)
  6. I doubt Olivia Jade's "antics" would turn off members of QVC's current demo(s) -- because I don't think most of them know who she is. Heck they may not even recall Lori Laughlin, let alone her daughter. And many, if not most, of those who do follow her don't care. They won't be turned off. I'd rather they reach out to Bella and Gigi Hadid...or -- heaven help me -- the Jenner girls. But I can't honestly say I think Olivia Jade would be a bad move. She'd just be my last choice.
  7. I can'r believe that in the heart of holiday gift buying push -- Wen -- a frigging shampoo --is a TSV! OK. I know, I know, it's not a shampoo is a hair "conditioning and nourishing system." Whatever it is.... they sell it throughout the year --AND just sold gallons of it in June!! Incredible.
  8. uhmmm๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ QVC: Rowenta Handheld Steamer with accessories -- $30 + $5.50 S&H Walmart: no accessories -- $28 -- Free store pickup (or delivery w/ $35 purchase Bed Bath & Beyond: -- no accessories, $28 - 20% off coupon -- free store pickup (or in stock) I'd rather have no accessories than give QVC a dime for this.
  9. Yes. but why would they cut it so close like that with delivery....AND the likelihood that someone has already bought their jewelry gift? Do they think someone is waiting around to see what the jewelry TSV will be? I know those are questions we can't answer....I'm just still gobsmacked by the Q execs' decisions. ------- Having lived in the Annaplis area, IMO, it's not realistic at all to expect to get from Annapolis, MD to West Chester, PA in two hours -- if you have to be on time. If that's the case -- and they've told you two hours -- you'd be asking to be let go, for being late too often. Forget getting showered or taking out the trash. Even if you got in your car while you were still on the phone with them -- you'd still likely not make it. JMHO. If, most of the time you get more than 2 hours lead time to report -- and it's unlikely you'd only get 2 hours, fine, go for it.
  10. Why is it that some people just can't let David's weight go as an issue? And I suppose why I can't let it go that they won't let it go?๐Ÿ˜€ The man is overweight. Leave him alone about it. It's like they fixate on it. Geez.
  11. First of all, thanks for reading.....OK, here I go giving QVC another idea๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€... When it comes to holiday gifts....should QVC just go ahead and honestly position itself as a high-end (or expensive, which is relative, I know) TSV bargain retailer? (like a TV/online version of Neiman Marcus...only not-quite๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€) I ask because QVC hasn't offered much that appeals to me. And it seems every other day the TSV is over $100 or even $200. But then again, I think almost all of the items have sold over 100K units, so someone is buying them. I just know I can't spend $300 on a gift. Let alone multiple gifts (whether I share the cost or not.) I was gong to say that as a viewer I'm sorting feeling they're not interested in me. But then again Bloomingdale's isn't interested in me either so I don't know why I expect QVC to be, just because I've been watching and buying (once a year) for decades. Looking at all the TSVs listed today* IF you count each one as a separate item as they have them listed....of the 24 items, 11 are $100 or more, 11 are $50 and up, only TWO are below $50 -- and that's the same PJS for $30, one listed as petite the other regular length. About 5 of the items over $100 -- are over $250. Also have you been happy with the TSVs this holiday season? Some of us ask: WHO is their target audience. Well, if the TSVs are selling they must be doing something right, no? * AND there's not one -- not one -- jewelry item listed!!! So if a person was looking for jewelry gift special deal....there's nothing! And that's a category where they actually could offer a new design that hasn't been seen before. UNLIKE a Royal Palace rug or set of sheets!. ----------------------- I suppose this is all part of the evolving process of realizing I'm just not into QVC like I was. And that after 30 years I guess it's only natural for me to feel like "been there, done that".....the shears, the tumblers, the food, the throws, the clothes, the flashlights, Scrub Daddy, the Campinelli cleaning cloths๐Ÿ˜€...are not new and interesting anymore. But that's life I guess.....
  12. I may be in the minority, but considering some of the other outfits I've seen her in, I think Caroline looks fine. In this particular sweater, with this particular outfit, seeing a fat roll, IMO, isn't unflattering enough to elicit any critique from me. And in general not every outfit that contours the body is bad. Again, IMO. For me, it's a matter of degrees. Not every clothing item that's "fitted" is "tight" (Not that anyone said it was.)
  13. Oh, I certainly agree that for some, if not many, his sales style and demeanor (antics) -- are not appealing. But as long as he is QVC's top dog, that's all that counts for QVC. I have no idea how he'd be received if another media outlet came calling, or his agent (IF he has one) put out feelers for possible employment elsewhere. A former QVC host appears on NBC's "Today" -- supposedly as some lifestyle/feature expert and she was nowhere near the "personality" David was on QVC. Talk about not being top tier....but she's on the "Today" show....and I guess that's all that counts.
  14. ^^ Remember when QVC sent out that survey about Ant -- and they also asked people something like, "what's you opinion of" and they named a few celebs? whom I can't recall right now exactly.....were any of them young like Kylie J? From what I remember they were all "older" -- like Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, Teresa Giudice and Halle Berry. (As if they're old, but you get what I mean.:)) They're closer to 50 than 20. I actually remember thinking at the time..... "none of them are in their 20s. I thought QVC is interested in reaching younger demos. Why are they asking about those passe stars? This list is a joke and shows they're not serious."
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