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  1. I think it would take 15 + years for her to bring her sister over on the "family reunification" visa. A K-1 visa takes less than a year.
  2. Anny is too old and trashy and overweight and low class to land a weathier man. She's "lucky" to land Robert or any American who can get her a green card. Well, keep in mind that they met when he was bartending and she was sitting behind the bar as a customer, in a foreign country. She would have been dolled up, wearing makeup, hair curled, and showing cleavage with a push up bra. She has a pretty face and smile. He probably wouldn't have gotten a good look at her girth or caboose, as the bar would have blocked his view. Any time they previously spent together would have been in South Africa, a country where she knows no one and doesn't know where to go or how things work. She would have been at her absolute least bossy and would have deferred to him on a lot of decisions. Now she's unbearable and bossy but she's still his ticket out of South Africa, and many, many white South Africans are trying to get out ASAP. My point is that in the world of international/Scandinavian online dating and swiping left and right, being a dark skinned man is generally a hindrance compared to being a white skinned man, just like fat is worse than thin, short is worse than tall, old is worse than young, poor is worse than rich, chinless is worse than strong chinned.
  3. People in other countries where there are few dark skinned people can be quite racist and women who grow up there generally don't aspire to marry dark skinned men. Many women in Scandinavia and China, etc. would consider it a negative. Her immediately falling in love with Blake who just happens to live ten minutes from her sister is quite far fetched when all the circumstances are considered. If Blake were 65 years old, or 5 foot 1, or in a wheelchair, those would also be strikes against him causing me to question her sincerity.
  4. Aren't you surprised that reasonably attractive, image-conscious young Finnish woman would be so desperate to move to the USA that she would promptly agree to marry a dimwitted, lower class and dark skinned man like Blake who lives with his mom? That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Helsinki isn't Kiev.
  5. I get the feeling Natalie is bit older than 35 and that's why she wants a baby NOW. Or maybe she's just had a rough life in Ukraine with the the windy cold winters and air pollution and whatnot aging her prematurely. Jasmine's level of interest in Blake is lower than Tania's breasts.
  6. Haha, I noticed that too, and I'm a dude who knows nothing about bras. But in that scene where she was wearing the long sleeve green shirt and walking on that street, she was swinging really low like an old lady. Ukrainians actually say "Keev." But for an English speaker to say "Keev" when speaking English is sort of like saying "I took the Eurostar from London to Par-ee." Natalie doesn't care about nightlife. She only cares about moving to the USA and reuniting with her best friend. Does her best friend live in Sequim too? I don't know Natalie could go for the interview and be told "this may take six more months" without getting more specific info about the reason for such a delay or why six more months might be needed. You submit all your papers, you interview, and you get the visa or you don't. They don't take six months to decide or to issue the visa after deciding. I get the feeling that whole argument between Robert and Anny at the Frying Dutchman was scripted with bad acting. Michael is an idiot for having Juliana picked up in a hummer limo. It's just going to make her think it's appropriate to spend tons of his money on frivolous things. He needs to lower his immigrant fiancee's financial expectations, like Robert the Tracy Morgan Soundalike does.
  7. Do we know anything about Anna's ex who fathered the three boys? Was he by any chance Tunisian or Algerian? The kids have that look about them.
  8. Well, it's a developing country. It's very possible she walked into a car dealership and said "Can you charge this card $5,000 for the purchase of a new car, but instead of giving me a car, just give me $4500 in cash" and they said OK. I think it's more likely though that she bought a car for her parents to use.
  9. That doesn't surprise me too much. In these sorts of relationships, the young impoverished woman wants something that can be converted to cash. She doesn't really want flowers and candy and expensive meals. She wants gold, phones, motorbikes, and yes, a car. I know a lot of guys in southeast Asia who dated women of questionable virtue and it's very common that they buy the woman jewelry or a phone or something of value and then she sells it and gives the money to her parents. She's moving to the USA with this guy, she has no idea if it's going to work out or if she'll end up back in Brazil and penniless in 1-3 years. So she wanted to buy something in her own name that will stay in Brazil and can be sold at any time to buy food for herself or her family. Think of it as a Brazilian model "bride price."
  10. I'd like to add a comment about Michael giving Juliana access to his credit cards. After I knew my Cambodian girlfriend for years, including months living there, and after I filed the K-1 petition, I did, in fact, add her as an authorized user on my credit card, and gave her a credit card she could use in Cambodia. Here is why. Cambodia is a country where if you have a serious medical emergency, hospitals will not treat you until you stump up the cash. Ambulances will show up to roadside accidents, but then drive off it it looks like you can't pay or if you look injured enough that you might die, because if you die they're probably not getting paid AND then they have to dispose of your body, which costs them money. I know another young Cambodian woman whose appendix burst, or was about to, and she needed emergency surgery, and the doctor said "I'm happy to perform the surgery as soon as you pay me $2,000, all up front." A friend of mine (her Australian boss) ponied up the cash, otherwise she'd be quite dead by now. Like most Cambodians, my girlfriend was riding around town on a small motorbike/scooter. Accidents are common. Both her parents died in such an accident. I wanted her to have a "safety net" so she could pay for emergency medical treatment in the event of illness or accident. So the options were to send her $2,000 - $3,000 in cash and then hope that she could access that cash after a moto accident and before she would need medical treatment, or just send her a credit card to use in the event of emergencies. She didn't buy any cars with it. Of course, I didn't meet her on a party yacht in Croatia.
  11. I missed the fact he tried for a work visa, maybe i wasn't watching closely enough. She couldn't get a tourist visa. She's young, she's attractive, she's poor, owns no property, and doesn't have a steady high paying salaried job. As a model she probably has sporadic work and an itinerant lifestyle and no strong ties to Brazil. Young Brazilian women don't fly to the USA alone as tourists just to visit Disney World. The embassy would know an American dude was pulling the strings, and she'd be at high risk to attempt to immigrate to the USA overstay and work as a model or as an escort. For what it's worth "Have you worked as a prostitute in the last ten years?" is a question on the written form for ALL K-1 visa applicants, along with "Do you plan to overthrow the American government?" "Have you ever been a terrorist, etc." I know this because I helped fill out the form for my Cambodian fiancee now wife. The applicant checks "No" and usually the consular officer isn't going to ask about prostitution at the interview, but usually the applicant isn't an impoverished hot looking 20 year old with a history of being flown to Croatia for yacht parties. The police clearance record is also required of all K-1 visa applicants. And you're instructed to submit it before the interview. So I'm wondering if this police certificate drama is made up by TLC, or if they were just late submitting a routine, required document. I'm gonna address this heat thing. My wife is from Cambodia. It only dips a bit below 72 degrees in Cambodia a few nights of the year, and all the Cambodians then break out their jackets and wool hats and talk about how cold it is. My wife arrived in the USA three months ago, and it has just started to get a bit cold in the part of the USA where we live. She keeps turning the heat up to 78 degrees. I keep turning it down, and she pouts. It's very possible that Michael is respectably rich and can and does heat his house properly, and that Brazilian Juliana is turning up the thermostat to batshit crazy tropical heat settings. And then Michael goes into American Dad mode and tells his daughter to stop turning up the heat, it's wasting money.
  12. I thought it was available on youtube for free:
  13. If you've ever been to Africa or anywhere in the developing world, you'll know that the one thing you never agree to is to pay an undefined amount of money later. For example, street dudes will latch on to you and offer to act as your guide, your taxi driver, etc. If, for some reason, you are interested in their services and ask "how much" they will often say "No problem, pay what you like, up to you." This is a trap, because no amount you offer at the end of the day will be enough. If you offer $20, they will act offended and intimidating and demand $50. If you offer $200, they will act offended and intimidating and demand $500. Ben has committed to an open ended financial obligation to these people. He is indebted to them in an amount for them to decide later. A blank check, if you will. And if at any point he tries to tell them "no" then his wife is going to go into full on b*tch mode and make his life miserable until he pays. If he had any backbone, he would call these people from the USA, before petitioning for her visa, and before they are really "married" and reach an agreement on what he owes. And if their demands are too high or they refuse to set a price, he should just say "No thanks. I'll marry someone else." Once he's back in the USA, he's got all the leverage dictating the bride price of their deflowered daughter.
  14. I'm not sure what reason she as to lie about it. But if paying the bride price makes you married under Kenyan law, then Benjamin shouldn't do it, because it then makes her ineligible for the fiancee visa. He would have to start over and file for a spouse visa. Many Americans have had their petitions for fiancee visas denied because they had an "engagement party" in the foreign country that resembled a wedding too much, and then the US Embassy says "It looks like you're married, your fiance visa application is therefore denied, apply for a spouse visa"
  15. I thought Avery said a few weeks ago that Omar wasn't interested in moving to America and therefore couldn't be using her for a green card. Now she's saying she's applying for a spouse visa for him to move to America and will only move to Syria while she's waiting out that visa. Omar is a Syrian professional who speaks fluent English and was looking for an American wife on a website featuring American Muslim women. He is highly motivated to move to the USA, and if he says he's not, that's an act.
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