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  1. gavinmac

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    Get a hotel? That'll never happen. Virtually every American on the show who travels abroad to meet their lover is both penniless and suffering from a near-debilitating childlike naivety rendering them incapable of leaving the airport in a foreign country on their own.
  2. One of the many things that annoys me about Paul is he uses unnecessary colloquialisms when talking to Karine and to the translator app. Like he told her "I'm going to have to bust my rear end" to make money instead of using language she or the app can understand, like "I will work very hard"
  3. gavinmac

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    As a what? I'd watch an entire show of Paul running set to the "Baywatch" theme.
  4. gavinmac

    Corey & Evelin: The Bae of Pigs

    She tried living in the US. In a cult-like compound in the woods. For six months. She decided she doesn't want to live in the USA. I don't see it as selfish for her to want to live in her home country, just as it wouldn't be selfish for him to want to stay in the US.
  5. I may be in the minority here, but I think she is hot as shit.
  6. Sure but most guys like that aren't all that motivated about getting married and proposing to women they barely know. He's got the same incentive to marry an American as some of the Russian women on this show.
  7. Maybe land grabbing or land seizing is the more neutral term, the blacks who are taking the land view it as reclaiming their land rather than stealing it. But my point is, a lot of whites are trying to get the heck out of South Africa. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1083530/south-african-farmers-land-reforms-migration-australia
  8. My understanding is that the quality if life in South Africa is going way downhill especially for whites. There's a lot of crime and corruption and whites are getting their land stolen and feel like the blacks are running the country into the ground in many ways. A low class South African man may have the same motivation to get out of South Africa that a young Russian woman does to get out of her country. Hence Ronald meeting a chubby American single mom who visits South Africa and immediately proposing to her.
  9. She's tattooed and she refers to sex as "boom boom." Those are Thai bargirl hallmarks. There are two types of women in Thailand: hookers and women who won't speak to guys like David.
  10. She doesn't strike me as a passport-owning jetsetter.
  11. I don't get what Paul's plan is regarding the excess three crates of luggage he can't take. He's going to throw away an $800 ticket to Brazil and the chance to bring two pieces of luggage. Then he's going to do what, buy another $1000 ticket and pay for 3+ excess bags on another airline? He doesn't have the money for that. Why not fly to Brazil with the two crates of most important stuff and then buy other stuff in Brazil? Does he not realize that hundreds of millions of babies have been born in Brazil and managed to live without American-sourced bulletproof baby products? Nothing in those crates 3-5 is essential. Also, he could fly down there now for the birth with crates 1-2, and then some time later fly back to the USA for a visit and return with crates 3-4. Yes, that will cost $1500 for a new round trip ticket, but he's gonna spend that much right now with his plan to throw away his one way ticket and buy a new one way ticket plus pay for three excess bags. He's not being rational here, not that I would expect him to.
  12. gavinmac

    Corey & Evelin: The Bae of Pigs

    I can't blame Evelin for not liking that weird family compound in the woods. That set up is way worse than Pao having to live in Oklahoma or Fernanda in that small town in North Carolina. But he's going to be equally unhappy moving to a tiny crappy fishing village in Ecuador. I don't know why they can't compromise by moving to a proper town in the USA or moving to Quito or Cuenca in Ecuador.
  13. gavinmac

    Jenny & Sumit: Slumdog Thousandaire

    She has no money and none of her friends would sponsor him, so maybe she just wasn't financially able to sponsor him. But if that's the case, they should say that.
  14. gavinmac

    Jenny & Sumit: Slumdog Thousandaire

    There are millions of Indian guys online doing whatever they can to get a foreign wife/girlfriend. India has a caste system and a guy there would more or less have marry a woman of similar social status, often with the wedding being arranged. They don't get their choice of women in India. If he marries the old American lady he gets one step closer to moving to the USA as the spouse of an American. Also, her $1200 a month in social security may be 3-4 times what he earns in a month. Also, he thinks she's richer than she is and would assume she has way more than $6,000. He ain't gonna be happy when her money runs out in a year. I think she said that he bought her the plane ticket. That would really, really surprise me. I have a hard time believing it's true. What I missed is why she's moving to India instead if importing him to the USA. Maybe like Paul, she's too poor to sponsor him and can't get a co-sponsor, but I don't remember that being discussed as her motivation for moving there.
  15. I don't think it's nasty for him to ask her, once. It's very common for parents to sponsor their kids' foreign fiances. I think the majority of the Americans in the history of this show needed a co-sponsor. It's mainly just signing a piece of paper and technically being responsible if the foreigner shows up and goes on welfare but I suspect that it is rarely enforced. Where Paul was a dick was getting all pissy about her not wanting to be a sponsor and asking multiple times.