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  1. Yeah, I don't know who she thought she was fooling but no short skirt is going to make her 30 again. Or even 50. And Dolly did it first and did it better. That wig, yeesh. The houses were dull as dishwater and the husband needed a serious haircut cuz he looked like a schlub (since I commented on her appearance, I figured he needed a mention to keep it fair).
  2. I kinda wonder if the camera guys/editors on these shows are sneaking in "mean" shots to kinda mess with the renovators. Like the shot of Cory's kitchen cabinets, the one cabinet had a very obvious paint flaw right on the front of it. And it isn't the first time I've seen this--the camera always seems to catch a wall with an obvious paint flaw, a piece of staging furniture with a nick, or a tile wall or floor with uneven grout lines. While watching a beachhunter's reno episode, the camera lingered on the unfinished edge of the backsplash tile. I don't know if it is that my eye immediately grav
  3. After laying 1000+ sqft of tile in my basement, I know my wrists were begging for a machine to do it...
  4. The all black main floor and the gold zebra stripes -- dear god. Talk about tacky and tasteless design. And all the brushmarks on the cabinets shows that it was definitely not a professional job. And the stupid wall feature. I think I am done with this show. I don't really like the two guys and I really don't like their "design". I feel sorry for anyone that buys the house. Giving the flip or flop vegas team a run for their money. The only thing I liked on it was the outside paint color.
  5. Well, maybe they are hoping that if he throws enough ideas at the walls, something might stick and become the new "shiplap" for them to pimp into the ground.
  6. Probably because it would be tough for them to get loans/capital/startup-funds. It is just easier to come from richer parts of the country and set up in the poorer areas and go at it. These guys seem like hobbyists and yeah, white savior complex. Maybe because the show focuses on the ridiculous designs and the way they move their stuff in that ratty shopping cart, they don't come off as professionals who do a quick, professional, to code job and then move on to the next.
  7. Yeah, something like this. Give all the teams a dossier and see how they interpret the wants/needs of the family that the house is supposed to be sold to. Family loves to have big dinners, family has video game night, kid 1 likes monkeys and elephants, etc. I know this is just the next evolution of the "white box" challenge from the design star show but maybe get the designers involved from the start of construction for moving walls or adding bathrooms so it isn't done after the house is built (agreed, stupid waste of materials; there is no way they didn't know that pony wall was coming o
  8. Yeah, and can we talk about them and David and Tiffany's back decks? No access down (fine is some instances, my back deck has no access and I like it that way), no shade (dealbreaker, especially with all the leaves it was already collecting), huge furniture that barely fits on the deck, and weird placement of furniture (why was there so much dead space on the one side of the sectional in D&T's deck. If they had put an umbrella there, it would have made sense but as just a gap between the shoved-against-the-siding-to-fit sofa and deck railing, it was a head scratcher). If I recall rightly,
  9. Generally, you aren't supposed to paint pressure treated wood for a few months. So it was actually a bit shocking that so many of the front porches/decks got painted. Wonder if touch-ups are included in the selling contract.
  10. I don't think that's accurate. Jasmine won one of the challenge weeks (the outdoor one, if I recall correctly) and won the whole thing in Season 1. Mina was the one who didn't win any week. Or am I on crack? I can't find an episode-winner list anywhere. Ken and Anita are going to have to have that basement repainted at a minimum in David and Tiffany's space. Like, if you can't step into there without laughing, it isn't a selling feature. Those were not the good "wows".
  11. If Nate and Jeremiah had added the door and stairs down from the third garage like Brian and Mika did and then you really could rent out the basement, offer a garage for parking their car, and easy access down the stairs to the living space, and get buku bucks. I know my basement renter would bless my name (and pay extra) if I were able to offer her a garage. I'm glad Brian and Mika won. They might not have had all the highest end design features, but most of their choices/modifications were good ones--laundry access, covered porch, stairs down, workout space (and yeah, changing the bowli
  12. So...clearly Nate and Jeremiah have never mowed a lawn. I can't imagine how you mow the center of their little garden thing. And how you don't end up with grass clippings in the gravel and gravel in the grass. Similarly, Mike, the rubber mulch is a okay if you don't have any trees anywhere at all. Cuz guess what, leaves fall into it, if you try to blow the leaves out, you blow some of the mulch into your grass but if you leave the leaves in, they turn into dirt and weeds will then grow. And grass clippings end up in there too. I liked the pergola. I didn't like the putting green but it wo
  13. Hope it isn't a code violation where I live or my basement renter will have to microwave cook only! I have an electric stove that has knobs on the front that I can turn on by bumping into. I was going to get the plastic covers but then figured that if the knobs come off to put the covers on, I would just keep the knobs off and in the drawer next to the stove and put them on when I need them. 😉 That said, I'm pretty sure every stove has a gas shut off valve. If you are *that* worried about your rugrats toasting marshmallows on the basement stove because you didn't rent the space out, cu
  14. Same thought! And did any light actually come out of it downward or was it all directed upward?
  15. N&J: total cop-out with the color. For such lauded designers, they should have been able to come up with something, even drapery tassles or a throw pillow, that had the red in it. I actually liked the checkerboard in the bathroom more than the conservatory with Professor Plum... their closet looked super cheap. D&T: The wall paper worked better than I thought it would but I didn't love it, the closet size was laughable, the sitting room did not make up for the reduced closet, the bathroom was fine, but I don't know how i feel about the toilet being in the one room and then the si
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