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  1. I rarely watch CTM, but really like John Dickerson and thought he was terrific on FTN. I've only watched occasionally since he left and I'm not fond of his replacement. I think he's going to 60 Minutes, which will hopefully be a better format for him. His Whistlestop podcast (at Slate) is very entertaining. I think he likes that "storytelling" aspect of history and maybe he can bring some of that to 60 Minutes. I'm not fond of Gayle and don't really have strong feelings either way about Norah.
  2. Note: potential spoilers. Over the past few weeks, I watched all three seasons and have mixed feelings about this show. I really like the relationship between Grace and Frankie and the idea of the show. Frankie is unevenly written, IMO and alternates between being warm/quirky/fun and childish/irritating/difficult - this latter just seems out of character. I know it's supposed to be comedic, but at times it crosses the line for me. Grace seems more believable as a character, as I think her choices, etc. seem to fit her personality. I'm so glad to see her trying to loosen up a bit a
  3. While I completely agree that inflammatory and condescending responses don't help foster a discussion, the challenge is that some things that "actually happened on the show" are interpreted differently and sometimes people get very invested in shows/characters. I'm always interested to see how other people interpret things in different ways! I rarely take this show that seriously (Sherlock is where my irrational side comes out!) and my opinions on the crazy storylines are not all that strong, so hope I don't tension to the conversation. At the risk of wading into deep water ... I ha
  4. This is what I thought, too. Add to that, Sherlock was focusing on so many things (Moriarty, other cases, etc.) that maybe John thought he was distracted from his focus on Mary and therefore hindered Sherlock's ability to keep her safe. On the "affair" - maybe I missed something (I was watching with someone who wasn't following at all so had to translate here and there, so I was a little distracted) but it seemed to me to be ill-advised flirting that was setting up something to come. I'm not sure that I would call it an emotional affair - he and Mary were exhausted, Sherlock was hyper, lo
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