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  1. Beach Party

    S40.E21: Louis C.K. / Rihanna

    Also there was a graphic of a jalapeno chile sitting next to the salsa.
  2. Beach Party

    S40.E21: Louis C.K. / Rihanna

    Set up was about a woman stabbing her man for eating all the salsa. You’d be mad too if he… jalapeno business. jalapeno business = ‘all up in your’ business
  3. Beach Party

    S06.E29: Episode 29

    I disagreed with the Sway critique saying anyone who'd buy the Sway would just get a motorcycle. Surprise the entrepreneur did not have a come back for that. Many adults would love to ride a motorcycle, but the thought of taking a spill on two wheels limits new riders. One slip could lead to paralysis or death. Looks pretty hard to topple the Sway. Perfect for high schoolers and college students, commuters in crowded metropolitan area, and weekend joyriders. Competition: Elio Motors is developing a $6800 three-wheeled vehicle that gets 84mpg. 42,000+ people have paid a deposit to buy when they are ready. This vehicle has a cabin (sheltered from the weather) and room for a passenger/groceries. Sway will have competition. https://www.eliomotors.com/
  4. Beach Party

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    This AT&T commercial makes me feel bad for Emily the younger sister that gets the hand-me-downs. Her sister Beth is freakin' smug. The dad should've given the new iPhone to Emily instead! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1ztiQwAu6Q
  5. Beach Party

    S06.E22: Patriot Games

    I didn't think would be fair to have a head-to-head race between a male and female. They don't make girls run against guys in neither Olympic level nor high school track. Possibly to spare teen boys who are still in puberty from getting skunked by female peers!!
  6. Beach Party

    S06.E13: S06.E12: 2009 / S06.E13: Dreams Come True

    DCT ended similar to "Mr. Holland's Opus."
  7. It was weird that Carol had never thought of the second generation of procreation until Phil mentioned it. In a planet of billions, Melissa could easily ignore Phil. With only a handful of people left, she did make an attempt at a civil relationship with him. I appreciated that Melissa went to smooth things over with Carol, and then she went to the bar with Phil to see his "friends." Yards and the city are looking pretty good without people taking care of them for two years. The tennis court had plant debris over the back line. At least that looked realistic.
  8. In "Skunk" episode: Melissa and Carol came to agreement about repopulation. Contractual terms. Seemed to me she'd just engage in intercourse without the intimacy. So it felt off to have Melissa initiate a kiss with jerk Phil.
  9. Beach Party

    S06.E13: S06.E12: 2009 / S06.E13: Dreams Come True

    Seemed controlling of Jesse when he was telling Rachel her thank you list if she won the Tony.
  10. Beach Party

    S06.E13: S06.E12: 2009 / S06.E13: Dreams Come True

    “Being part of something special doesn’t make you special. Something is special because you are part of it.”
  11. Beach Party

    S06.E13: S06.E12: 2009 / S06.E13: Dreams Come True

    I enjoyed Kurt's beginning. Touching, considering suicide enters the thoughts of many people. Since "2009," Kurt's character has come so far. Heartwarming and inspiring. And Burt's threat to take away Kurt's sewing machine had me laughing and laughing.
  12. Beach Party

    S04.E07: Goldmine

    This episode was a re-run this week. I'm guessing the title "Goldmine" comes from getting sex from the attractive neighbors. Better not be due to Cece considering breast reduction!
  13. Beach Party

    S06.E11: We Built This Glee Club

    Rachel going back to NYADA satisfactorily addresses my concern for boredom with her dream role last season. NYADA training might help develop her as a professional who can be fulfilled long-term doing the same lines + songs day in and day out.
  14. Beach Party

    S01.E04: Sweet Melissa

    The preview commercials I saw looked like Phil had dyed the gray from his beard and possibly trimmed it. I want the beard back on Phil's character.
  15. Beach Party

    S01.E16: Tamerlane

    This show has me doubting whom can be trusted. Meeting Zahed Javani's family felt like a set-up for the audience. Just before the blast, Zahed seemed a bit off in talking with Elizabeth. The tension was building. I momentarily doubted Javani by thinking he was part of the coup. I was thinking how careless the security were with exCIA Director Andrew Munsey. Don't take him to a restaurant that he requests and leave him alone in the bathroom. Don't leave him unsupervised in his own home where he might have gun. Unless they wanted him to make the contact, and then save the trial by letting him execute himself! Re: the bodies hanging in the streets. Is that Iran government's way of sending a message of what happens to failed coup members? Gruesome.