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  1. By the ham's small shape & its packaging, it looked like the Conners had already eaten some and then re-wrapped the leftovers to give to the bank employee. And he still wanted it anyway!
  2. It's A Wonderful Life. Final scenes of citizens arriving at the Bailey house with money! Then Sam's message from overseas about $25,000 arrrived. $25,000 back in 1946 is valued around $300K in 2019's buying power. Wonder if some of those citizens asked if they could have their money back : )
  3. Yes, Addie was not direct with him However, imo telling off that guy would not have worked; shooting star had too much power : )
  4. No matter what Addie tried (messing up her hair, eating ketchup, playing bagpipes), the wrong guy was still under the power of the wish to be enamored by her.
  5. 12 Pups of Christmas (2019) debuted on ION. Yes, lots of puppies. But after 90 minutes into the movie, the main human character Erin still had an off-putting attitude. I chose to change the channel; felt like watching something else more upbeat. Maybe will catch the last 30 minutes some other time. Christmas Crush (2019) also premiered on ION this weekend. The main character Addie has to repeatedly fend-off a suitor who is accidentally under her own magic wish to pursue her. However, Addie meant that wish for her true crush who she then goes after. Complications ensue. Throughout the movie, Addie is busy organizing an important party for her work called something like "The Donner Charity Event." At one point in the planning phase for the event, a character refers to it as "The Donner Party." Another character immediately corrects the words back to The Donner Event. I appreciated that there was no explanation to the viewing audience about why calling it "The Donner Party" could be a poor choice of words. I savor it when a movie has a little nugget like that.
  6. Was doing chores while Every Day But Christmas was playing in the background (on Bounce TV). Caught some of the plot just by ear. But the last twenty-five minutes was drawn to stop chores and watch the ending. Now I plan to watch the whole movie, as I clearly missed out on some interesting scenes with mysterious characters who interacted with main character, Jordan.
  7. In Christmas Matchmakers, the male character had said he was going to stick around at his job for more time at least through the holidays, before potentially moving away. There's time for those two to see each other and figure out what they want. That's up to the viewer's imagination or not.
  8. Back in one of the first episodes of season one in 2014, Henry started but didn't finish a different version of his "Thomas Aquinas walks into a bar" story. https://futurant.com/2014/10/21/thomas-aquinas-walks-into-a-bar/ Now to imagine what he whispered in Stevie's ear. Farewell Madam Secretary.
  9. Sonny and the nanny talked about their favorite football teams, Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Rams. Both of those teams played against the other last night on NBC Sunday Night Football. That's pretty good timing by the show if they filmed that scene months ago!
  10. With so many unable to watch what's going on, it feels like those who can get the episodes are supposed to post in here with spoiler tags : )
  11. Loved the energy and cheers of the audience during the performances!
  12. Savored the outside scenes between Lani and Eli. All dressed up, yet down on the ground. Felt Lani's pain and Eli's when he broke down. That sinking feeling he must have with the thought that the relationship is over. Appreciated this part of the episode.
  13. Great Friday cliffhanger! Can't wait for next week's episodes (I'm spoiler-free).
  14. Loved that Jordan embraced her crazy, and she looked amazing!
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