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  1. My husband and I DVR everything so we can watch without commercials, which means we FF through SS. Last night, while talking about the show, I said “I’ll just zoom through Sean’s package”... both of us immediately cringed. He teased me for the rest of the night about Sean’s package... next time I will remember the word “video”. 🤢🤢
  2. My complaint about Spicer is he is a horrible dancer and I don’t see him getting any better each week. Any score above a 6 is a gift, IMO. I watch DWTS for enjoyment of the dancing. I don’t want politics involved, isn’t there any slice of America that is (still) politics free? And I don’t have an issue with people voting for SS if they watch DWTS and think he’s great. I do have an issue with people who don’t watch the show blind voting (or voting from multiple devices) simply because of DJT tweeting about it. I don’t particularly have a favorite this year... I think James is doing a great job and I enjoy country music so I was familiar with Lauren from before. I will admit that I am voting for everyone left except SS. I do only vote from one device. When SS goes home (please please please), I will probably pick one from the dancers left.
  3. And this is why Spicer is still there. I think the judges are contributing... in what world was that dance worth 7’s? He basically did his best Vanna White impression while Lindsey danced around him. 6’s at best. I felt sorry for Sailor, obviously she wasn’t expecting it. Kate and James are my favorites and I love Lauren’s music but don’t think much of Gleb and his choreography. My dad passed in much the same way as her stepfather (diagnosed with cancer in April, passed in October) and it has been 16 years instead of one. I still cry when I talk about him. I was impressed that LA made it through the dance.
  4. Mr SD and I are enjoying watching the perils of renovating in the snow (we don’t get all that much in Texas, don’t ya know). 😀 Like the couple and they seem at ease in front of the camera. The wife’s earrings are interesting. I was happy to see that the foster mom still had yellow in one of the bathrooms.
  5. Mr SD and I watch based on whether or not we would buy a ticket to their show in Vegas. Since we DVR the show, that means we fast forwarded thru all the singers, both choirs and the quartet plus zoomed through all their packages. I think it took about 40 minutes to get through a 2 hr show. 🙂 We liked Ryan N., V Unbeatable and Light Balance Kids. Doubt any of them will win though. Really, really, really wish that AGT would ban singers or at the least, refuse to allow the judges to pick singers for Golden Buzzers.
  6. Saw the trailer for the DA movie last night. ❤️
  7. Mr SD and I were late to the party... we just finished watching the series for the first time. I haven’t cried watching a movie, etc for a long time but I cried my eyes out when Sybil died. Not so much with Mathew but I did tear up. Love Granny V and Isobel. When they saved Lord Merton from his dreadful children, I was up dancing lol. Considering I had knee surgery a month ago... it wasn’t very pretty. I’m ready for the movie. ❤️
  8. We watched the first few episodes and there are some still on the DVR. I don’t really care about her house or her wedding, I just want my house porn 😁. I like looking at the before and after pics... and deciding what I would change. We will eventually watch them but probably fast forward thru the wedding stuff.
  9. Mr SD and I were just yelling at the TV as Tombstone sat there... smoking! It was wonderful, made my night 😁 I was worried that something would happen to Rorator “just hang on 30 more seconds” I had to laugh at Billings’ face when the voiceover was talking about Rotator as Most Destructive before the match. RB didn’t like that at all. Love love love!
  10. The location of the first floor bath on Talbot was atrocious. I would rent that house but would never buy it. The macrame was 🙄, I didn’t like it in the 70s either lol. Count me in with a thumbs down on the kitchen cabinets. I liked the idea of shiplap or bead board over the niches.
  11. Has anyone heard when S4 is going to air?
  12. My DH lived in Orange County for 11 of his first 17 years. He said the front yard seating could be due to a couple of things. Lots were small and houses had to be built a certain distance from the street... large front yard and small back yard. or There are a lot of cul-de-sacs in the area so more kids will be playing in the street. I grew up in a rural area and we had pastures and woods to roam. We both like this show quite a bit .. she is talented and we enjoy her as a host. And she truly seems invested in her clients.
  13. We missed the first episode, I hope we catch a rerun. Enjoyed the second episode a lot... particularly that he got a lot done on a minimal budget. The budgets for some of these shows are ridiculous. The host did not bother us... I liked that he helped her purge all her closets and then gave her 2 good size dressers. It bashes the ex just enough lol.
  14. Mr SD and I made our picks after the cross battles... he picked Andrew and I picked Dexter. Bragging rights lol
  15. I am a country music fan so I’m not unhappy about Team Blake being dominant. However, I do agree that the voting format needs to change... as someone said earlier, 20 (or so) votes total to split among the artists instead of a possible 10 per artist. I understand that some of you think it’s time for Blake and Adam to go... if that happens, I hope The Voice still has a country judge.
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