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  1. When I got married in 1987 my mother and mother-in-law had a discussion about how much things had changed since they had gotten married in the 1950’s. One of the major differences was that back then no one would have considered writing their own vows. My mother-in-law chose a bible verse for the minister to read and that was considered a personalized ceremony.
  2. I've been watching for Fran, but I just can't do it anymore. It's getting painful. Rebecca doesn't have a job, right? But she can go to the dealership and buy a minivan on her own without having Dave sign any paperwork? Does that mean she paid cash for it? And then Dave goes and buys another minivan? If Rebecca took out a loan and he tried to get financing that would raise all sorts of red flags when he went to buy the second minivan. Plus didn't anyone notice that vehicles had been traded in and were missing? And I'm completely ignoring all of the lying to the spouses and thinking it's a good idea craziness. It's just too much of a stretch of, not just reality, but also intelligence. Goodbye show. Fran, I love you, but I just can't bring myself to watch this dreck.
  3. I saw a therapist after my mother passed away. I told a friend how helpful the therapist was and my friend said that she might make an appointment to see that therapist. I told my therapist to expect a call from my friend. My therapist told me that she couldn't see my friend because I had mentioned my friend in my sessions with the therapist and it would be unethical for my therapist to treat someone that she had discussed in therapy sessions with someone else. She said that the only exception would be with something like couple's counseling. That's all that I could think of last night. Are there any therapists out there? I'm wondering if my therapist was being overly cautious or if she as correct. Either way, I don't think she should have been discussing Connie with Pastor Paul. I did love all of the truck discussions that were metaphors to women/men. Very clever.
  4. I'm afraid that each week the stampede at the beginning is going to get more and more violent. On the Kids' version they had broken glass. I'm hoping that the Spring version doesn't result in a broken bone. I was thinking that their has to be a better way for the theme to be chosen (e.g. reaching into a bag), but I guess that that wouldn't be as dramatic.
  5. That really weird, what is the difference between that and a break room with a vending machine. The place were I worked had a table filled with snacks and you just (honor system) paid for what you took. Here's an article about it. What I like about the show is the relationship among Zoey's family. They genuinely care about each other. The sister-in-law isn't jealous of the time spent with the father. The brother is loving. Zoey doens't resent leaving work to help out. They just seem to function as a unit. They have problems, but they work together to solve them.
  6. A few weeks back there were kids that I didn't mind seeing leaving the show. But now we're at the point that I don't want anyone to leave. The next week, when go from four to three, is always the most difficult one to watch.
  7. I don't think young viewers watch the Hallmark channels. My daughters are 27 and 23. My son is 19. All three of them love Schitt's Creek. I watch it too and am always pointing out characters that are on it that are also on Hallmark shows.* For example, Kevin McGarry, was on the episode that aired last night. When ever I do that the response is always something like, "Mom, you know I don't watch anything on Hallmark," * Schitt's Creek is a Canadian show
  8. Sometimes, like last night, they are just a waste of precious time. Other times, like when an ingredient has to be added to something that's 3/4 of the way completed, they can sabotage a dessert. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for them. I assume that the purpose is to show that the kids can think on their feet and do well under pressure, but isn't that what their are all doing anyway with the original challenge?
  9. I have friends who do that. They never know where they are going until the last minute. They go through a travel agent and get great deals on ships that have rooms (cabins) that haven't sold a few days before the ship sails. The only thing that they have to decide in advance if they want to sail out of Miami, LA, San Diego, etc. I hope that people don't think my glasses are fake. I'm nearsighted and take mine off to read.
  10. I'm an attorney in Massachusetts (not criminal, but I do know a thing or two) and that is definitely not the way things work around here. If a town is so small that the police force doesn't have experience with homicides the county and state police will take over the investigation. There is no need for the police chief's dead best friend's retired due to a gun shot wound Boston homicide detective who just happens to live on the island to take over the case. And the state has medical examiners who cover the entire state so that someone with six month's experience in doing autopsies doesn't have to do her own investigating because there is no one else. I just couldn't get over the whole premise to enjoy the movie. Plus I kept cringing every time Jesse fell or landed hard because I was worried the bullet would shift and he'd be paralyzed. I don't think that this series is for me. On the other hand . . . The Gourmet Detective continues to charm me. The premise may have plot holes galore, but the characters have chemistry and humor. I love the dialogue among all of them and I have loved Bruce Boxleitner since the 70's and How the West Was Won (I'm showing my age).
  11. Did anyone else hold their breath while Vicky was testing Tahani? But of course she passed! I'm so proud of Jason! I'm wondering if there's just one Good Place or if everyone has their own Good Place, designed for them.
  12. Another great Alexis line. “I fit my high-school best friend into a suitcase way smaller than this when we were crossing the border between Laos and Vietnam, so I’m pretty sure I can figure this out.” I had to play it four times to get it, but please feel free to correct me if I didn't get it right.
  13. When I was growing up we did get eight gifts, but they weren't eight big gifts. One day it would be a gift from our parents. Another day it would be a gift from one set of grandparents (always a silver dollar). My great-grandmother always gave us a pair of pajamas. We only had one aunt and uncle and a group of first cousins so we'd have a latke party with them and exchange toys. You get the idea. It was a fun time to get together with family, and because it was eight days there was never any conflict of whose family should we spend the holidays with this year -- something that makes Christmas stressful. I will add though that my husband is Christian and I no longer live near any family we celebrate both holidays and I do not give my children (now adults) Chanukah gifts. They always opened my family's gifts on the first night of Chanukah, but I never gave them any. I think that the whole gift at Chanukah thing was to compete with Christmas and since they do get Christmas gifts it would just be too much for them to get both from my husband and me. So we've always done the candles and latkes. We tell the story of Chanukah and play dreidel and give chocolate gelt, but no gifts.
  14. I lost track of how many times I groaned out loud. Speaking as a Jewish person I can tell you that unless Joel was raised Orthodox or Hasidic and went to a private school and lived in a bubble there is no way he wouldn't have known Christmas carols. He may never have sung them, but he would have been familiar with them. They are everywhere. The movie seemed much more of an UP movie than a Hallmark movie.
  15. Let's have some fun. We all know that we have seen more than enough holiday movies to write our own. So let's write our own! I'm going to start this off by writing one sentence. Please copy that sentence and add your own sentence. Then the next person can copy the previous two sentences and add a sentence. You get the idea. Run-on sentences are allowed. Feel free to jump in anywhere and there's no rule that says you can't add more sentences later in the story. Here goes . . . Holly was a high power executive in a big city, but was originally from a small town called Mistletoe Springs that she hadn't been back to since her father passed four years ago.
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