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  1. I'm make a great effort not to compare the show with the original British version but I cannot help myself. I think that I'd enjoy this version much more if I didn't love the British one so much. Little things just get to me. These characters, especially the ghosts, just are not as likable, The singer's (speaking) voice just gets on my nerves and the flower child is too ditzy. The guy without pants (a stockbroker instead of a politician?) throws in one random Yiddish word per episode which bothers me (I'm Jewish so I notice that). People are supposed to be wearing what they were wearing wh
  2. A few chains back I asked if anyone had kept track of the timeline. Thank you.
  3. As long as Tator isn't on this show I'm happy. I thought that the crawling around with masks looking for the guest pumpkin was absolutely stupid, especially since all other pumpkins were able to be used. What was the point?
  4. I don't eat things that have a lot of food coloring, especially red or black because they frequently taste bitter or chemically to me. That's not true for all food coloring, usually the ones with "numbers" in the names. I find that organic colors don't have the same aftertaste. I also think that cilantro tastes like soap and can tell the day before milk goes bad (before everyone else can tell).
  5. I think you must all be right. I was obviously dozing during the scene at the end when the dress was being discussed. Maybe I was so thankful that Taylor Cole wasn't wearing braids or baby doll pajamas that I stopped concentrating.
  6. Maybe it's just me and my genetics but when I was pregnant with my first I couldn't wait to start showing and it seemed to take forever -- maybe four months or longer. By my third (which was actually my fourth pregnancy but I lost that baby early) it seemed like I found out I was pregnant and I was showing already. It's as if my body had a memory of being pregnant and knew what to do. She could have told him that it was his, the baby was early and because the baby was a boy he was big for a premie. Men back then wouldn't have known the difference (at least I don't think they would have know
  7. Did I miss something in South Beach? When they were in the dress store Lola’s dream dress was a plain (without any embellishments) dark green dress that was the same color as Teresa’s. Lola’s mother said that it was important that Lola wear green as a tribute to her Irish heritage. The dress shop owner said that pastels were out. Then at party Lola was wearing a heavily embellished pastel pink (ie not green) dress. Her whole “court” was wearing pink which would have required planning too. Did I miss the part about them changing her dress since such a big deal was made of her wearing a green dr
  8. When Hope Calls is in the same universe as When Calls the Heart. The characters have appeared in crossover shows. Is Daniel Lissing going to appear as a long lost twin brother? Was someone else really crushed under the landslide and Jack has been wandering around with amnesia all of this time? Is he a zombie? The possibilities are endless. I am catching up on movies and just watched Benedict Stone. I love the necklace Benedict designed for Emilia at the end. How can I find the designer?
  9. I just rewatched the first episode. It starts out with the police rushing into the building and Charles and Oliver going back for Mabel. It looks like she’s over Oscar’s body and she says something like, “This isn’t what you think.” Instead of blood she’s got something blue on her. Then the screen says “Two Months Earlier.” Does anyone have any sense how much time has passed from “Two Months Earlier” (ie Tim Kona’s murder) to the current episode(The Boy from 6B)? I seemed to have lost track of time.
  10. 1) to introduce bassoon theme puns onto the show. 2) To prove Charles isn't hallucinating when he hears bassoon music coming from the building, as opposed to when looney tunes hang out in his apartment 3) Because Charles playing dirty scrabble as a game of solitaire would be really, really sad. (We totally played dirty scrabble in college. That is how massive nerds roll with new found freedom, or at least this massive nerd) 4) To have a plausible excuse for Charles missing 78 texts and 11 phone calls. 5) To provide a whimsical bassoon themed distraction that allows Charles to
  11. It's official. One of my favorite shows is now unwatchable.
  12. You were lucky that you had the resources, but most people aren't able to do that. In the movie one one character (I've forgotten names already) -- the victim/dead guy who owned the garage, was worried about taking care of his wife after he died and his sister (Mary Sue? Mary Anne? Peggy Sue?) -- the food truck owner were both having financial troubles. I would think that if their mother had enough assets that she didn't need the proceeds of the sale of her house to pay for assisted living they could have asked her for financial assistance. But, of course they are fictional characters, so who
  13. To me the weirdest part of the thing was this van was this conversation (I'm paraphrasing) Melanie: Can you trace this Massachusetts license plate for me? Jake: Sure. Hey! It's a fake plate!! Melanie: Oh, ok. Jake: Do you want me to do something about it? Melanie: No, I'm good. So just because she says it's fine he doesn't even put out an APB for a van that's driving around his town with fake plates. Shouldn't he be the least bit cautious? Has anyone here had experience with a relative going into assisted living/nursing home, especially a relative
  14. Can you kill a werewolf with a ball? Don't you need a silver bullet? I'm not up on vampire things so can someone please give me a lesson because I find two things confusing. I thought that when someone was bitten by a vampire they automatically turned into a vampire. But there are always bloodless bodies strewn all over who obviously haven't turned into vampires. Does the biting vampire have to intend to turn someone into a vampire prior to the biting? Also why did Nandor bite his own wrist after he bit Gail? Is that part of the ritual of turning someone into a vampire? I wat
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