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  1. I'm not sure what you call it, but it always makes me think of ice skaters' costumes -- the top had that light see-through fabric, so it wasn't her skin we were seeing, but the fabric. It was difficult to see unless you noticed the straight line at her neck. Is it wrong to wish that I had gone to get my degree in library science instead of going to law school? I have house envy. I realize that she inherited her first house and her mother is a real estate agent, but every movie has her in an even nicer house. Or was that her mother's house? I was confused. I loved, loved, loved the b
  2. Maybe I put too much thought into these things. Please put up with my ramblings for a moment. I currently have a shoulder problem. I am not a athlete, but I do live in a major metropolitan area that has major sports teams. My doctor sent me to the big city hospital and I saw an orthopaedist who was a shoulder specialist in the practice that the athletes go to. The waiting room was full of team logos and everything just in case I wasn't aware of this. So when Sam, all around surgeon, in a small town hospital, announced he was operating on a basketball player who supposedly was a superstar
  3. Is this it, or so all of the coming home from the big city to the small town pumpkin patch plots sound alike?
  4. Everytime the judges are tasting something and they praise it, the camera pans to Michele and he's scowling. I assumed he was always upset that the competition was tough. But he just made a marshmallow-knot thing to symbolize the friendships he's made on the show. Now I'm wondering if the scowls are just editing and he's not like that in real life. Has anyone else notice that? I had to look up Dalgona coffee. Now I'm going to have to make it. I love coffee and it looks delicious.
  5. We had a family member who lived in Salt Lake City (he has since passed). When we would go to visit him his caretaker would invite us to a cookout with her family. There would always be a table of jello desserts. Her speciality was something with broken up pretzels. Maybe they were all having a laugh on us. I watch this show while I'm doing other things so I may have missed a major component of it. Is one of the objectives to take a dessert from another part of the country and turn it into a dessert from your part of the country? I apologize if that's a stupid question. I kno
  6. Right. It's not that it was long. I have no problem with long hair on men if it doesn't look like it's glued to the head. I really can't analyze what was wrong because I took one look and thought, "He must be losing his hair and they slapped a horrible wig on him." I never really looked at it to pick it apart to determine exactly what was off. Did his hair look dirty/greasy? Was it just a bad cut?
  7. Did anyone else feel disoriented? It was the same characters but just shaken up slightly. Sam mentioned that Cassie had three jobs and I couldn't remember what the third job was until later when he said something about her students. They were both so busy that they couldn't spend any time together, but they were both able to drop everything and go out on the boat. What's the sense of overcoming a season-long curse if a high school girlfriend and setting a wedding date are going to create so much disharmony? Donovan, you can do better. So now George has magic powers? He's be
  8. I watched both Baby, It's Cold Inside and Sweet Carolina this past weekend. Zzzzzzzz FIrst Cold: Something about Ben's behavior towards Hannah was just very junior highish. I don't know how else to describe it. He was instantly smitten with her (as my mother would say). She smiled that toothy smile and that was that. It wasn't cute or romantic at all. I'm not sure what I can add to the Sweet Carolina comments that haven't been said already. HAIR, HAIR, HAIR. The one thing that I did like was the way that it ended. There wasn't a big misunderstanding between her and Cooper that
  9. What happened to Robert's dream of becoming a Mountie? Now he's babysitting Baby Jack, delivering the mail, and delivering the "Valley Voice" so he can save up enough money to buy a horse. Please, please, please don't tell me he's hanging around Hope Valley because of Allie.
  10. Reasons not to get excited: 1. Instead of a love triangle we're going to have a political triangle with the mayoral race among Bill, Lee, and Fiona. 2. A new romance budding between Faith and Nathan. Yawn. 3. Are we going to find out where Henry went? Did he go to see his son (always forget his name) because he was looking at his picture or did he go to see Abigail because he was looking at the diner sign? Does anyone care? 4. What is going on with the Pinkertons and who is buying up the land? I'm not a history expert so I have no idea what was going on at that time (
  11. Are you sure you're not talking about Murdoch Mysteries? Exactly. She seemed more interested in the Mountie uniform she was warming than in the Mountie who had just been in the uniform. I almost forgot that Jesse is missing. With that in mind, this is my prediction for next week: We will see a horse with a rider but we will not be able to make out the rider due to the camera angles. The rider will be shown rescuing Jesse. We'll see Jesse's face showing surprise and maybe he'll say something, like, "But I thought you were . . . " Meanwhile everyone will be scouring the mountai
  12. Who else thought that Henry's letter from Christopher was going to be a letter from Abigail? I watch this show every week, I really do. I think I'm paying attention, but my mind must wander. The Canfield's bought the cabin in a beautiful setting and they were fixing it up. Joseph even built a swing that I would love to have. Then all of a sudden they sold the cabin to a mysterious person and moved into a cookie cutter house in town. Now Joseph is not only the pastor but he's working at Lee's company. When did all of that happen? I do remember Minnie starting to work at the cafe but
  13. Yup. My two oldests did that. My oldest went to one of the topLAS schools in the country and then got her MS from one of the top schools in the world (not an Ivy, but still one of the best schools in the country -- known by its three initials). My other daughter went to a good school her freshman year and worked her butt off. She's now getting her PhD at an Ivy. What people don't realize is that if you do well as an undergrad you can get into FUNDED grad programs and not only do you not have to pay a cent, but the schools pay you to attend. As you can tell from my post above I was (maybe s
  14. They should all watch Operation Varsity Blues so that they realize LL is actually a convicted felon. Despite not being highlighted in the documentary, her husband and daughter came off very poorly. I know that I won't be able to watch her on When Calls the Heart again and think of her as being all sweetness and light -- she's not that good of an actress. I'm wondering if that's why Henry keeps talking about how much she changed him so that if she does come back we're supposed to subliminally equate LL with redemption.
  15. It's very strange that in the past few weeks three things that haven't been mentioned for a long a long time, sometimes literally for years. 1. Abigail 2. Rosemary arriving in Hope Valley because she was (or thought she was) engaged to Jack. 3. The whole mining disaster that was the initial premise of the show. Henry told Bill that he would talk to him about the cause. Florence and Molly discussing it briefly. On another note . . . I am sick (pun intended) of the whole Carson, Faith thing. I wish that one of them would just make up their mind and stick with it. I'm sure
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