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  1. I think that there should be at least one person who is from a place mentioned in a movie that reviews the script for accuracy. I have lived most of my life in the Boston suburbs and have some nitpicks with Christmas Camp. It was originally said that Christmas Camp was 2 hours west of Boston. That would put it just outside of the Berkshires, but I'm going to assume that the story took place in the Berkshires. But then later Haley told her friend/assistant that she was going "upstate." Maybe there's an upstate in NY, but not in Massachusetts. Here we say, "Western Mass" or "the Berkshires." No one, I repeat, no one, ever says "upstate." My next quibble is that characters kept saying that they were going to "the city," meaning Boston. UGH! Look on a map. The Berkshires (btw pronounced "berk-sures") is almost equidistant from Boston and NYC. If you are in the Berkshires and you say "the city" it means NYC. For some reason, people here say, "I'm going in to town" when they mean Boston. I'm not sure if people in the Berkshires would say "in to town," but they wouldn't call Boston "the city." Another few random comments on Christmas Camp. - Who ever did Haley's makeup did her a disservice. The smokey eyeshadow made her eyes look sunken so she looked ill. - Am I the only one who remembers when John James was a heart throb? - I just can't get into Bobby Campo being a romantic lead. Once again I'm showing my age. He reminds me too much of Martin Short. And now I'm going to sound like the attorney that I am. I just don't get franchising Christmas Camp. In order to do that they need to have something proprietary. The first thing that should have been done, before approaching any other places, was to Register the name "Christmas Camp." I'm not even sure if the Trade Mark office would accept such a generic name. Why would anyone pay to set up a Christmas camp when they can just send someone there for a week to get information and then set up their own? And by now you probably think that I didn't like the movie. But I actually did enjoy it. Was it because it was a new Christmas movie in July? Was it because I like John Jame's voice? Was it because I've stopped caring that people have snowball fights with their bare hands and no steam comes out of their mouths? Was it because the leads were actually likable? I have no idea. All that I know is that I thought it was cute and fun. And I want to go to Christmas Camp (and I'm Jewish).
  2. That is one of my favorite movies. It is sweet and sad and beautiful. The characters are all well developed and not stereotypes. I could do without all of the internment camp drama, but nothing is perfect.
  3. I watched Trading Christmas a few nights ago and there were things that I really liked about it. Even though it's a holiday movie, I think that these things can easily translate to a non-holiday themed movie. (1) I knew how it was going to end from the start, but the plot didn't seem predictable. (2) The four main characters were not twenty-something. (3) The males leads weren't the typical handsome Hallmark leads. (4) There was real humor in one of the plots and real human feelings in the other plot. (5) There were no bad guys. (6) Even though the switch was from the city (Boston) to the suburbs (somewhere in the Northwest) it wasn't one of those country girl moves to the big city and realizes the big city is bad and her hometown is good plots. (7) The Faith Ford character and her daughter's mix-up wasn't slap stick and was revealed very early.
  4. At least he probably won't have a British accent. It must be a Hallmark attempt at diversity.
  5. I'm an attorney, not an accountant, but I'm sure that the same sort of thing applies to accountants. Jen Lilley (already forgot her character's name) said that she actually wanted that large area of land (the one with the barn) for the dog park, but that it was owned by one of her father's clients and they were waiting to sell it for big bucks. She's the one that reminded city planner (also forgot his character's name) about the whole wetlands thing. In the end she got to buy the more desirable land (through the fasted awarded grant I've ever seen) because of the wetlands. That was land that was owned by her father's clients, and she's an accountant who works with her father. I do realize that when they went to sell the land the owners would have found out about the decreased value, but it seems to be a tad bit unethical for Jen Lilley (i.e. the dog park) to benefit. One nice thing about the movie was that there was no real "bad guy." By that I don't mean the neighbor that we all knew would end up with a dog. I mean that the tall, gorgeous blond was actually a nice person who was just friends with City Planner, not a scheming woman out to catch him.
  6. I think that some are better than others. For example, I could never stand the Garage Sale Mysteries because the she and the police officer would always sit in that diner discussing the case, as if she was a member of the police department. And the coroner would let her see the files just because she brought him coffee. Not to mention her always rushing headlong into something that could possibly get her killed. But the Murder 101 seems to be better (so far -- knock on wood). They all acknowledge that she really shouldn't be there and her background seems to at least somewhat qualify her.
  7. I have two friends who make jewelry and are successful. One is a bench jeweler (eg she works with metals, sets stones, etc) who custom makes jewelry in gold and silver, using real gemstones. She has an etsy shop, goes to craft shows, etc. She does a lot with custom engagement rings and matching bands. The other one is more of a bead stringer and wire wrapper. She has a brick and mortar store. In addition to selling her pieces she runs classes, has birthday parties, hosts women's nights out, etc in her shop. And now somethings about Sister of the Bride. Did anyone else notice that Ben kept calling Michael Gross "Mr" instead of "Dr"? I just thought that that was strange. As soon as Stephanie tried on the dress and it fit, I knew that she'd be the one getting married at the end.
  8. With all of the analysis of Murder 101 I still have two questions. The first is why was the police officer lured into the drug store? Why wasn't that just staged like the other robberies? Didn't that just give the drug store more attention than if it was just like the other stores that were robbed? And second, what the heck was the mechanical monkey toy's place in the plot? Was it just to distract her so that she could be hit in head? It didn't come from the store so it had to have been brought there just for that purpose. Right? And if so, that leads back to my first question . . .
  9. ShelleySue

    Good Witch

    I'm sure that Cassie has a sliding fee scale for room rates. It's nothing official, she just looks at or talks to someone and she senses what they can afford. The real question is if she charged Sam's parents when they stayed there before the wedding. Actually, the real question is how many bedrooms are in that place? So far Cassie and Sam have a room. Grace, Nick, George Abigail, and Vincent all have rooms too. Then this past episode the prince and the librarian each had a room.
  10. ShelleySue

    Good Witch

    I assume that there is no phone service (land line or cell) between Middleton and Blairsville. Whenever someone from one of those towns wants to take to someone from the other town they have to get in their car and meet face-to-face. After last night's episode I decided to watch the first episode (season 1, episode 1). I had forgotten about so many of those characters. Remember the real estate agent who wanted to be more than friends with Cassie? How about Grace's nerdy best friend? Stephanie had a Southern accent. There was a lot more of the "supernatural" too.
  11. ShelleySue

    Best Baker In America

    When Josh kept screwing up (forgetting eggs, forgetting pecans, not having time to make a decent hat) I was afraid he was going to be eliminated. Luckily two others made bigger mistakes than he did. Here it is, but no one has posted for almost a year. You might be the first to start it up.
  12. For me (also a Yankee), it isn't so much her accent as her facial expressions. Someone must have told her that all that it takes to look sad, confused, or uncomfortable is to pout. And of course that pout was exaggerated by her red lipstick. But it was all worth it to see Wes Brown. According to imdb he's working on a movie called Over the Moon in Love. It co-stars Jessica Lowndes and is being filmed in Vancouver, so there's a good possibility it's a Hallmark movie. That was Priscilla Presley? I thought it was a mannequin/robot.
  13. ShelleySue

    Best Baker In America

    I'm not sure if I missed it, or if it was just edited that way. When Michael was glazing the cake it looked good. But it looked completely different at the end. What happened in the middle?
  14. OMG! It's like the scene from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy looks behind the curtain and the "Wizard's" secret is revealed. Now I know how Hallmark movies are made and why they are all similar. Doodlebug, you are a genius.
  15. I started watching the movie that for some unknown reason premiered on a Monday. I can't even remember the generic name. The couple were childhood sweethearts in Florida. The woman moved to Chicago for school and stayed. He must have moved there too but they broke up and he went back to Florida. She had a dating app (Wasn't there another dating app movie?) and got engaged. She went back to Florida and can't remember why. ZZzzzzzzzzzz I just couldn't get into it. It was so blah and predictable. The leads were cute and decent actors, but they were given boring material. I was more interested in the father and nice blond neighbor.