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  1. I also do not sing and do not karaoke although in the few occasions when I've belted out a song amongst my friends and did so with gusto and "sold" it. It's very entertaining which could be very good at karaoke. If you just sing badly you're boring but if you sing badly and choreograph it badly and just do it super over the top you're highly entertaining. I think I won $10 in the big super mega power lotto, it's the powerball plus 1 number but I'll roll it over and try to win a billion.
  2. Our school was so small that if your parents didn't buy you the instrument you wanted to play you basically chose out of a closet. Obviously the cutey cute girls played flute, the nerdy cute girls played clarinet. My friend Michele played trumpet and I wanted to sit by her, I think my choices were bassoon, tuba and french horn. Sincerely I was the worst. I may have told this story before but there was a kid named Nathaniel who also played trumpet, his nickname was Nutty. You'll soon see why. He was dared to drink the spit valve and it was the nastiest thing I've ever seen in my whole life. He was nutty all right and he died young, cuz his head was not screwed on quite right.
  3. I can read music but that does not mean I can play anything. I played french horn in middle school, I was terrible. I know all the technical things one must do, I just have a complete and utter lack of being able to do it. When we had performances I would pretend to blow into my french horn because I knew I'd be the one going BLAAAAAAAAAAAT during a rest or something. It's like I know how to shoot pool, I know when to hit it hard or soft, low or high, angles and all that jazz, my elbow and arm just refuse to follow through. I worked in a laundromat in high school. My friend's family owned the place and there was a "rec room" attached with a pool table so in down times we played pool. My eye/hand coordination leaves a lot to be desired. My sister does have some musical ability. She got a keyboard for christmas one year and she could peck out the tunes from tv. She would play the theme song for the A-team and jeopardy. She could play by ear and sort of sound it out.
  4. Ok so is it true that the drummer and lead singer are always just bananas? the bass is really the only cool dude anyway. :D I get the 504 once in a while.
  5. I made meatloaf last night. Why do I love meatloaf sandwiches so much? It's the closest thing I come to meal prepping. I made taco salad for last night and with the leftover hamburger I made a meatloaf. I smell like meatloaf and it's worth it. I spoke with my niece (in prison) and her daughter just got picked up on probation violation so they're both in jail again. #WINNING They can keep the daughter, seriously I'm done with her. If you're too stupid to do the paperwork you need to remain free then stay in jail. Her boyfriend got out several months ago and she had been doing very well but now, of course, she loses focus. And I'm fairly torqued off at my niece too (her mother). I give up, they stupid.
  6. Yep. Learned the hard way that 1 they break up 2 you say “you deserve so much better. He’s a douchebag 3 they get back together. 4 she tells him you hate him. 5 he doesn’t let you see each other anymore.
  7. You just named all my dads favorite characters. He loved some foghorn leghorn, Popeyes and friggin woody woodpecker. He did an excellent woody woodpecker. Also did a fantastic Donald duck. I cannot explain the appeal other than most of these had no “plots” basic lather, rinse, repeat story lines. I know the older the cartoon is the more it’s based on producing cheaply. Mickey didn’t talk. Woody didn’t talk. I don’t think heckle and jeckle talked. Roadrunner too. Foghorn at least was clever in his speech. My dad even made us watch the dang popeye movie with robin Williams. According to critics and box office it was a flop but I didn’t care it was ok for me as a kid.
  8. I think my dad ate pickled pigs feet. Several years ago I went to a restaurant with an pseudo ex bf and he ordered liver. I gave him a look and questioned that. He said he loved liver and his sisters used to give him theirs when his mom served it. The lady behind the counter asked if we were married because we bicker like we're married.
  9. I will say 1 thing that stands up ...cheese toast. slice of bread with a slice of cheese under the broiler. Universally loved for eons. For a child that didn't like anything "browned" my pancakes had to be blonde, I didnt like regular toast, if it was steak I wanted toast "rare" like pop it in a toaster and less than a second I wanted it out. cut off crusts but damn did I like a really burnt piece of cheese toast. Not even the bread part, I wanted the cheese broooooooooooown like form a bubble and I pop the bubble and I eat the brown crusty part and make my sister eat the rest. I also hate marshmallows but I love a burnt to death marshmallow. Where it's crispy cinders in my mouth. I don't even want the guts. Just squoosh out the middle and gimme the smoking shell. I'm not weird, you're weird.
  10. Hard pants tickles me too. I evaluate every "leaving the house" experience as "hard pants" worthy or not. My pj pants are probably 15-20 years old. Every once in a while I pull on some yoga pants (nothing like lulu lemon or these new fangled ones) old school...holes in them and I remember why I quit wearing them. Last week, dragging my laundry basket, my pants nearly fell off. Oh yeah! no drawstring to cinch those puppies up. So I'm Quasimodo with one hand holding up pants the one leg kicking the laundry basket while the other drags it. Oh, no, I'm not the "people of Walmart" why do you ask??
  11. My dad liked tripe too. bllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech and she made me eat 2 bites of liver when she made it for my dad. They tricked my sister into eating tripe. My uncle sent me pate from france once and I ate a little, didn't hate it but upchucked violently in the middle of the night. and we used to eat braunschweiger as a kid (my mom never called it liverwurst). I still love my dinty moore (I always pictured that's what cowboys were eating in movies where they got their big wooden spoon and shoveling food in their mouths) I eat spaghettios once in a while. My mom would have us make "baloney pizza" slice of baloney is your "crust" put ketchup on it, olives, cheese, maybe pepperoni but I feel like it was "get rid of shit in the fridge" so it was probably ham. We would make smiley faces. Every day I realize how truly stupid I was as a child.
  12. I might get upset if they want me to go back to work for my night job. As long as I keep my numbers up. I know there are many struggling, as in how can you be late to work in your own home? or late from breaks. I get it, you just walked to the kitchen for a snack and then it's 30 minutes later. I set a timer. but I can even work extra hours if I'm doing it from home. They've been offering up to 45 hours a week (I can never achieve that) but I grab an extra 5 a week for myself. Which I wouldn't do if I had to drive there because I'd be off at midnight and then have to drive home after I left my house at 7 am that morning. I'd be passing out on my drive home. I've been working 2-3 hours on a Sunday and I wouldn't want to drive for that. Here's how lazy I am, Sundays work doesn't start until 1 (they dont want us calling people until after church, ha) so working 1-4 really screws up my afternoon, I don't wanna get up early (put clothes on) to go out to do my laundry or get my groceries. I can stay in pj's to go pick up curbside groceries. but if I have to go in anywhere that's putting on "hard" pants. I'm not as addicted to sweats and pj's as some, I do go to my day job Monday-thursday in hard pants. hahahaha but yeah, weekends are for pj's. I'm an idiot.
  13. yep. My dad would eat the bones and all but I was very surgical. I split my teeny fishies in half and removed their bones and guts. Havent' had them in a long, long while but I do splurge for the boneless these days.
  14. Maybe it's the New Mexico...we ate everything canned and frozen. Went to the grocery store once a month. Potted meat or deviled ham in a can is nasty though. Maybe we always got low sodium spam? I really, really did not like my recent spam encounter and it's not like it was something I loved...just hadn't had it in 20 years so I gave it a shot. blech Vienna sausages I only eat with mustard. Sardines, nothing, just plain, no tomato sauce or any kind of saucy things, just plain. Pretty much anything wrapped in bacon sounds tasty. My dad made what he called "pigs in a blanket" but trust me, it wasn't anything like what normal people call pigs in a blanket. His version of corn bread was hot water bread...corn meal mixed with boiling water (nothing else) and then make a patty out of it and deep fry. THIS IS NOT CORN BREAD! this is a hockey puck, a dry, hard as a brick hockey puck. and he would poke a sausage in it and then bake it with some kind of red sauce (I'm sure it started out with ketchup but took a turn at barbecue) who knows. Trust me, I wasn't eating it. I am guessing that a lot of things my father brought were about poverty. This was his recipe for "salad" ...lettuce, miracle whip. done.
  15. Cheese is so good. Has anyone ever cooked a vienna sausage? My foray into spam was a mistake, then I see somebody frying up vienna sausages. It did not make me tempted. When they narrow down the choices for the big game just tell me who you want to win and I'll go for the opposite because anybody I hope for loses.
  16. The goal with my sister is not to ever have her show up on my doorstep. She just showed up one day on my sisters and didn't leave for 7-8 years and mooched off of her. I'm going to pay her property taxes. Which is something I agreed to do with the dead sister. What she needs the money for is her septic system, some cracked pipe. So she passive agressively tells me "oh no, septic pipe cracked and a plumber is going to charge me $95 an hour" I asked when her next SSI "chunk" of cash is coming and she said April. I said "well I'd schedule that around april or find a plumber that will take payments". So she's on her own with the plumbing. but in order for the state or county to not seize the property, if I have to pay the property taxes forever, I will. Her utilities can get turned off, no cable, whatever I aint paying for that but the taxes will be paid. (Actually quite cheap compared to the rest of the country, my own taxes are 4 times as high) But yes, she and my niece both kind of have their hands out. Nothing I can do about the niece either, she's in prison. I told her what I can afford ($50) a month and she can figure it out from there. Her step dad sends me money every once in a while to bump it up. He's not unreliable but he does things on his own time. He owes her nothing, he was divorced from my sister since she was 10, the fact that he is not her father and she maintained a relationship with him is astonishing. She's robbed his house before (or set him up with her friends to rob him) I think he feels that helping her is his amends for what went down with my sister. He was an alcoholic and there might have been stairs and a broken wrist involved. Apparently the goal in prison is to not eat any of the food they serve you and to eat entirely from the commissary. Guess what? Not on my dime. My taxes pay for the food they make. I'm sure it is garbage. But she keeps telling me about pizza day and ice cream day. she bought 12 <-- TWELVE pies for thanksgiving. They're individual size and like a buck but she bought 12! She wanted pecan and pumpkin nad they were all out so she ended up with apple and cherry which she complained about...and then told me she ate them all in one day. (This child is not fat, I say child she's 45) And ice cream day they can get pints and she ordered 4! The thing about ice cream...she has no storage, the pies she can keep in her "locker" thing at least overnight if not a couple days...ice cream doesn't do well in a locker which means she knew she'd have to eat all of it in one sitting. Or share (maybe that helps in prison?) I know I'm not the one sitting there for the next 5 years but you're irritating me with your ice cream stories. It will be better when she gets to her final destination (ha!) right now she's being shuffled around because of covid. So every time she moves she loses all her stuff, any extra clothes she's purchased, things like radios or headsets, any "perks" so she has to rebuy them all. She has to make 1 more move to Oklahoma for her drug counseling classes and then her final prison stop which she can request but not guarantee. She wants to look into what the different prisons offer. Her last prison stint she learned wood working and did ok as a cabinet maker/fitter when she got out. She's looking at cosmetology for the next thing. She can earn money once she's in a permanent place but cannot while she's "temporary"
  17. I got mine Jan 1st. and my sister promptly found something for me to "lend" it to her for. I've been doing a lot of angry sleeping, 2021 isnt' letting up on me. My niece...my sister and a few friends being dickwads.
  18. Good luck to you @maggie. I no longer know what is up or down. I realize I have not been fully locked down this whole time like in other places. I've still gone to work for 1 job, we've had "reduced" hours but I do get out of my house Mon-Thurs. Yes bored because we can't go other places but full restrictions I haven't truly experienced. But I was already nutty as a fruitcake before any of this so I couldn't really blame the lockdown on my cuckoo.
  19. Both! If you’ve already cried in 2021 it might be worth seeking cryotherapy for the next few months.
  20. yes he has to approve them. And yes he corrected my correction. I have floated it past my boss. Obviously if you named your company Assisstance Inc, it's a proper name and therefore not "spelled wrong" I just feel like an asshole for stating twice it's wrong. being told I'm wrong so like he IS signing off on it and therefore not my prob but Im feeling oogy about it. Pre-covid I would take him to my computer and show him spellcheck, show him an online dictionary like I promise dude I'm not lying. But we aren't allowed to have anybody in the building except the front room. Everything he has forwarded to me is def from spanish language websites or his phone/computer are set to spanish language so I don't know what his spell check tells him.
  21. What do you do if you have a client who insists the word Assistance is spelled Assisstance? I guarantee spell check isn't lying to me. And english is not his first language. I've stated twice that it's Assistance and even tried to "ignore" his request that I change it. I mean...the customer is always right???
  22. It's weird how many circles this went in, within just 48-72 hours. Now he blew himself up? I will never understand anything. I, myself, am pretty disgruntled by the universe. I don't even get to request who I want to attend my own birthday dinner...30 holidays with virtually no relatives to hang with. I have a shitty job, no money, I can't go on jeopardy and win money cuz I'm an idiot. I'm not cute enough to fake a spanish accent despite being from Massachusetts...these things could send me into blowing myself up territory...but I guess I'm kinda gruntled...cuz that aint my plan. I'm gonna die alone and sad...like a normal person.
  23. Very valid point. 2020 has plenty of fuckery left. Sorry. I’ve been reading the theories. About possibly timing the communications or outages. That it coulda been prep for a larger plan. And it didn’t seem like the objective was killing people (not that it matters what the intent was) I’m ok with deep fried balls if they catch em.
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