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  1. The dinosaur sitting on her dad's shoulders is Sora and that child beat on me endlessly. She would take runnning leaps and just sit on my head or wherever she landed. She climbed me and grabbed my boobs. She was forever going up my shirt because "my milk was warm" so I'm very traumatized. Apparently I'm a fun jungle gym. Her dad is a Star Wars nerd so he was geeked about seeing the yoda and darth vader and there was a darth walking around and some storm troopers. There were also some "Covid" heads doing some kind of weird dance. It was a 4 mile walk to the car...uphill so you know I'm dead. I'
  2. I can't figure out how to post a video (too big). Here's some rando balloon fiesta photos. The day we went the mass assencion didn't take place, they blew them up but they didn't lift off which was a bummer but I have an awesome video of everybody firing up their flames. Not sure why but it felt kinda "game of thrones" to me, like it was torches or something. The blue angels flew overhead also, super cool. I'm currently deceased, I'm completely broken and tired. I drove home through those tornadoes in Oklahoma, they were chasing me. The radio kept talking about the counties affected and I'm s
  3. Holeeeeeeeeeee moses that's a lotta peeebles
  4. I had to get a powerball ticket. $620 million sheesh. I used birthdays. Mom, oldest sister, niece, mine. I wanted to use Marcy's birthday but can't since it's also evil sisters birthday. My sister, friend Marcy and 2 cousins were all born October 9 in consecutive years.
  5. 5 sleeps I do believe a side trip has been planned for Colorado, if you know what I mean.
  6. I was told I need to pay more attention. Now what I did was usable, wasn't wasted paper, per se. Last week my boss printed an entire football program with the wrong opponent. 250 thrown away. Mine didn't get thrown away, could still use it. But I'm the only one not paying attention eyeroll
  7. We've had 2 solid days of rain, I shouldn't complain, I know what Ida did all up the coast but great googly moogly we are soggy and I'm so tired of this rain. I'm in big trouble when my boss gets here. I was waiting on some paper for a project I do every month. So when paper man got here I wheeled my paper into my office and started cranking out my stuff. I know I looked at what I grabbed because I grabbed 2 things...well I didn't look hard enough. I guess once I saw the first one I knew this was "mine" and well, it wasn't. Holy crap I ran 400 sheets of the wrong paper and the bad part is
  8. I did that with a bathroom light fixture, pulled it down to change bulbs and something rusted so I can't unscrew just the shade part and like you I can't shove it back up so it's literally been dangling for years. It's more of a balance, stand on a stool and get the 5 inch screw thingy to line up which I cannot do without getting vertigo. That's why I choose not to clean things :D
  9. We had a 45 minute to an hour bus ride so we had many bus adventures. One time a purple truck in front of us blew a tire and flipped over into a ditch. Dude had a tricked out old, old pickup and poof it went rolling through a field and apparently he'd just gotten paid, cash money just went flying. He was not hurt and the bus driver stopped and all the kids bounced out and went chasing the money. He may or may not have gotten most of it back. Only the big kids mind you. We gave him a ride to our little community. there was literally nothing for 20 miles either way so he woulda been walking, no
  10. We had a very funky bus stop, it was shaped like an old timey LHotP school house, painted red and white. We liked to play in it. I got in a fight with Brandon Uhde, he knocked over my very sad pathetic snowman so I had to whoop him. Then one day on a snow day, we either came home early because of snow or were sent home from the bus stop because the bus wasn't going to come. This little neighbor girl goes running off towards home and all of a sudden she just disappeared. She sank in the snow into a ditch that we all forgot was there because it was all filled with snow and level with everything
  11. Didn't they do away with daylight savings? I thought I had set my clock forward or back for the last time. I notice it getting darker earlier and being dark when I get up now. Hasn't really turned "fall" here still blazin hot. 2 weeks ish to my trip. Don't think prison is open for visitors because of covid so we are gonna try to hook up a video visit for the grandkids. Yes, my niece who is 45 has grandchildren...a 10 year old one in fact. The 10 year old recently googled how to emancipate himself. sigh. We think it's more about he wants to emancipate from his mom (drug addict) and be lega
  12. I had not watched The Godfather’s in their entirety until a few years ago. For some reason they now run them on thanksgiving as a marathon. I did watch 1 & 2 back to back and can appreciate them. 2 is better. But lord have mercy the trains left the track with 3.
  13. I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire James Bond film. Definitely never in a theater but I don’t even think on tv at home. They’ve been on but start to finish I don’t think so.
  14. I can't clock the spins an ice skater or gymnast does. I just go "oooh and awwww" like you do for fireworks.
  15. Would you see it in IMAX? Were any of the olden ones IMAX? Most of the fancy fights are lost on me, I can't clock those punches and kicks etc. We saw the chang Shi movie and it just goes too fast. I can't tell good guys from bad guys except for maybe 2. I can still yell WHEEE but I missed most of it
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