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  1. This has been a very expensive week for me. Aside from buying a house or a car I haven't spent this much money in forever. First my taxes, I got eaten alive having to do my sister's and mine, I moved money around this year and hoo boy, it hurts. Next year goes back to normal. And because I cursed myself by bitching about my evil sister getting stuff for free, of course, my refrigerator died. RIP. Rassin, frassin *#!S&*?@#!! I went to get ice and no ice. Saw a thawed chicken breast in a bag, poked a shrimp and sure enough, everything up top was thawed. Opened the fridge side and it's still cool so I moved the thawed stuff, cooked the shrimp. Put stuff in an ice chest and went to scroll new fridges online. It was over 10 years old but I'm going backwards, I bought the cheapest thing that would fit and this here dead one was my "cadillac" fridge from way back, never before did I have ice and water in the door. Only had ice makers in apartments. This one made me a delicious lazy "frappe" I would make a toffee espresso drink and put my crushed ice in it. No blender. You were such a good boy, you'll be missed. Pour a warm one out for my homie Back to ice cube trays.
  2. I think early americans just unilaterally defied all things done the "british" way when they got here. They quit eating meat things in pie form. We said "fuck you I'm driving on the other side" and besides dumping the tea in the Boston harbor we also said "fuck you, we like it cold!" You like your food bland, we are gonna throw so much spice and crap in there it'll give us high blood pressure! You boil it, we fry it. We can't call our dessert "pudding" and we have cookies, not "biscuits". Our biscuits are fluffy doughy things we put gravy on. We even turned our fanny around to the back side!
  3. We do like a dis-assembled shepherds pie, mashed potatoes separately with possibly peas although we don't like peas nearly as much as brits do. And the meat as a big lump. Slap some gravy over everything. But yes the sandwich is the thing of beauty. I need better bread my bread caint handle my meat! THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID. I did a combo of pork and beef ( I know shepherds pie suppsed to be lamb)
  4. OH! Oh, oh, oh. I forgot that I made potato soup. Well, I made a cross between french onion soup and potato soup. Like a creamy french onion with potatoes in it. I love french onion soup, I just don't love the bread they stick in it. No soggy things. So I carmellized my onions like you do for french onion then just made it like potato soup and put cheese on it. It's very good! and I made meatloaf. Meatloaf to me is just a conduit to get meatloaf sammiches. Spectacular!
  5. Is anyone gonna watch the world beyond thing? for regular, No spoilers but, major shark jumpage! Had a lovely weekend of fighting insurance companies. I was convinced I chose a better health insurance plan, like with co-pays and co-pays for prescriptions. So I went to my regular doctor, got a flu shot and re-upped my prescriptions. Went to my eye doctor and learned I have bleeding on my retina which could mean I was constipated, or have diabetes or my eye is about to have a stroke or I'm about to have a stroke so better get that prescription filled. So I get to the pharmacy, I have never used this insurance, just activated Feb 2 so I hand over my prescription card and they tell me $100 for 30 days or $316 for 90. but wait, I have insurance. Apparently no co-pay and the card they sent is only for get it by mail order which still doesn't kick in a discount. I talk to 3 people, 1 told me $316 another told me $1.82, apparently 2 differnt things were issued, one is "cancelled" which is, of course, the one I'm trying to hand people because wtf do I know? But my drugs are listed on walmart's $4 list so why do I even have insurance? so if I was going to have a stroke it was when I was yelling at the people over the phone.
  6. Oh yes, that is her name. Trust me we got plenty of weird ones. The supervisor guy tried to make a joke about if her mom really liked Chardonnay and she didn't get it. Like does she have a brother named Pinot Grigio? We have a Colonia & Nautica (they are mother and daughter) we have a Creshanda ( I call her Crescendo, she doesn't get it) I get to go to an award ceremony tonight which is just an excuse to get paid for an hour when I'm not working. Refreshments are served. wheeeeeee!
  7. Basically I'm a clown. I do whacky things for people's amusement. At the new job I do weird little dances and this girl Chardonnay keeps asking me to do stuff again. It's really only funny once, yesterday I danced in my chair and sang "apple bottom jeans" cuz this girl Danielle had on some boots (fringe not fur but hey I'm grasping at straws here). The other day I pretended to fight with Samantha, doing a cartoon version of fists and making my face look like Popeye. I pretty much don't want to do it again and is she 3?
  8. Does that mean that Brahms kilt her? from the original? I knew they left it weird where she stayed or something. No he was upstairs watching, adulty. or something. I hadn't eaten a baked potato in forever then couple of years ago I had one and I was like "dang these good stuff". I guess I never wanted to turn on my oven or thought it takes too long to bake or something. but I've reinvigorated by baked potato regime, mostly when I go out. I'm still too lazy to turn on my own oven but I'll let other places do it for me. :D
  9. I’m making short ribs today. I don’t cook enough. I do entirely too much eating on the go. From one job to the next. Haven’t been craving anything to cook on a Sunday. Last thing I made was pot roast. And then I didn’t want to clean my crock pot. So I got the liners. 😄
  10. I figure it’s gotta be a week at least but I can’t afford 3 weeks. So 10 days would probably be the max. But you can’t go for short times either because it’s so far to travel. we never even had Atari. My dad didn’t let us do video games. Never played Pac-Man or anything good.
  11. I don't want to see Darryl or near naked Ogg. Is it wrong that Jerry is my favorite? I'm not saying I want to see him naked but I think he's the only one I could tolerate long term. Granted it's the apocalypse you take what you can get. I been googling Australia. I found a travel company that does "luxury" packages where you can get 21 days for $16,000 which clearly that's a no. they had packages that included Australia and new zealand for about $3500. greece is really affordable people, greece was like $1600. Found another tour company that has 11 days Aus. -New Zeland for $1700! Yes more "free time" like this includes airfair and accomodations and a boat tour around the harbour and go visit the koalas but you have "free day" and "free day" which I actually like because once I got there I might hear of something that I might want to do or see. Every last second is not planned. I do know things will cost me way beyond that dollar amount but I'm ok starting there. If I'm aiming at saving up for a year and really planning stuff out.
  12. I don't know about any protection but I've been very in touch with my own mortality lately. One of the things that happened this past weekend, was a car found in a lake. Mother and daughter passed away. Obviously something very hinky with the situation. They didn't crash, all the info isn't in yet but some kind of murder/suicide. Not quite a Susan Smith situation, the daughter was 16 but I'm baffled. On a lighter note, (ha! I have no lighter notes) I went to trivia last night. I haven't been dealing well with people lately. Guess what? Wrong night to go! Holy shit. I guess it was "Friends" trivia and there were 43 teams! wtf? I watched Friends but didn't dedicate my life to it. I left after 3 questions, they were going to be there til midnight. It was claustrophobic, it was standing room only. I want to throw up my hands and exclaim "millenials" but seriously, wtf, how is friends such a thing? I don't know why anyone who feels a need to take themselves out needs to take their daughter with them nor do I know why you'd stand for 3-4 hours to answer questions about Ross and Rachel. I'm at a loss for everything these days.
  13. I dreamed last night I got a dog and kept trying to feed it strawberries. Plus I was very, very thirsty, I drank over a gallon of water in my dream. No this does not lead where you think, I did not pee the bed. I'm just very thirsty.
  14. So I googled looking for your shootout, Nashville, and I didn't find it but what I did find was that the hotel where the con was held was closed last year for a breakout of legionaires disease. ...you might wannna get some things checked.
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