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  1. Not that I've had to actually use the argument against anyone but hot damn I wanna use that.
  2. The song "I'm turning Japanese" woulda, shoulda been all kinds of banned. Both for being racist and for being naughty. Basically squinting your eyes when you're jacking off.
  3. Frankie goes to Hollywood was essentially telling you not to premature ejaculate. Relax, don't do it. ...when you wanna you know. and do you think Pearl necklace is truly about pearl necklaces? we know afternoon delight is about a nooner. but some of these I'm not sure.
  4. I was thinking about you. It's virtually impossible for you to avoid people. Anywhere you go. It isn't that hard for me, my job has 5 people, we are all in separate rooms, the public doesn't come and go through here. I wear a mask answering the door to UPS and mailman. The random people who come to pick stuff up we give the option of curbside, we just put in your trunk. You can opt not to sign our delivery slip. My boss does most of the deliveries, he assumes the most risk. My other job we are working from home. So groceries are really my only reason to interact with the public, 90% I do curbside. I get that it's much harder for people in more densely populated areas and for "essential" workers. There are people who take the risk every day, you want your mail and your UPS packages to arrive, why would you want your mailman or UPS person to die? I have a friend who is the manager of a convenience store. She has to go to work and be in public all day. She gets it, she accepts it. She's livid with people who are just dropping in for a coke. She's all about making sure our military, police, doctors and workers are getting where they have to go. Gas is essential and if they are tired, busy, frazzled from the pressure of their jobs obviously she's there for coffee or a coke or whatever the case may be. She said she sees tons of people shuffling in, still in their pajamas and they bring their kids and they just get a coke. No masks but yet every once in a while they whine about the registers not being 6 feet apart because they are social distancing. Social distancing but they're not wearing masks and their kids are literally licking the windows or rolling around on the floor. She's made it a practice to tell everyone who comes in for no reason at all except a coke to "have a nice day at work" because she knows they're not "going" to work. Even if they're working from home that trip was unnecessary and puts others at risk. We are all going stir crazy but damn, the more they do this, the longer the lockdown lasts. I'm not very intelligent but how are they not getting this?
  5. They just made masks mandatory here. I truly don't get the "freedom" argument. If you play sports, you wear a cup or a helmet, nobody screams that it infringes on their nuts' freedom. You wear a seatbelt in the car, yes people complain, for the most part I don't even do it except long car rides, I'm just lazy but I fucking understand the law and if I got a ticket I'd suck it up. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU FOR FUCKS SAKE! Can you not, for one second, try to fathom that it's about your mother, brother, cousin, child, grandma or neighbor. It isn't necessarily suggesting you are killing anyone or that you yourself are going to be killed, yet people are dying. We notice with the number of assholes armed to the teeth to come out and protect their property that they RESERVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE A LIFE WITH THE SQUEEZE OF A TRIGGER, why is protecting a life by merely breathing in your own space such an infringement? No one is just willy nilly taking away your freedoms, you won't have any freedom if you fucking die. I really don't get the people who throw a tantrum when asked to wear a mask, like the video of the woman throwing the food out of her cart. Seriously? are you 3? Turn around and go home, be as mad as you want and never patronize the store again but that wouldn't be acceptable even if there wasn't a pandemic. She looks like an idiot. It's been very easy for me to go without a mask, I get my groceries and food curbside. I hate the mask but if I go into the liquor store for more wine I'll wear the thing because the wine is more important than me at this point. sorry for the rant. it's driving me crazy. Perhaps I done been crazy for a long time.
  6. I'm a wino now. I found boxed wine that I like. could be the pandemic talking, fuck it, I'm going down with wine. Plus I think my July 4th plans involve watching Hamilton, steak and wine. I haven't had an actual 3 day weekend off in maybe a decade. I've always had a "weekend" job that was holiday proof. I got friday and Saturday off and Sunday was always off. I'm crafting people. Well, not making people from scratch but I'm making soap. Why? Who the fuck knows, it was a cheap "kit". candles were too expensive and I don't really want to paint a rock. So I have my soap kit with glitter and shit. Also I have a water bottle decorating kit coming, may or may not arrive before the glorious holiday weekend but I'll be bedazzling the shit out of some hideous thing that I will pawn off on some unfortunate soul. We can't go anywhere so I had to create some indoor activities and since I can't "make people from scratch" wink, wink then I'll be making soap. Don't be jealous people, just, you know, better yourselves somehow. Trust me if I coulda found some recreational drugs I would have gone that route, because nothing matters anymore.
  7. Viral, squared! I'm a super dork, I bought the neck fan you see advertised on the tv. It's got 2 little fan thingies and you wear around your neck, to cool you down if you're cooking, or maybe hanging out poolside. I brought it to work because holy crap it's hot. When my machine and my boss' machine are both cranking full speed it generates a lot of heat in my office. Last week he set up a floor fan...FOR THE MACHINE. I get it, the machine itself can't overheat but jesus point it my way just a little. It's USB charged so I don't have to have an enormous stash of batteries. and I won't officially "wear" it, it can just sit on my desk. We were going to watch Hamilton this weekend but it doesn't actually come out until next weekend so we got super drunk on wine and watched "Cats". Like we knew it was going to be so bad that we needed to half drunk to start with. Yes it's weird and it isn't something I'd sit around and watch all day but it's no weirder than the actual show.
  8. I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE! I had no idea the meaning of Spandau Ballet and sheesh. Had to google it because once again I'm so darn young.
  10. see? I'm just tooooooo young to get it. I was born in 2005 donchaknow
  11. I know who they are, but glam rock makes me want to watch "this is Spinal Tap" which I don't think I've ever seen all the way through and for the longest, longest time I didn't actually "get" because I thought they were a real band. I thought it was a real documentary and I didn't understand that knobs don't go to 11. I didn't understand why it was supposed to be funny.
  12. Most things I don't think are filmed, some pilots are shot way back and so new shows might actually have a better shot than normal years. I think most shows maybe finished last season but haven't started a new season yet so returning shows may get pushed back. but who knows? Yesterday I got a lecture for being too nice. ha! at the call center job we are supposed to be nice, we call comcast customers and generally they're very angry and not happy so we are not allowed to cut them off, if they go off on a rant we just let them roll. Obviously if they start cussing us out we are allowed to end the phone call. That is not my problem, my problem is old people. On the one hand they are the only ones who want to take a survey but they are also just soooo freaking chatty. My questions are...on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you like your cable tv/internet? They cannot, it is beyond their power to answer with a 1 to 10. They have to tell me how their cousins' brothers' neighbors' dog used to dig up the cable line. Yesterday the guy was chasing a wasp out of his garage, I said I could call him back at a better time. Nope, he's good. then he wanted discounts. I don't do that. I literally just take answers 1 to 10. I do have 1 section I can put in a note or special complaint. So he had to tell me about his adopted special needs kids and maybe his wife could get a discount as part of the educational something offered. We are supposed to just answer "I see" or "I understand" to most statements but if the man goes on for 10 minutes I can't say "I see" 56 times. He was searching for the word "buffering" cuz the kids watch the youtube and sometimes it's so slow to load up and so I asked "buffering?" and just said I'll put it in the notes. So my supervisor who listens in had to direct me that by asking about buffering it seems like I'm trouble shooting or by saying I'll put in the notes that he wants a discount for the wife, I'm being too helpful. I'm literally just trying to steer the man back to the survey while being polite. And it's astonishing that I'm nice at all, considering it's my second job and I do it after I do 10 hours at the day job and they do nothing but berate me and yell at me all day. You'd think I'd have frustrations and no fucks to give. sigh. Yesterday at the printing job the "son in law" sent a file, that's always a trouble area, if it's a friend or family member because I don't get to talk to them like a customer. I get the info "relayed" to me and clearly they are clueless. What size is a normal sheet of paper? 8.5 x 11 and if you were going to make a tri-fold brochure we have templates for that. He sends me something that is 11.6929 x 8.26 so that's not anywhere close to anything. It's almost too big to fit on my normal paper that I run stuff on 12" so it's very tight on the page but my boss is screaming at me that he doesn't know what ruler I'm measuring with because when I said it doesn't fit he's all "it fits fine and it folds fine" where he would not accept that from a random customer, we make them fix their artwork. Many days I want to actively go attract the coronavirus so I can just get the fuck outta dodge.
  13. We really are good at beating something to death! I loved those outtakes at the end of "Grumpy Old Men" when Burgess Meredith is throwing out all the euphamisms for sex. Taking the tug boat to tuna town was my favorite.
  14. I once said Tallywhacker in class, it was english and teacher man was talking about sailing or something and said "tallyho" and I followed with tallywhacker. I played french horn in junior high, although, I should say I "pretended" to play. Whenever we had performances I didn't actually play my instrument because I didn't want to be the one bleeting when we were at rest. So I mimed playing. Also once saw a kid, Nathaniel but we called him "Nutty" for good reason, drink his spit valve. Might be the grossest thing I've ever witnessed.
  15. My crazy sister has an obsessive nose picking problem. She got fired from a job for it and when she was all up in her batshit crazy town nonsense she was asked by the police if she ever wanted to kill herself (yes but just die, nothing "painful" just go poof and disappear) and did she want to kill anyone else. Yes, the high school photography teacher who she claims "allowed" someone to choose a photo of her where she was picking her nose and all the kids made fun of her and so that person should die. That was 32 years ago. She was in the background of the photo, no one tormented her on purpose.
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