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  1. My sister's gone on walkabout. Her boyfriend's nephew died (do not know if it was covid related) but she's on a jaunty vacation back to our home town. I warned my friend Marcy to hide. Apparently time and money mean nothing to her, she was supposed to head back Saturday, she's extended her stay, today she's meeting with our great niece (who was supposed to be in 90 day rehab) and then she's taking the scenic route home to swing by and visit some friend. This is a person with no job and my big fear is that she would just chuck it all and decide to stay. When she has a completely paid for home i
  2. Apparently not soon, I'm down a cousin. My aunt told me last weekend my cousin Charles was in the hospital with covid and it wasn't looking good. (Not her son, other aunt) He passed away last night. He wouldn't wear a mask and wouldn't get a vaccine and said Jesus was gonna take care of it. He was long established crazy, his wife died about 20 years ago and she was a mennonite (?) something, long hair buns and skirts but not like Amish or Duggar religious. She was nice I liked her. Anywho after she died Charles became convinced that he was supposed to marry her sister. Jesus told him to. Got t
  3. Haha super clam is Charles ingalls. It wasn’t cold cold here but temperature did fall to like awesome! Went to Atlanta and went to Hawaiian chick fil a. Sunny and warm but not hot. Friday was an almost disastrous day. My air conditioner stopped working. Thought it was dead and gonna cost me $8000. Nobody was going to be able to come until Tuesday. By a miracle she sent me a guy and he stomped around in my attic and called a few dudes to see if anyone had a part on a truck, boom. Capacitor found. Costs much less than $8000. He says it could last a week or a decade. Crisis averted.
  4. There is some Spanish series on Netflix that is supposed to be very good about a crew of like 5-6 female bank robbers. Money Heist. I have a friend who won't shut up about it but I don't necesarily always listen to her but then I saw some article about the 10 greatest things on netflix that aint in english. I wasn't looking for any kind of quality out of Army of the Dead, There were a couple plot lines that were instant "stfu" for me. I like Tig Notaro and I liked Dieter.
  5. How far away is your son? My friend's son is in Idaho and they are planning to go there after christmas for some weird snow mobiling trip. Like snowmobiling I can do, she says it's super cheap. Skiing? I'd be dead in 4.2 seconds. I might last 10 seconds on the snowmobile. She says it's super cheap with some national park pass (military discount maybe?) but it includes your cabin and having snowmobiles for your stay.
  6. Dude if I get much done after lunch it's a miracle. I did go see "Army of the Dead" I liked it. Carnage and violence to soothe my soul. Not that I have stress or anything. #hardpants
  7. Yeah, don't go to India. Is the United States on the "no go" list? HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  8. I don't quite get why you would think I'd harm the cat or the cat is being neglected. The cat will be with me for 4 days. She's not neglecting it and I'm not neglecting it. Jesus. All I'm saying is that while I'm working (a 4 hour shift) it will have to entertain itself in a freaking cat gymboree in the kitchen. This is not 6 months where I'm locking the cat in a dark closet with no food and water. Sheesh. Sarcasm is my thing. I harm no animals. The gymboree is literally a plaything for cats, yes you can close a door but they have activities. I get fired if the cat is in the room with me
  9. Generally I can tell the difference between Australian and British and Irish vs Scottish, sometimes....sometimes South African sounds a bit like Australian. Every once in a while we get a boat that's here for repairs and that's like a month that these people are stranded and they have to go about getting normal people things done in a far away place. Business cards or stuff for the boat; menus who knows depends how posh the owner is. So we've had australian and South African crew members arranging stuff. Gulfstream is located here (planes not boats) but once again depending on who your owner/f
  10. I know a jumper is a sweater! I used to have a "how to speak Australian" tshirt and it taught me jumbuck is a sheep, tucker is food, lorry/truck, flat/apartment, lift/elevator I know tosser, wanker, slag, minger ...I had to learn bell end(bellend?) snog is kissing but shagging is a home run. I'm quite angry that the "Army of the Dead" movie isn't coming nowhere near me. I may have to go see it in Hilton Head when we do the cat exchange.
  11. Now I feel like I graduated in the middle ages. I was getting $20! Awesomely awkward as well because they were handing me graduation money at my mother's funeral. Cheap bastards can't even mail a card with the money, they're like "we are here might as well shove some money at the girl" I have made the egregious error of agreeing to babysit my friends cat. Here's the deal, the house-sits every year for a wealthy family in Hilton Head, I think it's kind of a lucrative deal for her. She gets to hang out in fancy schmancy and walk the dog or dogs, few times a day and they pay well for this. S
  12. It would be worse when it's "National Fanny pack" day. Fanny means the reverse in the England.
  13. I've never worked in a stuffy office type place. I do not wear jeans to work but I certainly could. We are definitely semi-casual. I would have a very hard time if it was suity. But when you do the call center thing from home (they're going to replace my computer so hopefully that means staying home, wheeeee!) You can be pajamas, raggedy tshirt, no TROUSERS (I don't say pants) always pants. Thankfully we do not have any zoom kind of meetings. They did want us to post a photo of ourselves (for security reasons) into the app so that should one day someone show up that doesn't look like us they'd
  14. Hard pants (trousers) are just regular pants for anyone that has not been trucking into work and has been super lazy only wearing comfy pants aka sweatpants, (I know shoes are trainers, what are the workout outfits called in the UK?) basically everyone been existing in slouchy clothes so if you go back to work your trousers now feel "hard".
  15. Sadly, I can't sing, can't play any instruments. I just have to be a roadie. I played french horn in middle school but I was terrible and only pretended to play when we had performances. I can read music I just don't have any physical skill. Just like playing pool, I can tell you where to hit a ball, high/low, hard/soft, angles etc but can't make me own elbow coordinate with my digits.
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