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  1. Congrats ish Nashville. Number 1 as far as we are concerned cuz we don’t know nobody else. Ive hauled ass to Texas for dirty work for my sister and everything sucks ass. Most miserable fucking week of my life. Can’t wait to gtfo and never return to Texas as long as I live but I do have to return. Sigh.
  2. There are several teams that I hope you are on, Caterpillars, please tell me their boat looks like a caterpillar. Nashville Paddle Company, from their description they seem fun. and the unbelievably bad surfers. These are the teams I'm rooting for. Maybe Stroke of Genius.
  3. nothing more fun than prepping for a hurricane. Not evacuating, in fact I'm at work. Apparently we defy mother nature. We will get wind and rain and possibly lose power but not the brunt of the storm. Good luck to everyone in Dorian's path!
  4. Duuuuuuuuuuuude, if I had a major trauma nobody be having to ask me to slow down. I'm already trying to milk my smack in the head as brain damage to get out of stuff. I walk around alllllllllll the time pretending my arms or legs don't work. Sit down and make somebody bring you lemonade.
  5. HOLY SHITBALLS! My heavens, are you ok? So sorry to hear about your cat but I hope you're taking good care of yourself. Be very careful not only because I don't want you to fall again but also on the super blood thinners you can bleed lots if you cut yourself shaving your legs.
  6. I managed to whack myself in the head with a box of paper yesterday. And before you start laughing at me it's 1100 sheets of the big kind, it's maybe 50 pounds. I hoisted it up on my shoulder and then tried to re-adjust and it just sorta clocked me in the neck. On one hand it kinda gave me an adjustment because my neck had been slept on weird but now I have a headache at the base of my skull. But I woke up alive so I guess I'm not too concussed. Adult diaper commercials make you feel like the most important thing is that they're "pretty" or no panty lines...nope it'd be the trail of pee that I'm trying to avoid. Just to be clear I have been potty trained a goodly number of years and it hasn't left me yet, in case you're sensing a pattern. I only wet my pants once in my life, 1st grade, we had a long bus ride and Mrs. McKnight wouldn't let me go in the building to go pee, you had to stay outside at recess until the bell rang. So I held it as long as I could and then had to go to the nurse and get a bath and they loaned me some cute underwear with flowers on them that I didnt want to give back. and if you're lucky I can tell you some barfing stories from school too! :D
  7. I've seen the footage of girls at Beatles shows and I've never quite understood the banshee screaming and the fainting. I'm pretty sure I'd get tongue-tied if I spoke to an "idol" but I don't pee my pants and need medical care just going to the concert. Pretty soon I will, cuz I'm old, but it won't have anything to do with going to the concert, I'll pretty much do that anywhere.
  8. Don't they want to smack down on people recording like that? You'd think someone is watching the crowd for such blatant phone waving above heads, I know you can't stop it in short bursts but if someone stood there for a solid 30-45 minutes you'd think someone would come. I don't go to a tremendous amount of concerts but they do always have signs and on your tickets that recording devices are forbidden. And most especially if you've paid an arm and a leg you don't want someone recording it for free for their cousin.
  9. I watched "Overlord" over the weekend, didn't hate it. Nazi zombies, has Wyatt Russell (Kurt and Goldie's kid) and for once he's not playing an idiot. Also has Euron Greyjoy as the bad guy and seriously, dude is going to be typecast as a baddie cuz he's just creepy. Also watched "The favourite" which I liked quite well, Olivia Colman won an Oscar for it. Queen Anne and the 2 women who battled for "power" by being her confidant/lover. It's quite funny, quite dark and I hated the ending but we did have to do a lot of history looking up because if real, damn those brits are weeeeeeird! They ARE real people and Rachel Weisz' character is Winston Churchill's grandma! Learned many new things...did you know Winston Churchill is more american than lots of americans?????????? His mother was american and rumor has it (yes they'd need DNA to back it up) but supposedly grandma was Iriqois! Churchill and Diana Spencer were cousins (her grandpa was cousin to Winston from this same Sarah Churchill from the movie) And did you know any time you total a car, like say the engine still works but because of repair costs the insurance company just cuts you a check rather than repair $8000 of body damage that your vehicle very likely gets on a boat to Russia, south america, china etc? This dude that hit my car works for a "Cargo" company that buys those junked cars and they export them. I knew there was a "racket" with cars that there are after market parts and the whole junkyard business, insurance companies don't take "losses" but I had no idea about what goes out the back door. I've always heard if you have the means, get a check and then do what you will with your car. get the repairs on the low low you get money and your car back. I think there is definitely a whole side of this that is not strictly legit, like if your car gets stolen in Miami, it's on a boat within 6 hours and boom out of the country you'll never see it again. Those are much more high end cars of course. I don't think we are a big enough port city to have that kind of volume leaving the country. But there were many, many many of these "cargo" companies on this road, that look just like junk yards to the naked eye but those cars get on boats and go to Argentina and Yugoslavia. I do not know whether to be insulted or happy that my car isn't good enough for them to just buy and send to Cuba. Ha! My car did feel pretty, cuz most of them cars got real messed up grills and bumpers, my car is just old and has no hubcaps, mirror got fixed up nice and they're going to take it to their "guy" for the paint. I will point out the actual dents and scratches and the window is sticky now, doesn't wanna roll up right and if those are not fixed to my satisfaction I will demand money. ha! Real world prices for fixing I'm sure it's $6000 because my friends trunk just got fixed and it was $8000. This is the entire left side of my car, all three panels, for the value of the car, yes, it would be totalled. I would rather have my car, than a car payment at this moment so I'm gonna see what this entails. If they yanked a door off one of these other junked cars I don't care. Essentially this guy can fix anything he breaks, he would be a good guy to know if someday down the road I did something I wanted repaired/replaced and didn't wanna pay full prices for it. Not strictly legit but eye opening.
  10. Most days I think I'm crazy...with furries and pony play people in the mix...I'm downright normal.
  11. Egads! So if you get bit again you need epi pen? I know there are people who are allergic to bee stings like that. I hope that ain’t me cuz I gotta go mow my grass again. I still have little scabs on my feet. I have a friend who always ate lobster and just the last few years she developed an allergy to shellfish. That seems so cruel To steal her lobster joy.
  12. But did you do it 2 weeks in a row? Literally bought the first ext cord then figured out you can’t turn around. Always gotta keep the cord at your back. Bought a new cord. Boom same damn thing. I was not meant for nature. When I mow my grass fire ants eat me alive. I shoulda been born in space. I need to live in a bubble. Nature can’t hurt me. Cars can’t drive into me. I can float.
  13. I was trying to whisper about the people who wear buttplug tails. They take the furry thing even farther and make like a real tail. Which is weird. Also douchebag hit my car. It was raining and he came around a corner too fast and slid right into me. Took out my mirror and gave me yellow stripes down my car. Window is kinda jacked up. But my car is driveable. Tomorrow I’ll get some estimates. He didn’t “own” the car. It’s got temporary dealer plates but the owner came and we are gonna get estimates tomorrow. My car is a piece of crap but it’s a paid for piece of crap that runs good. It’s just ugly as hell and all kinds of trashed up inside. I generally just go from one job to the next so I’ve got so much junk in there. Books, shoes, lunchbox, travel mugs, chips... the list goes on. Perhaps the 2 most interesting things, a 50’ extension cord and a 100’ extension cord. Both of which I severed with my hedge trimmer because I’m a moron like that. I keep intending to take them to a guy I know to splice em back together. He knows how to do stuff like that. Meanwhile I have no hedge trimmer.
  14. I think you had a furry girlfriend and she dumped you. Although I guess you probably had a child with one and they don't shut up. the child or the furby? furby. Weirder still or maybe not, just part of the furry, ahem hijinks, are the people with the tails, you know the taaaaaaails that you know you put in the you know. and you just walk around with a tail cuz that's normal.
  15. His character on Sons of Anarchy was Opie and yes, unless they plan to let him ditch his skin mask I don't know why he's there unless it's just to be big and looming, he doesn't "talk" and truly only had 1 good fight with Norman Reedus thus far. Recently hear the Archies song and whole buncha people were singing along, it's a feel good song and you can't forget the words, another song that peps me up is "Build me up Buttercup"
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