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  1. Walter the Cat is a favorite at the moment, until they run it into the ground.
  2. Didn't see this anywhere, but Jill Wagner had her baby....a little girl. Sounds like she didn't have an easy delivery. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTOUokYLuPy/ Also, an interesting article by Kristopher Polaha re 9/11 https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/kristoffer-polaha-auditioned-angel-9-150023966.html
  3. I miss Martin. Mater's character pretty much rolls over, at least Martin, to a some extent challenged, Aurora when she was out of line or better, out of control. I do love Marilu Henner, but Aida's screeching about "oh, Aurora I don't want to have to worry about you", routine has worn out it's welcome. Lynn needs to go on an undercover assignment forever. Missed Arthur. Missed Sally. Still miss John.
  4. Newest Murder She Baked was a total snooze fest, which is sad, because I was hopeful. Oh well. Guess I'll stick with Mystery 101 and I do like the Crossword movies.
  5. And the cast of thousands continues to grow. Christopher Jackson and LeRoy McClain has just been announced as more additions.
  6. Congrats to John Corbett and Bo Derek. After 20 years together, they got married this past Christmas.
  7. Like the outfit, but yeah, the fascinator is just meh. Also, there's something about her hair. It needs some ends trimmed maybe. It just looks kind of tired. That's really getting nitpicky, I know. I'm SJP's age and would love to be able to pull off hair that long, on me it just makes me look old.
  8. Here are my questions....aren't they limited to 10 episodes? How long is each episode going to be? It seems like they've brought in a pretty large group of actors for such a limited run and I know they won't be using them all in every episode, it just seems like a lot.
  9. In my mind, Samantha got a PR job with some big money European and is living her best life in Tuscany.
  10. To me, it screams "I'm trying to be 20 something and fashion forward, not 50 something and not". YMMV.
  11. At the time megalomaniac Robert Romano was killed by the vengeful helicopter, I wasn't sad to see him go, but after a while, I missed his pompous self. It became too quiet.
  12. At her initial introduction, I kinda liked Abby (there, I said it), but as the years went by the "oh, no one's ever had a life as hard as mine", "so what Luca, you lost your family in a war, it's nothing compared to my struggles". Her level of self pity was overwhelming. Toward the end of the characters run, I hoped a little that she'd run into the ambulance bay and get run over. I know, don't judge. LOL
  13. But he's always had very positive things to say when talking about SJP. For me, hearing someone say negative things about a make believe character doesn't make them a bad person. YMMV
  14. Kristin Davis was always a beautiful woman, but since she's had so much work done, her smile now resembles the joker. Why, oh why, do people (mostly women) have to destroy themselves for "beauty". I've got mixed feelings about this shows return. Guess I'll have to wait and see.
  15. In one of the post-Martin episodes, they said that since Aida wouldn't marry him, John decided to move to be closer to his children. I kind of miss him.
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