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  1. Same. The time jump was holding my interest. I liked Betty and Archie, the chemistry was exciting, it’s a shame they had to go back to their tired routine so soon. It seems like an utter waste. To be honest, if that was the end of the road for new ideas, it’s probably best for the show to retire. I’m not sure what else they want to do.
  2. I don’t think the point escaped him moreso than his feelings are overwhelming him at the moment. He just finished writing this song about her and his mind can’t understand how he can feel these things for Betty but be in love with Veronica. That’s why he looked confused and upset. That’s why he said “then what’s this all about” aka “why do I feel these things for you?” I mean, this is likely the point. At the end of the day, it’s either Betty or Veronica. I completely agree. My main problem with Riverdale from the jump was them behaving as if Bughead and Varchie were 35 years
  3. I can see why people would think this, but I saw this as in character of Archie. He falls right in with the emotions he’s feeling, even if he doesn’t quite understand them. I also don’t think he was ever that DEEPLY in love with Veronica, and I have always believed that we were just waiting for the day it finally clicked for him that he’s been in love with Betty for a long time. They really need to stop this “endgame” crap. I personally couldn’t care less and it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t see other romantic pairings on Riverdale. Thankfully, I doubt this is an ending to Barchie. It’s on
  4. I think Betty loves Jug, but I think she repeated it to herself continuously because she was scared of what she was feeling for Archie. I think she also brought up Veronica a few times to try to push that on Archie so everything could just stay as it is. Betty’s just not ready to take a leap of faith with Archie. She remembers the rejection and the unrequited love very well. I do think there’s a passion with Barchie that isn’t there right now with Bughead, though. And that’s also scary for Betty.
  5. I think this was super important. She’s extremely terrified of getting hurt by Archie and losing Jughead for no reason. That’s why she can’t fully confront or understand how she feels about Archie. She can’t go back to that space where she loves him so much and he doesn’t return the feelings, that’s where the flashback came in. She needs to know that what he feels is legit. At the end when she asked if he loved Ronnie, I was almost wondering if she wanted him to say no. I don’t think what Cheryl said is true. I think it gave Betty a reason to bounce and pretend like what Archie and hersel
  6. RAS gifting me with an Archie/Betty/Jughead triangle and making Veronica irrelevant!? What did I do to deserve this gift, I don’t know. It’s all I’ve wanted. I loved seeing Barchie as kids and getting insight into Betty’s diary, so cool to get to see the beginnings of their friendship and see how much they really adored each other. And Archie, this boy is just so far gone, he thinks with his heart and he’s just so pure. When he spoke with Fred at his grave. 😞 And getting inspired to write and sing again? Who is doing it like him. It’s clear that Barchie have feelings but Betty
  7. Varchie and Bughead are a group of people who are teenagers, they’re not married, they didn’t make vows to love anyone forever. I’ll just leave it at that because it’s TV and it’s not that big for me, lol. We can all agree to disagree.
  8. 1x13, 2x08, 2x09, 3x09...just off the top of my head. Not sure how that last scene by their windows gave any impression of cheap or tawdry, but to each their own. I’m also not sure what endgames have to do with anything because it’s a long running program and Bughead and Varchie were due for breakups and other relationships. This.
  9. It was foreshadowed since 411, if we are exclusively referring to this season, when they were holding hands at Pop’s. From that moment, people began to speculate about whether or not it was real. Because it was obviously meant to look romantic. Turns out, while it happened during the time they pretending to date, the feelings were real. But that has nothing to do with whether or not Betty is devoted to Jughead. She loves Jughead. But feelings that she always felt for Archie resurfaced. All these things can be true simultaneously. It’s not about giving the writers credit —it’s more
  10. I don’t see any scenario where a Bughead or Varchie fan would find Barchie likeable or plot where they’d be accepted by these fans. That’s a losing battle. I don’t think the cheating makes them super likeable but I also don’t think it makes them unlikeable. Their feelings are real. It would be far more unrootable if they cheated just cause of hormones.
  11. @RS3 Couldn’t have said it any better. This was all very clearly foreshadowed since 411 and it was bound to happen since the absolute beginning. The cheating happening makes sense because it was something they would never be able to acknowledge otherwise. They hid the feelings so deeply that when they fake dated it just all came flooding back. Then they got caught up in a moment during a love song. This isn’t about not loving Jughead or Veronica, but it’s moreso about them uncovering their own love they have for each other that was always there. The promo for the next episode has me on the edg
  12. LOL, Barchie isn’t being written to win over Bughead and Varchie fans. They’re not expecting people who view Riverdale in that way to welcome them with open arms and root for them. Objectively, I find this story highly entertaining and the actors sold it. Some of the most beautiful scenes this show has done. I’m excited to see the fallout because Cole and Cami will kill that, too. This is such a complicated story that is deeper than labeling it as an expose on cheaters. They didn’t cheat to cheat or because of a random fight. Feelings when you’re a teen are highly exaggerated and somethin
  13. KJ’s voice has improved so much, did a bit of a rewatch and he really nailed some of vocals. Pretty cool to see that progression because I know he hates his own voice, lol.
  14. I loved Archie/Josie so I dunno if I’d want that erased, but I never understood why Barchie couldn’t happen in S2 or S3. I don’t know how far the cheating will go, but Jughead and Veronica shouldn’t forgive. The storyline if done correctly should go into next season and have a proper fallout. And, yeah, it’s a mistake for Barchie to act on these feelings, it’s a betrayal. But I think it’s far deeper and more complicated and they’re 18? years old. I think a mistake this show took very early on is giving fans this impression that Varchie and Bughead were practically married.
  15. I’m with you. I’m thoroughly enjoying this. I think this is exactly the kind of shakeup the show needed. I’m looking forward to seeing the angst and the fallout from this complication of feelings. KJ and Lili’s chemistry is fantastic and seeing a new dynanmic between Betty and Archie will be super intriguing, especially if they’re sneaking around and/or attempting to keep their distance because they know nothing good will come if they’re in the same vicinity. I think depending on how someone has watched Riverdale, people will either love/hate this but either way the extreme reaction is wh
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