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  1. Random: Anyone have a show suggestion that has a really rootable ship w/ no kids ever in the picture, lol?
  2. I basically hand wave this version of Lois and Clark, so I approve of your methods.
  3. Well, we don’t know that they’re alone. What if they know they’re being watched? It’s a certainty that all my spec will be wrong, but just some observations from the FFs: -Bret and Donna told FP that they saw “those kids” kill Jughead, but it appeared to just be Betty....so why are they naming them all? -Betty looked like she was in shock when she saw the rock in her hand and Jug’s body, but was pretty much the leader of the “gotta burn Jug’s shit” bonfire scene. The difference in behaviors is stark. -It’s Jug’s body in the morgue that’s throwing me and making me believe there’s some doppelgänger. Or did Cheryl create a Dead!Jug! doll?
  4. I was THISCLOSE to an Archie and Jug scene. Ugggh, this show. Bright side: The promo suggests that Jug’s story will now involve Archie and Ronnie, so I have that to look forward to? I can’t lie, I’m so happy we are done with the first “half” of the season. All the stories have been way too separated and again, it’s CRIMINAL we haven’t had a single Archie and Betty scene either. Archie is damn near suicidal. 😫 Of course Riverdale won’t go there, but they’ve pretty much said it in a roundabout way. His convo with Mary was freaking devastating; how he doesn’t understand how ppl like Dodger live while Fred died. And then thinking he’s turned into a monster and he’s so far from his father now. I’m just....I legit couldn’t stand this vigilante story, but fuck, KJ did THAT. His acting made me care. Praise. Oh, lawd, Betty and that damn cat. And then “killing” Dark Betty by hypnotizing herself. And now we are to believe she “killed” Jug? I guess she could have been hypnotized again? But I still think they’ve planned his death to try to trap Bret in some way. Or maybe Jug has a twin? (I still haven’t let this go, lol). Either way, interesting that she used a rock to hit his skull in the same way Jug used a rock to smash a skull for the initiation. Don’t care at all about Ronnie & Hiram or Cheryl and this years-long Jason shit, but at least the latter is over. Did Toni even have a line? Oh, and Jug was finally wrong about something and got humbled? Love to see it.
  5. It was nice to see Tom, but I have to agree. It was BS and basically undid his entire character arc.
  6. A Christmas miracle...!!!* *would be RoHo finding another job
  7. Doesn’t Robin...er...Dante have PTSD? Is everyone sweeping this under the rug again? And who told TPTB that we wanted this?
  8. If true, now I wonder what story they concocted to make anyone believe that Jug’s girlfriend and BFF would suddenly want to kill him, lol. New spec to chew on!
  9. Which grocery store did they set this up in this time?
  10. What’s your conclusion? I have several & and today I was stuck on his “death” being a ruse to screw with Donna and Brett.
  11. While I still find a lot of the subjects on this show far too repetitive to still be happening in a Season 4, I did enjoy this episode and the idea of using therapy to allow the characters to be transparent. And I hope at least some of the characters —namely CHERYL —will actually be able to move on and enter different stories. Veronica, too, but sadly this show won’t let go of Mark, so here we are. Mads & KJ were probs my favorite performers. KJ has become one of the strongest on this show, and I hope the writers finally give him the material he deserves. He can do a hell of a lot more than fight & show off his abs and it’s far beyond time to allow this dude to shine. I’m still the most interested in the flash forwards because it’s basically the only thing that’s “new” (not bc I really care about Jug or his abusive grandfather, lol). I do think it’s more & more likely the FF isn’t real, I’ve realized they all act really robotic in those scenes & we all know Betty, Archie, and Veronica don’t even speak to plot a murder together. 🤣* *DEAR WRITERS: DO BETTER WITH YOUR CAST
  12. He’s aged wonderfully. Still has that killer smile. I’m content. 💅🏼
  13. I hate my future self for watching this but I love him, so...
  14. Damn. Well, add this as another example of Instagram doesn’t equal real life. 🧐
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