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  1. I think if they wanted to go hard with a triangle they wouldn’t have made it into a display of friendship in this episode. I’m confident Veronica and Archie will not be behaving romantically or the plot would have been significantly different.
  2. They kissed once. It was short and they didn’t go in for more? I don’t know why this is being exaggerated or why the scene is not being spoken about in context. Betty and Archie felt bad for their friend Veronica and wanted to make her feel better. That was the purpose of Betty coming up with the idea. It was all to show a friendship, which was why Veronica called them her best friends and thanked them. There was nothing about those scenes that gave the impression of betrayal or cheating to come.
  3. What you’re suggesting are rewrites, which can happen. However, it doesn’t take into consideration that Archie loves Betty. It’s not about Veronica changing her mind or needing Archie to sleep with her. That’s more than weak reasons. It’s using Archie as some object for Veronica. Moreover, to have teased triangles, Betty shouldn’t have been the one who came up with the idea out of friendship. She wouldn’t have been present in that scene. Archie was not cheating and there was not the impression that this will happen in the future. I fail to see a Jughead/Tabitha/Betty triangle because Betty has shown no interest in Jughead. That’s not what happened. No one made out and he was not interested in Veronica romantically.
  4. I’m not being rude to you. I never said you need to agree, but Archie and Veronica were shown not to work and that’s what happened in Season 5? Whether this is changed down the line does not mean it didn’t happen this way. I’m not making a plot up.
  5. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with me, it’s what developed. You can believe a Varchie reunion is coming, but there is nothing that supports this through the characters. Archie has not been written as wanting to be with Veronica or being in love with her. Veronica not being able to kill him with sex doesn’t change that. Furthermore, you’re dismissing that Veronica’s powers are a way to push her being independent and on her own. It was not a set up to lead to Archie. You’re assuming everyones powers will never fade, too.
  6. Archie and Veronica don’t work, though. There were reasons for that which was shown. Forcing them together because of sex is not a reason why two people should be together. Thankfully I am certain this was not a point anyone was making. There were countless ways to have teased Varchie if that was what was intended and they didn’t show it like that. It was a plot that cemented friendship between three parties.
  7. I don’t think Reggie and Veronica are done. It’s very enemies to lovers.
  8. I would lean towards pandering to their shippers. Context is important. Archie didn’t kiss Veronica on his own, it was Betty’s brainchild, they did out of friendship for Veronica, and Betty was present. There was no romantic foreshadowing that Archie wants to be with Veronica at all. In actuality, it felt like Varchie was wrapped up. There is no story I see, in my opinion. I’m intrigued with the Bughead flashbacks because it’s Jughead having them, not Betty. Could it bring Jughead/Tabitha some angst like in Rivervale where they ended up saying they loved one another?
  9. Archie and Veronica were together in Season 5 and did not impact the ratings. We can agree to disagree on this because none of it matters. The show will go on. People get attached to characters and couples all the time and sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. There are a lot of factors to this all around. People lost interest during the early seasons too.
  10. Archie/Veronica were never the popular ship. This popularity contest doesn’t matter though because these ships will not change the television ratings. There is a lot more that goes into a decline in viewership than who is dating. As I said, the decline happened seasons ago. It has been steadily dropping as those couples were dating.
  11. The television ratings started to decline while those couples were together. I understand they have their fans, but those fans do not represent the entire audience. Everyone was not watching for Betty/Jughead and Archie/Veronica. Those ships will not change the ratings.
  12. I don’t get the feeling there will be any reset. That seems like wishful thinking from those who want things to be the way they were before. That drop didn’t happen overnight, it was over time. Many factors go into why people may have tuned out and The Flash viewers are not one in the same as Riverdale viewers. Anyway, nothing specific is powerful enough to fix the television ratings even if former viewers think certain ships or stories would do that.
  13. Viewers is a broad term. Not all viewers dislike the story and not all viewers are watching live. They stream or they watch on Netflix. If we talk about television ratings we would have to talk about how they started to decline years ago, as well.
  14. The television ratings aren’t relevant, though. That’s not spin, it’s a fact. That’s not what matters to The CW because Riverdale is on air and will come back for what is likely a last Season 7. I think you want to make a point that all these viewers don’t like the story, but it doesn’t matter. The show will go on and end as planned.
  15. I don’t know what you’ve seen from frat brothers but that’s not how Betty and Archie behave. They are romantic whether or not you see it. They’ve had a physical spark that’s far from tepid and an emotional spark. If you’ve never seen a romantic spark or don’t think they’re compatible (which they are) nothing will change your mind now.
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