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  1. Everything is nonsensical right now compared to the life/death situation worldwide. On the other hand, a lot of us are forced to stay inside our homes (as we should) and we’re trying to keep ourselves busy/entertained. So whether that’s with Netflix, music, cooking, painting, yoga, reading, etc. I see Riverdale in the same vein.
  2. I believe 22. And 19 should be finished filming, although obviously I wouldn’t know if it’s done in post-production. I’d assume yes? The only ones in doubt IMO are 420/21/22.
  3. Because it was. She deleted it, so obviously with her extremely highly touted IQ, she realized it herself. People want to go on about how “there’s a right time for everything and/or there’s never a right time” but I’ll go out on a limb and say the second someone drops dead isn’t a good time out of respect to the real human beings who are left behind dealing with their own shock and loss. That can be a general consensus, no?
  4. The next episode is airing April 15. And I’m sure they’ll air what has been completed after that. I don’t know what that means for the rest of the episodes, but a writer did confirm last night that S4 will be completed as it was originally intended to be. The only question is when they’ll be able to film the remaining 2 episodes and when it’ll air. I don’t think they’re gonna air this all when S5 premieres in October or whenever in the fall.
  5. I knew he wouldn’t disappoint. Yes, as well as Betty, who did the mouth-to-mouth. He at least regained consciousness. Ha, this is still something that baffles me and why the Stonies story missed a mark for me personally. Varchie should have been way more involved from the beginning. And I didn’t like how we never saw Jughead & Archie together, not even when Jug was hiding, they’ve dropped the ball on their friendship completely and it’s shameful. I mean, there are always ways in fiction, but Riverdale writers don’t have the capacity for it, so I just think that’ll come into play later on. Not now. On that same note, allow KJ and Lili to act together, Roberto! I don’t care in what way. They have chemistry. They are good at what they do. I get that they will always be overshadowed by a real couple, but Lawd. There’s plenty of room for all to get their moment & shine. 😆 I love your posts.
  6. At least Betty made a face and had to leave the room when FP/Alice kissed? I do think it’s weird they never really discuss how awkward it is or that Bughead share a brother. But something tells me Charles ain’t gonna last beyond this season, so...
  7. Lol, same. But I kind of always have this issue with them. They can be insufferable when they’re right. Which, according to Riverdale, they will always be. Which is a larger problem, tbh. Characters need to be humbled sometimes. But as a whole, the episode was too much talking and too much recapping. I get why it had to be done, but it got boring at times.
  8. This season? Absolutely not. They wouldn’t butcher Archie like that and have him carry the heavy and cheat on Veronica or decide he’s going to pursue Betty while she’s with Jughead. If there are feelings, they’ll either be denied, ignored, or acknowledged and given a “maybe one day” nod. I see a twist either in the finale or at the start of Season 5. That way the show doesn’t have to deal with Bughead and Varchie’s breakups at once. And it would be completely plausible that Barchie would get together as adults in a specific circumstance.
  9. LMAO. I hate to quote myself but I *knew* the ending of this episode reminded me of something I had previously mentioned. (Cole & KJ, btw, were cracking me up in that scene. They looked so OOC for some reason, especially this part where Archie is sipping on his milkshake for like 15 seconds and staring at Jug). To give the writers a bit of credit, though, they did provide a true unpredictable twist -as in NO ONE saw this coming - Jughead’s death resurrecting Barchie. Bwah.
  10. Archie gave him CPR. Saved another life, per usual. Preach. Never sat well with me that he wasn’t considered important.
  11. https://www.tmz.com/2020/03/11/riverdale-production-shut-down-coronavirus/ Hope everyone is OK.
  12. Ahahahaha, Cheryl, now we all know she would have straight spilled to Jug the next time she saw him, please. Here’s my take on Betty/Archie/Jughead because it’s now the only thing holding my interest: Does Betty love Jughead? Yes. Did she feel something tingly with Archie? Yes. Does Archie love Ronnie? Yes. Did he feel something extra with Betty? Yes. All of this can be true. It’s not black and white. Is Veronica trashing Archie’s desk and screeching in the previews? Yes. Is Betty going to “choose” Archie in two episodes? Or Archie “choose” Betty? No. This is something that will probably conclude with a: “Yeah, maybe we could have been together in another life, another time period, there’s something we’ll always feel but we’re too deep in our relationships and we can’t hurt them for something unknown but love you, bestie.” And by “conclude” I don’t mean this is an ending with a PSA running across the screen telling all Bugheads and Varchies that Barchie will never, ever, ever happen. I actually do think they’ll go there with Barchie for real next season. But, again, too early for spec on that. 😍
  13. For some people, it’s always going to look bad. But let’s just say they’re going to continue this particular plot this season. They’ve already started it in a way that was completely incidental & coincidental. Betty and Archie kissed as part of a ruse and oops...did it mean more? None of this was planned or what they wanted or set out to do. This also doesn’t mean either of them are going to leave their relationships. We’re skipping too far ahead into the potential story. Maybe it’s one sided feelings? Maybe Archie never admits to anything? There are several possible outcomes than Archie just up and leaves Ronnie cold and Betty flips off Jughead. 😛
  14. I kind of want her to yell at him. Possibly angrily cry. Just a crushing rejection. I’m a sucker for angst, can you tell?
  15. Yeah, I think it’ll mostly be Archie and he either does 1 of 3 things: 1) Stays in denial, 2) Acknowledges it but keeps it to himself to protect the others, 3) Tells Betty and she’s like, hell naw. 😘 Praise.
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