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  1. Oz is closing. . . https://dc.eater.com/2019/6/25/18758569/oz-restaurant-closing-clarendon-real-housewives
  2. I don't know how business is doing, but they were actually recommended in Eater's DC newsletter a couple of weeks ago as a place you could get a last minute reservation for a good mother's day brunch. So. . . not so good that they weren't booked up for brunch by the Thursday before Mother's Day, but good enough that they got a recommendation? Also, did we not see the sister she has the hair business with at all in this episode? I'm assuming if you have 90 bridesmaids, your sister / business partner is one of them, but she never seemed to be one of the ones comforting her or anyt
  3. I was folding laundry while watching, so I only saw the cake and a REALLY sad looking little salad. Like two lettuce leaves with a slice of tomato on top. Last week when they showed pictures of Candiace's parents back in the day, Dorothy looked SO MUCH like Candiace. Chris has already seen the face he'll be waking up to in his golden years if he sticks around that long. Yeah, it's not my thing, but it definitely fits with what we've seen of Chris's style, so it's nice that he and his groomsmen got to dress in accordance with his tastes. At least he got to pick SOMETHING at th
  4. But all the grandparents have become U.S. citizens, right? So they've renounced their Italian citizenship, meaning the girls don't qualify through them.
  5. I don't want to give Joe and/or Theresa too much credit (and I feel like giving them credit for any kind of foresight is already too much), but is there any chance he retained his Italian citizenship so the girls would be or would have the option of being dual citizens? (I say this as someone who would kill for a second passport, and has looked into the requirements for Italian citizenship -- my understanding is you can qualify as long as a great-grandparent or more recent relative was born in Italy, and your most recent Italian-born ancestor didn't renounce)
  6. I need the next reunion to feature an inset of Delores's face doing reactions at all times. They can cut to Jen for the moments when she realizes that for all her judgments about adultery, she's aligned herself with a former stripper and <cough> call girl who has a sex tape on Porn Hub.
  7. God, I really hope it's because they're doing some sort of intervention.
  8. We used to have a priest who said "The Jews may have invented guilt, but the Catholics perfected it."
  9. If we get to claim titles based on being related to the holders pre-1481, then you can all call me the queen of motherfucking England. (styled HRMFH) (sharing the title with 80% of people of British ancestry is a drag, but it keeps the workload a bit lighter) Over-under on the duration of her latest sham marriage?
  10. It's something I saw a ton of from my grandparents' generation; less so from my parents'. I'd thought it was an age thing, but I think Giacinto is actually younger than my mom. So maybe it's a "degrees removed from immigration" thing. The best part is, if Joe was over at Theresa's helping Giacinto out 24/7/365, the rap would be "your brother, he thinks I'm old; he thinks I can't do for myself no more; he don't trust me!"
  11. Lordt. Apparently the rich dick she tripped over this time belonged to the boyfriend of her best friend and Jillian's boss. https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__allaboutthetea.com_2019_02_27_daniel-2Dstaubs-2Dnew-2Dboyfriend-2Dbreaks-2Doff-2Dfling_&d=DwIFAg&c=E2nBno7hEddFhl23N5nD1Q&r=EJGTTQ28zfNxtchNwvYiDg&m=_w7RfW8UF5oOfW-8iohm5KL3iwdhFYrgCMrpa_mn80k&s=kSRzM4_thj7ibNoK_fHxAFqeyBdTWeFuXr4O-VbG6iI&e=
  12. I would adopt your cousin. I hadn't thought of Port-o-Subs in 20 years until I saw it written there, and now I'm craving it. 100% yes. I had a wife and was working to build my business while he was out doing crimes and spending his money on "boats and hooers" (TM Frank Catania). It is an old Italian classic, the martyred parent act. Seen more commonly, but not exclusively, from the mother, but Giacinto is making it his own. "Your brother never comes over! Your sister doesn't appreciate all I do for her!" Neither Theresa nor Joe is actually falling for it, she's just seizing o
  13. I am mad as hell at the universe that this trick gets to be publicly batshit crazy and yet apparently trips over rich dick on the street (FUCKIN' ENGAGED... NINETEEN TIMES!!!! table flip), whereas I'm back here working, paying my bills, being good to my family and perpetually single.
  14. I immediately thought "yeast infection waiting to happen." My second thought was that oof, I guess she's not planning to do a second fitness competition?
  15. Elia won a breakfast on the beach challenge in Season 2 using a frozen waffle (and having copied said breakfast myself: she deserved it), so Eggo or its Whole Foods branded equivalent isn't always a bad approach. And there have been a couple of times when chefs in the bottom group tried to defend themselves by tearfully saying things like "I wanted to make my own pasta so I could be sure it was up to my standard," and Tom or a guest judge cut them down by saying they'd rather have good premade pasta than bad fresh. The snooty purity about premade ingredients not being wuuuuuurthy of use on Top
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