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  1. I have no clue. Perhaps for security reasons? This is NYC post 9/11 after all. It also could be just a shallow intern who want to weed out the undesirables. Besides waiting on line for a long time and having to dress up on top of it, I decided to not go. Plus it was when she was still honest with her co-hosts. Lol. My friend and I did not need the aggravation.
  2. When Wendy first came on, I put out a request to get tickets, they wanted a picture and thus I bailed out. That video had to be the longest video about nothing, the actor was cute and the comments were hysterical.
  3. This picture ran with an article in New York Newsday. It is illustrative of the three actors imho.
  4. Right the news.lol. I do that too (for my blood pressure and sanity;-) ) I was surprised that she skipped WW because Joy is professional. I also think that she might not want to speak about Roseanne. Joy looked over it at time on the View. She also have trouble focusing when monitoring, imo.
  5. No idea, I only tuned in after the Hot topics to watch Joy and moved on after DL.
  6. Joy came accross as a bit stressed out and off today (Friday). This could explain why she bailed out on WW. (Although she would have taped on Thursday) Also at the end of the View , Joy mentioned that she was taking time off from watching TV. The amount of pressure she is under, has to be insane, imo.
  7. It felt like grown women talking, for me.
  8. The chihuahua as an accessory line is a classic.
  9. And they are talking about it right now! :-) He is an asshole.
  10. Very disappointed that Joy Behar was not on, however the very fine Don Lemon was good. ;-)
  11. Is that why Wanda leave? https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/Anna-Camp-Wanda-Sykes-and-Jenna-Dewan-Joins-Cast-of-THE-WEDDING-YEAR-20180530 basically, she had a job lined up already.
  12. Agreed. In a way, it is better that way, we all know where we stand. Wait a minute, Wanda quit before the tweet? weird timing. Any insight?
  13. It is odd that the PBTB decided to go on reruns. On the morning news, Gail even said that it should be great ratings for the show. Was it a spurt of the moment decision or was it announced all along?
  14. In 2018, it is not acceptable to have sitcoms on broadcast television spewing hateful messages, imo. Furthermore, it is not consistent with the Dan’s character of the past to go from being a non racist to someone who uses the term “illegals”. Did the show go from taking place in the 1990’s to moving back to the Jim Crow era?????
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