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  1. I'm currently binge watching RHoNY and am at the season 6 reunion. I hadn't seen the first 3 seasons in real time and would catch reruns occasionally. I became a regular viewer in season 4. I never thought this before, but after seeing so many seasons in such a condensed time frame, all I come away with is that Ramona is a vile, nasty piece of work. She's mean, pretentious and selfish. I don't think I can even laugh at her any more.
  2. Bravo hosted the party. Looks like Mediterranean orzo salad.
  3. I think these "fans" are Bravo, Andy Cohen, Shed Media, etc. (or whoever it is who has casting power). They're the one who are trying to make Leah happen.
  4. Thank you so much for posting this. You're not the only one. I thought that's what I heard him say too, but I was starting to second guess myself and thought maybe I misheard or misunderstood because no one else seemed to pick up on that.
  5. Did anyone else notice that Jennifer was using a Jordana lipstick. I would have figured her for a nothing less than Tom Ford girl.
  6. This episode was so good. I don't even dislike Leva and Madison so much anymore. I wish I could get back the hours of my life I spent watching the rest of this season. Somebody who can fix this show please be reading here. Please.
  7. The beignets weren't from Cafe du Monde. The challenge was at a place called Cafe Beignet, which I've heard has really good beignets. Even so, it's still possible they had been sitting around and gotten cold.
  8. I wondered about that too. Bad self tanning job? Rug burns?
  9. Some of them are cinnamon roll like. Others are more like a brioche bread. They are not like traditional flour based cakes at all. You can also get them filled with things like cream cheese, pecan praline, strawberry filling, apple cinnamon filling, etc. Some have white sugar glaze icing, some have just granulated sugar sprinkled on. There are many different types and most people have a definite favorite. Most bakeries don't put the baby inside anymore. I've heard it's a liability/insurance thing, I don't know if that's true though. The tradition of the baby is that at an early Mar
  10. This is a very good point, except Braunwyn and her husband were hosting the event, so it's their choice as to what alcohol they wanted to offer. However, if it had been a scenario where the housewives all went out to eat at a restaurant and she tried to control what the others wanted to drink, then it would be on her to control her addiction and not everyone else. YMMV but that's how I see the difference in this particular situation.
  11. I just happened to notice on my DVR that there's an hour long RHoNY episode on October 8th called "Best of Leah Moments". I don't mind Leah-don't love her, don't hate her. But I guess somebody somewhere that counts really likes her.
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