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  1. This season has been interesting. I honestly think I might be a better priest than Sidney and Will...and I am not even Christian! But seriously, this season has been heartbreaking! Vronky’s gang rape to Jack’s cruelty to Vic’s cruelty. Luckily, we still have Daniel as the voice of compassion. I did appreciate the realism of Leonard’s hypocrisy towards his dad. I cringed at Will’s drunken behavior at his mother’s wedding. I liked that Geordie is finally over his midlife crisis and is a good husband. I like that Jack is not a cartoon bad guy. The mysteries are mediocre but the character development is very strong in this series
  2. I really enjoyed this series. Not sure that a second season makes sense, though, given the concept. I was really moved by the entire Simone/ Karl storyline. I was a kid in 1984, so I was aware of AIDS when Rock Hudson’s diagnosis went public, but not really aware of the ostracism against gay men. I liked that snobby Simone was ultimately the most generous one of all. Really great cast, all around. Some really fine acting. Anyone else think the last woman homeowner looked like Jennie Garth? And the kid they cast as young Tommy was spot on.
  3. Thanks for the resources
  4. Does anyone know of a site where all the plot lines are explained? I find that I have forgotten half the characters and how they are related.
  5. I was fine with Frank and Bonnie dying—it made sense. I liked the return of Alfred Enoch as his son, but I thought his accent was weird and distracting , given the way his mother speaks, but I guess he grew up outside the US. Potential spinoff for Michaela—having learned nothing, she murders her way to a judgeship? Happy ending for Connor and Oliver. It’s sad that of all people Connor is the one that did jail time, but life is not fair. I called BS on that happy photo of Annelise at her funeral. I knew there was no way that she smiled that much during the timeframe of the show. But I am glad she found happiness.
  6. I hope that this issue is explored in the next season. I think that it‘s reasonable that they didn’t focus on why the stones didn’t work because there was a higher priority of helping Claire, but I hope they don’t just forget it. Is the stones not working specific to these people or is Wendigo stuck too?
  7. I guess I need to stop doing other things while watching the show...
  8. Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy a gang rape! WTF? Other than the tone deaf timing of the episode, I rather liked it. Bree and Roger, I am glad that they are still part of the story. I do think that they both subconsciously consider this home and now they openly acknowledge it. Now Roger, in particular, can build a life here without one foot in the future. I thought it was very appropriate that he could only confess to killing someone when Bree could not see him... Fantasy sequence. Everyone looked so cute in their 1960’s garb. Jocasta/Maria Doyle Kennedy in particular. I think I have literally never seen her look so happy in any tv show. Marsali was almost unrecognizable. I enjoyed the retreat to a happy place. I assume we will see more of Wendigo next season. I get Claire’s anger, but I am also sympathetic to him. He did help her and tried to prevent the rapes by painting her as a witch. I hate that this series relies so much on rape. I really hope we’re done with it. But that being said it was portrayed reasonably well, and in this case it was realistic for those men to behave that way—unfortunately. I get that they didn’t want it to be a rift between Claire and Jamie, but she would still be sore so I think they should have waited for them to have sex (which is what I assume happened in that scene). I am glad that Claire did not kill Lionel. He deserved it but that would have really haunted her.
  9. I like the show, but having trouble seeing January Jones as old enough to be Kat’s mother. Agree with the comment about Justin. I hope his character gets fleshed out.
  10. Great episode. Very moving, from the euthanasia to the goodbyes. Agree with everyone that Bree and Lord John have oodles of chemistry. Her temporary idea of them getting married was a really good one if Roger didn’t return. I hope Marsali is okay. Without Claire to treat her it’s especially bad. Glad Ulysses found a way out. I was thinking that he could travel to England with John, so I am glad that happened. His loyalty to Jocasta was even more moving when you realize he didn’t have to stay. Lizzie barely speaks but she certainly packs a punch when she does. The stone traveling was unexpected. I honestly expected them to decide to stay. When I saw their reaction I wondered if they ended up at Craigh Na Dun still in the 18th century. It seemed like they recognized something.
  11. nara


    Just rewatching JAG on CBS a all access, which for some reason doesn’t have all the episodes. DJE is ridiculously handsome and I could watch him for hours on end. However, Harm’s behavior is actually pretty problematic. He could not admit he loved Mac but repeatedly undermined her attempts to have a relationship. He was frequently sexist. And frankly, in the episode where he was being tested for being a judge and then when actually was one, he was immature, biased, and derelict of his duty IMO. I mostly like Mac, but she should not have gotten engaged to Mic Brumby while she was in love with Harm. In all fairness, he was persistent and didn’t hear her protests. I did enjoy the Australia episodes... But Harm and Mac do have incredible chemistry. I did not watch the NCIS episodes that other folks have mentioned, but I do think it is a travesty that they did not end up together. And if they didn’t, I wish Mac had found someone else...
  12. I suspect that Carrie might be cautious and not snoop in Yevgeny’s stuff, but look for other sources. That way, she would behave pretty naturally around him
  13. The apartment is definitely real estate porn, but I do enjoy that. It’s possible that Saul is not moving to a facility and is just moving out of the house where he was almost murdered...but perhaps he can officially retire from his high position and secretly run 1 or 2 assets under cover of retirement. I thought that woman in the bathroom was the one who gave Carrie the deets on the weapon flaw...Carrie herself doesn’t have to have access to anything. Wasn’t the guy who made the announcement the Russian rep to the UN? He might also be the GRU head, but the announcement seemed appropriate. I would have LOVED Dorit being Mossad, even if she didn’t do anything dramatic. Missed opportunity!
  14. His sister made it sound like he was moving into some facility to be cared for, but I thought it was just a retirement home. Chick interpreted it as more serious. The thing is that he was blooming with health, and the implication was that he was going to be Carrie’s handler—so how could he be dying?
  15. It does appear that one of the things that happened was some sort of romantic relationship with Yevgeny. She might not have remembered it, but his actions were clearly impacted by it.
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