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  1. Oh, I know that, I just think that she should have been frayed (if not completely breaking down) much sooner. We learned that she was asked to do "something terrible" and I assume that meant killing Maddox. She set out on this mission knowing she was going to kill someone she is/was close to. I just feel like we should have seen her nervous about this all along (she could have chalked it up to not being used to being in space or something like that, since it also seemed that going "off world" was not something she had a lot of experience with, to throw the other characters off the scent). It makes sense that killing Maddox would put her over the edge, I just feel like we should have seen her teetering on that edge all along, but we didn't because they didn't want to give the twist away to the audience.
  2. Man, the stuff with Troi and Riker REALLY worked for me. I thought I would enjoy it all for nostalgia reasons only, but the scenes with them were some of the best in the series so far. I thought I would be annoyed since the plot basically stopped while they were there, but it felt like time well-spent. And they really threaded the needle perfectly with Kestra - it's hard for a kid character to be precocious without being annoying, but she was great. And this is the first time I actually cared about Soji, so good on them for that, too. I liked the stuff with Agnes too because OF COURSE that would happen. She's not a spy, she's not an assassin, this stuff would absolutely shake her. My one complaint is that she should have started breaking down much sooner. Raffi is back to kind of annoying me. I'm just not down with a lot of the acting choices being made here. It just doesn't feel natural. And I am pissed that they killed Hugh, and that it was Space Cersei who did it. He deserved better, and we deserved more of him. I hope Elnor shreds her to bits.
  3. This episode was fun, because Patrick Stewart was clearly having a ball hamming it up, Jeri Ryan was great, and of course you gotta dress like Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch when you go to the Vegas hellmouth planet. God that place seemed awful. Not sure about Raffi and her son. Seems she went completely off the rails for a while there. She also told him she was clean, but we saw her vaping right before they left. I don’t know if “nothing in the last 48-72 hours” qualifies as “clean.” Some called Agnes as up to no good, and it seems they were right. What was she shown/told that not only turned her against synths but also turned her into a murderer? I love that because Elnor was raised with the practice of “absolute candor” he cannot lie and therefore cannot act.
  4. I agree with all this - and when I noted that Picard came rolling in wearing the colonizer uniform, he was really representing Star Fleet and their thinking (even though he was in casual colonizer wear, he still had his Starfleet com badge on) and not specifically his own, though he clearly was part of it. And it isn't necessarily a reflect of bad intent (I don't think Starfleet was all, "Hey! We're here to exploit your people and your natural resources!"), just...thinking you know what's best and not actually checking in with the people you are helping and then feeling free to cut and run. How many times has a global power like the US gone rolling in somewhere, cleared out the "bad guys" then was all, "Hey, you're gonna live over here now, we built you a little school over there, and here's a bag of grain. See ya!" while the people were all, "Um, this doesn't quite work for us. Also, you're leaving a huge power vacuum, so...help? Still? Please?" And I don't think this is trying to paint Picard as the terrible Starfleet captain (let's be real - Kirk had to have pissed off people left and right during his career. There's probably a galaxy full of people who want to kick his ass). This is, I think, the first time we are seeing Picard and Starfleet really deconstructed this way. It was apparently something Patrick Stewart really wanted to do, and I really like the idea. No, it doesn't feel like the Trek we're used to, and I can see how people find it slow or boring, but I think it is fascinating. And I think it is how we learn and improve - don't gloss over the bad stuff because something or someone has mostly been good or had good intentions. Look at it and learn from it. I think that is exactly what Picard is doing, and perhaps it will flow over into Starfleet. Yes, I find myself wishing that she was just his highly inappropriate supervisor, and not his sister. Let's just...not go there again, shall we?
  5. I watched this way too late at night, so I probably need to watch again to absorb everything. The cold open not only showed us what happened in the past, but also highlights Picard's flaws, which I appreciate. He has good intentions, but he seems to think he knows what is best for everyone, and that is not always the case. And I am REALLY digging it. Picard showing up on the Romulan little settlement just screamed colonialism. It was even reflected in Picard's wardrobe, down to his Panama hat and the vaguely Asian (i.e., "not white") vibe to the settlement. Picard rolls in like the great white savior, the great benevolent guy who brings them gifts, thinks he knows best for everyone, but when he had his falling out with Starfleet he just effed off and left all these people hanging out to dry (including Raffi). They are understandably not happy with him. He has to reconcile all this. I enjoyed his relationship with Elnor, though I also totally loved the explanation for why Picard doesn't like kids (they are loud and demanding and interfere with both work and pleasure. I mean...yeah. You just need to decide if you think they are worth sacrificing all that, and not everyone is down with that - which is okay). But it makes sense to me that Picard would mellow with age and might bond with a kid, especially since every now and again Picard seemed to regret not having a family. I also love the Romulan nuns. They lend complexity to the Romulan culture - we are constantly told that Romulans are all about secrecy, but these ladies are all about being open and blunt honesty (and that played out nicely when Elnor was all, "You only came back because you need me, not because you wanted to see me"). I just wish we got more "absolute candor" - stuff like, "That outfit looks terrible on you" and "Smells weird in here. Who farted?" Just lean into the brutal honesty, ladies. Because I was sleepy, I totally didn't pay attention to the Soji/Narek part. I just vaguely recall them sliding around the Borg cube in their socks and Narek's gross sister popping up with her Lannister vibes grossing me out. Then great to see Seven of Nine at the end. Look forward to seeing more of her.
  6. Maybe that's why I didn't mind Raffi in her last scene on the ship while the others didn't quite work for me - on the ship we had Agnes walking up to her all, "Who the hell are you?" while Raffi responds with a look that said, "Excuse you?" There was a bit of levity that wasn't there in the other scenes. I think they could make similar improvements with Narek and possibly Soji (though I'm more irritated at how naive/infantilized she is), but Rizzo is way too cheesy and she may be beyond repair for me.
  7. I think this is probably true - as others have pointed out, probably a basic universal income for everyone, everyone has a home, healthcare, etc. But she still seemed to imply that Picard got to retire with some giant pension or something while she got nothing, and it was just weird. Like, if she knows him, she knows that vineyard/home has been in his family for generations, and the fact that he has that and she doesn't really isn't his fault. Was she going to get that level of luxury if she wasn't fired from Star Fleet? Hell if I know at this point, but doesn't seem likely. And...I don't think anyone was making her live in a trailer out in the middle of nowhere. That seems to stem from her own issues (she said something about being paranoid due to whatever she was vaping - did she say "snake weed" or something like that?). Was her firing from Star Fleet so bad that she's been unemployable ever since? I can understand her being bitter because he somehow got her fired and then basically ditched her, but the comments about how he has a nicer home just felt weird. And I agree that we need an explanation for why she was fired, because it makes zero sense to me that she automatically assumed she would be fired after she found out what Picard did, and was apparently correct. She didn't do anything. Picard went to Star Fleet, said, "We need to do this, I have a plan." They said "No", he said "Do this or I quit" and they responded with "Smell ya later." How does that result in his first officer getting fired? Unless this is all part of some big conspiracy, it really doesn't follow. And even if it is some sort of conspiracy, it would have been a lot smarter to not fire her and just reassign her to where she would be no where near anything like that project again. She's apparently an expert in research and seeing "things no one else sees" and claims to have found evidence of...something, seems you'd want to keep someone like that under watch and not out in the desert vaping and getting more and more bitter while she pokes around in your business and (possibly) uncovers your plan.
  8. This is the first episode so far that has made me go, "Buh?" The first two episodes were slow, but I liked them. There was a lot here that I still liked - liked that Picard is actually on the move now. I REALLY like Laris and Zhaban, loved their action sequence, and I will be bummed out if they disappear from the series because they stay behind to take care of the vineyard. I liked seeing Hugh again, and interesting that he's an "Ex-B" but has a position of authority in this operation. I like Agnes, and I'm glad she's joining the crew. Jury is still out on Rios, though I think I like him. His relationship with his holographic doctor is...interesting? I guess they could have this relationship because he's a bit of a loner and leans on the doc, but at times it almost felt like they were dating (which was weird, since the hologram is also him). On the other end of the spectrum, the scenes with Raffi just did not work for me. Both out at her desert trailer and the flashback. They were weirdly paced and there is something about Hurd's performance that feels really off to me. I can't put my finger on it. She seemed fine in her last scene on the ship, but nothing else worked. Also? Does the Federation have money again? I thought they did away with all that. I can understand paying someone like Rios - maybe he operates outside of Federation laws, and so he's more in line with groups like the Ferengi, who still have money and whatnot. So I was okay with Picard saying he was expensive and maybe they came up with some sort of payment arrangement. But what was up with Raffi going on about Picard's lovely, expensive home while she was living in a trailer? Again, what's going on there? They seem to be bending or ignoring rule established in the past, and I feel like they need to explain a bit more. And weirdly, I cared about Dahj, but so far I don't really care about Soji. I don't know why. She strikes me as incredibly immature/naive for someone who is supposed to be as educated as she is. Why does she buy Narek saying he's falling in love with her when they've known each other for, like, ten minutes? I kind of hate the stuffed animal on her bed. I'm intrigued about the mystery about her and can't decide if Maddox or the Borg are responsible for her, but I don't care about the rest of it. And the less said about Narek and his sister the better. Woof.
  9. Yes, he was on Colbert recently to promote the show, and he was quite spry, popping up and down out of his seat better than someone half his age could probably do. The feebleness is an acting choice - Picard is over 90 and he has, by his own admission, mostly been waiting around to die. It makes sense that he'd be a bit creaky. I personally thought this was great. I had zero expectations going in, other than a general fondness for Stewart, and I was very pleased with what I saw. It acknowledges the past but doesn't languish in it, depending solely on nostalgia. They aren't trying to recreate the Picard from the series or the movies - this is a man in the in the twilight of his life, and they are being honest about that, which is refreshing. He's finding renewed purpose, but he's still not truly going back to where he was. And finally - it looks gorgeous. Beautifully shot and good production. I also like that this Utopian society still has problems. Problems that stem from fear, just like we do now.
  10. I think people would probably cut her some slack for a few years since to be widowed so young is tragic. But she also lost her husband before they had children and she is still well within her childbearing years, so I think she would be expected to remarry and people would think it was weird and "a waste" if she didn't remarry.
  11. Couple more things - on rewatch, I noticed that while they were in the stand off (before IG-11 showed up) Carl Weathers was just back by the bar doing shots. That guy rules. Also? If bacta spray is that good, why doesn't EVERYONE carry it? Like why wasn't it in Cara's med pack? Finally, Baby Yoda was loving being on that speeder with IG-11.
  12. So bummed when IG-11 confirmed Kuiil was dead. I was hoping for some miracle. Then IG-11 went and sacrificed himself after he had proven to be the perfect droid nanny we’ve been talking about. He even had a makeshift Baby Bjorn going on! I wanted to punch those storm troopers in the head, though I did laugh at them being unable to hit a target three feet away. I am amused that Mando has a facial hair situation going on under the helmet because it is obviously for his own enjoyment and not to look good for other people. Carl Weathers gets some of the best lines again: CW: Make the baby do the magic hand thing! Baby! Do the magic hand thing! *Baby Yoda just waves at him* CW: Well, I’m out of ideas. The pacing at the end felt a little off to me, and I was surprised that CW was so easily all, “Hey, things are cool now! Stick around! Let’s not even check to make sure Gus Fring is dead!” But hey - I guess bonus that he’ll clearly pull some strings so Cara can be a bounty hunter. And, uh, good luck finding the Yoda home world, dude. Lucas has never mentioned it before. But I’ll bet this will mean a stop at Dagobah (though I don’t think Yoda was from there). But even if he finds it, how can he let his puppet son go when the Armorer declared him the father and them a clan of two? Also, what is the Armorer talking about tangling with Jedi centuries ago? Wasn’t it a few decades ago? I still don’t get how all knowledge of the Jedi has disappeared when, like, Luke Skywalker is alive and out there. I guess I need to look up this dark saber since it is clearly “a thing” in the SW universe. ETA: I also can’t believe Gus Fring fell prey to the classic villain blunder - he monologued then left his enemy alone and unsupervised, allowing them to escape. I guess he’s never seen Austin Powers.
  13. Yeah, I’ve seen some people wonder why Baby Yoda didn’t go after Cara the first time he saw her fighting Mando. And I think the answer is because at that point he hadn’t been around Mando very long, now he has, and he’s learning from Mr. “Immediately Go For Your Flamethrower.” I think Mando will figure out that either he will have to leave Baby Yoda with someone else, or he’s going to have to change his ways so he’s a good influence. I don’t think they are going to permanently defeat Gus Fring in the next ep. I think he’ll be a big bad in season two as well. With him coming after Baby Yoda, it will be hard to leave him with someone else and ask them to take on that danger. So Mando will need help for a while. That’s why I hope IG-11 lives. I’ve been saying a droid babysitter would be ideal. And it would be growth for Mando to trust a droid enough to help with Baby Yoda. Then he’ll be appalled to realize the droid is a better influence on the kid than he is.
  14. This gif of Baby Yoda the moment he Force-chokes Cara! Damn, son!
  15. My take is he's still a baby, and he could go either way. I think they were kinda making that point when Kuiil was talking about droids - that they aren't all good and they aren't all evil. They are neutral, and just reflect the people who programmed them. I think the same can be said of Baby Yoda - whether he embraces the light or dark side of the Force will depend a lot on who surrounds him and raises him. He has the capacity to be both. Someone has to guide him, help him make the right choice. That someone probably isn't Gus Fring. Which leads me to a theory about why Gus Fring wants Baby Yoda. I was kinda surprised that everyone (except Kuiil) was all, "Buh?!" when witnessing Baby Yoda use the Force. I get that the Jedi got largely wiped out and the Empire was pushing propaganda to erase them from the history books, but...this is just a few years past when they destroyed the second death star. Why hasn't Cara, who worked for the Rebel Alliance and was on Endor, heard of a dude called Luke Skywalker who has these powers? Why hasn't any of these people who (I assume) know one or two things about the Empire heard of a dude called Darth Vader who had these powers and could choke people without using his hands? Why haven't they heard of the Emperor who also had powers? I mean, surely stuff like, "The Empire is run by this dude that can shoot lightning out of his hands!" is the sort of hot goss that reaches even the outer rim of the galaxy. BUT I'm sure Gus Fring knows exactly what Vader and the Emperor were, and he wants to be that himself and maybe revive the Empire with himself in charge. Not realizing all the training and what-not that goes into being a Sith. So, I'm willing to bet that he wants to, like, inject himself with Baby Yoda juice so he can shoot lightning from his hands and rule the galaxy. Which of course means this show will have to bring up the whole midichlorians thing, which I think is deeply stupid and I wish was never introduced into the story, but...I think that's where they are going.
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