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  1. Ovation channel started this week showing the Brokenwood Mysteries from the beginning.
  2. So to be so long in reply but The Pact was on BBC Player. I'm watching Whitsable Pearl. I enjoyed the 3rd and 4th episodes more than the first two. The mysteries are rather good. I also like the lead character (who I've never seen before) isn't glamorous but rather down to earth. I could do without the lead male detective who of course is anti-social and suffering from the loss of his wife (can the lead detective ever be happy???)
  3. Cork, Ireland: I thought they said they'd been married for 5 years so I don't think other than Singapore they had moved (and they were coming to Ireland from Singapore I think). That first house was nice outside and the rooms space inside was fine but oh my the decor was a nightmare. I get annoyed when the house hunters complain about the color of bathroom tile or a perfectly fine kitchen that would have to be a gut job but that house was a nightmare. Laughed when the woman said about the carpet that it looked like someone had thrown up. I found the woman annoying. Again the
  4. I guess the series Grace is based on the Peter James books. I've read several of them (but not all). Although there was 1 or 2 I didn't like overall I like the series. It isn't quite so glum. The books are set in Brighton. I've read most of the Harlan Coben books. I like the ones involving the sports agent the best - the others are hit or miss to be - but so far they haven't adopted any of those for tv. I'm currently watching The Pact which takes place in Wales. 4 women take their hated boss out to the woods and leave him there drunk - when they return he's dead.
  5. Just catching up. Stockholm: I thought the first house was the best but gee the guy that didn't have a job didn't like that it couldn't step out the door and be in the middle of things. I thought those bedroom windows were okay - I don't spend time during the day in my bedroom. Both the first and third houses had nice living areas. The one they chose (most expensive of course) had a bedroom that the bed touched three halls. Where are they going to put a baby in that place? I didn't really like the guy without a job (who of course miraculously had a job) especially in his monol
  6. Geneva - that woman was one of the best on this show not only as a house hunter but as a person. At all three places she really thought about how it would work for her family. And GASP - at atleast two of the houses both said the bedroom was big enough for 2 of the girls to share - imagine sharing a bedroom!!! And something we hear so much "I want the children to experience Europe or another culture" it seemed like this was one of the few times that was true. The older girls were learning French. But I wasn't impressed with any of the places especially for that amount of money. Am
  7. Re: Lizard People. That's one of the QAnon theories - Democrats (not sure if all but Clintons, Obamas by name) are really lizard people.
  8. Amsterdam - boy that was an annoying woman. Funny that in one of the houses (and I think it was the one they took) one of the bedrooms had only a single bed and she said it just wouldn't do (Right - neither kid who looked under the age of 5 could sleep in a single bed) and then in the end her mother comes alone to visit - couldn't she sleep in a single bed? Also she kept harping that the place they eventually picked just didn't have that Dutch character but the one she wanted did. What Dutch character did the $6000 a month house have? It looked just as modern as the one they ended up p
  9. Topanga - My brother lived in Thailand for about 7 years. He says most people don't cook - it's cheaper to eat at the plentiful street markets/restaurants. The food is local - plenty of vegetables and fruits - much healthier than in US. It's not unusual to meet friends and go to eat at several places instead of staying all evening at one place. Brussels episode - that 3rd place was tiny. The couch was tucked under the stairway with the dining table taking up most of the room. Nice couple and I think it would be interesting to move around (speaking as someone who grew up as a Navy bra
  10. A Coin in the Hand - was that episode 5? Wasn't expecting that ending!!! (the part with Royon nor especially that last scene on the beach)
  11. Came here looking for something else - there was a page where someone wrote about English mystery shows. Anyway reading these comments reminded me of so many good shows. Not sure if these have ever been mentioned but I recommend Murder Is My Life (Australian w/ the Lucy Lawless) - it's on the lighter side. I'm currently watching The Sounds. It's from New Zeland with amazing scenery. I'm hooked on the mystery although the lead actress isn't that good. Two of my all time favorite mystery shows: The Eagle and Unit 1. Both are Danish.
  12. Just found this topic - since the changeover to how the forums are organized I rarely look beyond the front page listing of dramas. Anyway I noticed that a couple of people above commented on English country houses. There's a great show called Escape to the Country which is about someone searching for a house in the country (DAH!). There must be hundreds of episodes on youtube. I don't think American towns can compare to the lovely English villages. Another plus is that the buyers are not the obnoxious nitpickers of House Hunters. While I continue to watch Midsomer Murders I prefer
  13. The guy who played Wardle was a main character in the series Dublin Murders so he might not have been available to film this. I honestly can't remember if he was in the book.
  14. So glad to see this show back. Lethal White was my least favorite book of the series - not only for the mystery itself (which until watching I had mostly forgotten) and sometimes a book can be too detailed. For example in the book it was 25 pages just on one tiny scene of Strike at Robin's wedding. Anyway, I really enjoy the show. Love both of the lead characters. A lot of the book was condensed or eliminated (especially Charlotte's scenes which I would have enjoyed seeing). Still think visually the show is wonderful makes me want to go to London. This show is so much better tha
  15. I enjoyed this. I'm used to seeing the lead guy in Hustle so it was a little jarring to see him here so serious. Good story and wonderful scenery.
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