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  1. I know Pringle is not a popular fella on these boards, but he won me over a bit with the "What have I gotten myself into? I'm so over this" faces and attitude. His attempt to get in on the "shut the f@ck up!" shaming was half-hearted at best. And I laughed out loud in the last episode when he said "43 and I'm talking about guy code" and rolled his eyes. I wonder if he'll come back for another season. Did I hear Madison call Austen and Craig the "Mustard Brothers"? If so, well done, Madison. If I thought the rest of the drama wasn't mostly producer-driven shenanigans I would have m
  2. Malia, stop fixing your hair around all of that food. Yuck.
  3. Lara is a psychopath. Kiko is adorable. "F$ck you, carrots" is going to be my new catchphrase.
  4. I shall now and forever refer to shows that are past their time as "having a pillow party". Many thanks.
  5. A few thoughts: The kids are superior dancers to the OGs. I enjoyed the dances and thought the histrionics about the little wobbles were ridiculous. As usual, the moms are obviously being instructed to throw barbs and it's very jarring how they seem to come out of nowhere. The original moms did the same thing, but at least their history together before the show made it less obvious. Cat ears. The end. #freehannah All of that said, Baby Girl RalyWilmy and I are in! The awesome dancing, coupled with crazy moms (scripted or not) has us hooked already. 🙂
  6. I didn't watch 30 Rock so I'm not sure if this is a positive or negative comparison, lol. But I thought the peanut butter thing funny and kind of cute. The rest of the episode made me uncomfortable for all of the reasons that have already been elaborated. :-)
  7. Captain Lee tanning himself while everyone else was flipping the boat made me giggle. The Tyler/Rhylee hookup footage...eeks. Some things are better left unseen. I laughed out loud when they showed everyone passed out after drinking all night, but the image of Rhylee on her back with her mouth wide open is the reason I would never, ever even think about being on a reality show (or falling asleep on an airplane).
  8. Yes. I think he's adorable and I get the feeling that he's actually a really nice person. I loved the scene a few episodes ago when he was cheerfully whistling while he washed the dishes. When he gets past his "horn dog" days (and his stripper move mating calls), he'll probably make a happy gal out of someone. Edited to add: I don't know if it was editing manipulation, but I thought all of the guys were awkward and kind of gross regarding the new stew.
  9. Ok, so I really wish it would have moved the plot along more and I definitely would have like for them to get back to present times. But I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the episode, primarily because I thought the whole bit with the tech guys manipulating Micheal through Robo Meade was hilarious. I know, I know...it's not American COMEDY Story, but hey, entertainment is entertainment. Baby Girl RalyWilmy and I were in stitches. "And they're also very good looking..." bahahahaha! Speaking of looks, Billy Eichner looks like Randy Quaid in "Kingpin" in that wig, lol. I'm st
  10. I noticed Theo leaning against the walls, too. She was doing something similar as a child in "Two Storms", leaning up against the staircase. I'm sure there's some significance to it and that's a great theory! I watched Two Storms and this episode last night and I went to bed genuinely freaked out. Mostly by Two Storms, but by Eulogy, too. Freaked out or not, I love this show.
  11. The "silent movie" was not in the last episode where the Coven girls did the test. It was the beginning of the second-to-the-last episode. I think it was basically done to explain what the seven wonders are. Same music, same silent movie style. It was very cool and we all squee'd when they brought it back for Michael's test in Apocalypse. Now thinking maybe I know a little too much about this, lol.
  12. This made me laugh out loud. :-) (P.S. that was gross)
  13. I thought the same thing. Madison is one of my least favorite characters out of the entire eight seasons. But, since the original owners of the murder house are Charles and Nora Montgomery, maybe there will be some kind of interesting connection between them and Madison. I have to confess that I found the Stevie singing/Misty dancing sequence a little corny, but I did in Coven, too. :-) Other than that, I continue to love this season. It's so fun to see the characters from past seasons and the new characters are very interesting. And maybe, maybe the season will stick to the st
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