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  1. I am a runner who has done many races and training sessions in Central Park. So I was excited that there was going to be a crime involving tracking where a runner was. But the show blew it. First of all, two hours for a marathon training run is a perfectly normal time, contrary to Baez's discount. Second, they might have been able to look up the runner in Strava or Garmin without having to get his phone, and see his runs right there. Third, 11 miles in two and a half hours for a fit middle-aged guy is pretty slow. That's about my speed, and I'm a slow runner! Anyhow, there are millions of peop
  2. Yes, his actions didn't set right with me. Why no loyalty to your fellow officer? And I imagine other officers in the precinct wouldn't trust Jamie after this as well.
  3. Exactly! I didn't feel sick to my stomach when watching. He wasn't as funny as he thought he was, though.
  4. I thought it was bizarre that the podcast chick would be so disappointed over not getting to interview the bad guy, and that she totally missed the forest from the proverbial trees. You mean to tell me she helped solve crimes where there were six victims, and she wouldn't want to talk on her podcast about how she solved this? That doesn't even make any sense!
  5. I wouldn't read anything into that. I've been in the studio audience for The View (they used to give out really great swag -- now not so much!) and the audience does what they are directed to do by someone near the stage. Before the show starts, they even have you practice laughing, clapping, standing up, etc.. His standing O was directed by the show staff.
  6. Yeah, that kid will be on My 600 Lb Life within a decade if nothing changes.
  7. That's a really good point. The addictive behavior wasn't finishing the race. It was her being unable to control her weight or stick to an exercise plan.
  8. Sara, the best friend featured on the show, has posted on the Intervention Facebook page. Apparently Katherine C. got arrested for heroin possession and tried to claim she was Sara! "She is exactly where she was before the intervention and nothing has changed. She was just arrest at the beginning of June for possession and impersonation of me. She drove home drunk and high two days ago. It's really sad. She blew a great opportunity and now she's left with insurance that will only cover two weeks somewhere." She also responded to commenters in the thread: "it's so sad and so ba
  9. The creepiest thing to me on this episode (which is saying something, given her doing crack in front of her parents!) was when she was talking on the phone to one of her johns in her parents' house. She was calling him "Daddy" in a little-girl voice and talking about what she was going to wear. And you could see her mother overhearing her conversation. Yikes!
  10. I don't know what to make of this episode, particularly the creepy relationship between Joe and Jessica. For one thing, the New York Post reports that they have a 3 1/2 year old daughter together! Oh, and he hooked up with Wife No. 2 when she was 18 years old as well, the way he did with Jessica (Wife. No. 2 was the babysitter for him and Wife No. 2) Joe is 63, BTW, and Jessica is 26 now. And I am going to defend Barry Williams' "all about me" behavior a little. Maybe Jessica doesn't know what an assistant actually does, but it was not unreasonable to expect somebody who is replacing an a
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