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  1. Thanks for answering my question! (Not sure why the quote contents didn't show) The complexity of the characters plus how many there are is just astounding to me! Very well written all around IMO
  2. Ha I haven't seen Far from Home in a long while so 🤷‍♀️ The Snap just makes more sense b/c that's what happened...and I know they do say that from time to time. Blip just doesn't make any sense, and to me, minimizes the (fictitious)people who went thru it. At the end of the day it's NBD. Just one of those "huh?" things... I do love Snapture though! LOL
  3. Adding: who else thinks Karli looks like a young Maya Rudolph? Just me?
  4. Please tell me I am not the only person bothered by people snapped out of existence being referred to as The Blip? /blip/ noun 1. an unexpected, minor, and typically temporary deviation from a general trend. It was NOT minor, and conveys the essence of hand waving IMO. Half of the universe being gone for 5 years is NOT A BLIP. <rant over> As a former band geek, I was dancing in my seat at the marching band "theme song" for this episode. SQUEE! Also, I am sure Wyatt Russell is a nice human being and good actor, but his face and body is just ALL wro
  5. I mentioned that to my husband while we were watching. Ben is actually the only sane one!
  6. I loved everything about this episode! From Apollo Greef’s “do the hand thing!” (I’ll admit, I thought that myself!) to the troopers missing when it was RIGHT THERE to Baby YODA KICKING ASS with that force fire, this was an amazing finale. My only beef was Gideon’s “I will give you until sunset to make your decision “. 🙄 The only thing missing from that was Dr Evil’s sharks with fricking laser beams on their heads.
  7. Well, Varner has weighed in. 😐 he says the reunion is pre-taped Bc the cast is supporting DAN and want to call out production. 😯 https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/survivor-dan-spilo-inappropriate-touching-incident-jeff-varner-slams-cbs-pretaped-reunion.amp
  8. That is one of the most well written articles I’ve read about this!
  9. ”I wish we could see video of Dan melting down when the told him he was out. I can imagine the denials, the lame excuses and the rage.“ THIS! Screw the “I want to see video of what Dan did” crap. We already have enough evidence of that (and there’s probably more on the editing room floor, let’s be honest) I want video of Dan melting down! Tired of the show protecting him. Zeke said it best on Twitter: “Shame on you, Survivor “.
  10. I haven’t watched since Kellee was voted off but I have been reading here and other places. Last night this was trending on Google! I have to say, they might be and should be facing an ENORMOUS lawsuit by this production member. Bc they had a chance to remove him and didn’t, therefore she wouldn’t have been harassed by him.
  11. I am totally curious if the editors scrambled to re-edit tonight’s episode? I feel like the show totally thought they were “woke” (not sure if I’m using that right!) and pro #metoo and thought everyone would love this episode when the truth is, not many did! we’ll never know but my hunch says they did scramble to re-edit tonight’s episode.
  12. Honestly, I’m all for Dan being in F3, just so that Kellee doesn’t have to deal with him at Ponderosa!
  13. I know we are in no way indicative of the typical viewing audience but based on responses here, it doesn’t look like that many people will be watching, if ever again. I know I won’t. I will check in here to see who’s voted off. If Dan,Missy and Elizabeth and possibly Aaron are voted off next, then I’d watch but for now I’ll wait until next season.
  14. Does anyone know if Jeff has addressed this besides that ridiculous EW interview? and Missy and Elizabeth’s apologies are non-apologies in my book. Those are “sorry we got caught “ apologies
  15. She’s such a savvy player and I think she thought they were all voting for Dan.
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