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  1. Other men? Just sayin'. Then again, maybe the women appreciated and felt treated by the aesthetics. At the very beginning of the season, didn't Teresa's trainer say that the competition was only two weeks away? A whole lot has happened since then (including two cast trips), and now she's switching trainers, so just how off is the timeline? Given how mad Jennifer was over Jackie's cupcake article, I expect nothing less than her going nuclear on Margaret for her direct insults. I already have secondhand embarrassment for Malania and her "performance".
  2. They all are, including Teresa, hence her agreeing to buddy up to the engaged1920 times prostitutionwhore for the past two seasons. I don't mind Delores; she's actually kind of perfect for this show, and probably should've been hired a few seasons ago over Amber and/or the twins (although the one did give us CryingBobby and "clink-clink"). It looks like Brittany (Vanderpump Rules) and her Mamaw might be onto something after all.
  3. Lisa nursing that wounded bird...*swoon*. Queen of Bravo, forever and always. Brittany did look so pretty at the spa. Jax should count his blessings every day that such an appealing woman inside and out loves his raggedy ass so much. 74 texts in 15 minutes? Good fucking grief. And Beau hasn't run yet?
  4. Gia is going to college despite her parents not having saved any money for her to do so. Anyway, good on her that she was able to score a $50,000 car and money for tuition. Too bad the children of the workers and creditors her crooked parents gypped probably can't be afforded the same.
  5. Right, there were no college funds ever started. However, that didn't stop Teresa from blaming her lawyers (because heaven forbid she has to pay anybody for their services) for keeping her 4bootifuldawters from going to college. But, Jackie didn't do that. Teresa only got mad because she's a raging Neanderthal.
  6. Teresa can shut her piehole about husbands being off-limits, considering her incessant ragging on Melissa's husband, and her questioning Delores's relationship with Frank. Lawd, what a cringefest. Teresa needs to stop trying to push her untalented spawn into show biz. @sATL, I also wondered why Teresa's lawyer was at the party. Maybe he was trying to collect a payment from his fraudster client? Teresa's congratulations hardly came from good will - even Gia knew her mother's intentions for approaching the Gorgas was foul.
  7. I don't get that he's scared of his sister at all, given he's called her "garbage" and "scum" straight to her jacked face, and has mentioned her legal/financial issues on camera. It seemed he was just surprised (and rather amused) that Jackie had the ovaries to call Teresa out on her nonsense. I never bought that Gia's pitiful song was strictly about her mom and uncle fighting. For one thing, Teresa was the one who said it was, and she's a liar who always blames her family's ills on someone else. Also, I found it hard to believe that Gia would've been more grief-stricken over that feud
  8. Yaaass, and I am Here.For.It. ...and whose grandmother sent her daughter away for others to raise, and whose father hasn't talked to his sister in years because of a dispute over a couple hundred bucks. The "we're the fambly-est fambly that ever fambly-ed" declarations have always been a fucking joke. Teresa had to leave Jennifer's because Milania was meeting a friend? Riiight...more like Milania heard Teresa starting to yell, and knew she had to usher her hosebeast mother out of there before she broke another law.
  9. Good As Gold! I thought Brittany's homage to Monica was cute. Katie is looking better than ever (and still has the tightest makeup game in probably all of Bravoland). DJMB can eat a bag of dicks. Isn't that what's basically being portrayed on the show, though? She was taking off her shoes!
  10. Foam, hissing and snarling, Callie-Roo...now that was a finale. (Looking at you, OC.) Yeah, dressing as Cher was a puzzling choice, whereas Kam as Elle would've been a great play on Cary's comment from last year. (Although, the teen showing up in the same outfit was pretty hilarious.) Very entertaining season. Props to the ladies for bringing it.
  11. The best part of the episode was Melissa telling The Felon to STFU - something that should've been done seasons ago, and on an annual basis. The copycat bolt-ons, the desperation to have a son after Gino was born...Teresa has always been jealous of/competitive with Melissa. Yep, a sick bitch who used to go through her brother's underwear drawer. I wouldn't doubt that Teresa is also envious - if only subconsciously - that Melissa gets to have sex with Joey. She sure did. Eating disorders hardly make for good table conversation, but this is a reality show, so I'll give Ja
  12. I didn't even realize it was the season finale until the postscripts rolled at the end. Lame ending to a lame season.
  13. Did Gia say she's forgone hanging out with her friends in order to spend every extra minute she has with her grandfather? Personally, I don't believe that for a second. What happened to the pizza place, and Teresa's career as a yoga instructor?
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