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  1. Ben and Ronnie of the Watch What Crappens podcast pointed out that Tins actually got a lovely send-off. Past Hos got snark and ugly pictures for their last on-screen hurrah. I’m guessing that the producers liked her, that her good manners and lightness in terms of being consistently polite and considerate led to that. They all screw up, but Sonja’s diapers and size tags and pock-marked with mold accessories are always on screen, and even emphasized. Same with Dorinda having food on her lip in almost every restaurant scene. I think the producers can’t make a mean person nice, but can show
  2. Tinsley indicates she told Leah at the time that Dorinda was lying and painting herself as a victim. So it’s now Tins and Leah against Dorinda...and “everybody” who hates her because her viciousness has been televised. If Bruce Wasn’t Real is a fair game, Dorinda Lied To Be A Victim sure is too. Shame on her, she’s disgusting, and she’s a sad little chickenshit as well. Let’s just insert Dorinda’s super wacky, fun-loving skeleton dance here. 😜 I used to love her but her hold on reality seems pretty slippery. She’s not trustworthy.
  3. I hope this is in the right place because this has Andy, Leah and Tins discussing the last ep. Of note for me: - Dorinda flat-out lied to her followers and accused Tins of blocking her, when she, Dorinda, had blocked Tins after viewer blowback after she bullied Tins at the orchard. Cowardly bitch! - she’s really only friends with Leah (she seems fine with it) and ONLY Ramona and Lu have reached out to her. Fuck Sonja and the myth of her “niceness.” This is who she is, a greasy, grifting, disingenuous skank, exhibit 5,987,120,001. I hope the drop-shipping con takes the rest of her mea
  4. Smoke and mirrors even at her best. (I fully admit I loathe her). She has the most awful breast implants, belly lipo scars, and has a bunch of tells for coke and Adderall. I’m sure if she had more money Sonja would be lipoing again, using HGH, and doing more coke to try for thinness. Sonja’s weight maintenance habits are more dated than the fashion show in Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead.
  5. I’m not trying to be grossly naive but I don’t think it’s just the wallet. I think it’s that he built his own success. Further, looks wise, Scott and her ex-husband Topper look a hell of a lot alike to me.
  6. From your lips. Sonja is a fucking monster. She essentially said she would be there when the relationship ended; she’s salivating for it to end, to grind Tinsley down some more. Dale and Sonja are both emotionally abusive parasites, and Tinsley is better than both in every way. She’s never played this up but her being a varsity tennis player at Columbia after a gap year at Habitat for Humanity so she could transfer, getting her BA and doing a stint however it came about at Vogue, the lines at Samantha Thavasa, Bed Bath & Beyond, lash line and the half-dozen at minimum other design collabor
  7. Sonja cannot carry off the pleather turtleneck and pajama jeans.
  8. Sonja is a pathetic fucking bitch. Even I’m shocked. Damn.
  9. I hate Sonja and I’m glad her stupidity and arrogance will continue kicking her in the face for the rest of her life. She cannot ever improve on her wretched character. Her response on “how to be heard” is from the “moderate” supremacist playbook. She is disgusting.
  10. The boys of Watch What Crappens noted in their podcast recap that Sonja rubs the hell out of her nose after her bathroom trip at dinner, like the cokehead (coke was no doubt paid for by John or Dorinda; they’re liquid, she isn’t) she is. Maybe that’s why she was such a stank ugly bitch during that scene. I’m old enough to remember when Sonja tried to expose Dorinda’s coke use with the air that she, Sonja, had never tried anything stronger than a latte. She’s a despicable hypocrite and so NOT nice. You KNOW she shat on lots of “little people,” or people in that nasty circle of “elites” wh
  11. She is jealous as hell. Let’s just tell it true. Sonja is busted and broke as a joke.
  12. How can we find out when Mr. Struggle Hairline and Gout aka Mr. National Security 2019 (oh, what was it, CORTLAND? Your name is as garbage as your cream cheese face, sweetie) got married to the luckiest woman on Earth? He has the look of erectile dysfunction all over him. That is not a catch! Do these assholes need to slap on their readers when they troll for grade-Z dick? SONJA YOU HAVE BEEN ARRESTED AND ARE A FRAUD. ALSO THE EDITORS HATE YOU and how I know is they thought you’d be embarrased by having the tag on your pants visible, either because they want us to know you’d try to return
  13. I rewatched and didn’t see any tears on Leah’s face, but she was so obnoxious, entitled, disruptive, flinty and defensive. Just awful. Her dry-eyed performance made it worse, ultimately. Elyse said some facially reasonable things - and has a spot-on Dorinda impersonation tucked into one of her dozen Canadian tuxedo pockets - but she is IMO a much more awkward fit than Barbara with this crew. She doesn’t seem funny and she seems very worried about how she comes across, which is interesting or funny if you see the coverage she’s received in Page 6. And I’m sorrrrrey (Ben Mandelker’s Ramona
  14. RIP, my like of Leah. Ugh. Sonja’s constant, gleeful insults at and to Tinsley, repeatedly calling her names and a baby, are so cruel. She is evil and disgusting. And she must be starving when they aren’t filming because good grief, she is more focused on food than a pack of Golden Retrievers. She may not know there’s some stuff you just can’t ask of Spanx or a liposuction cannula. I imagine Morgan’s actual wife having a Zoom viewing party with friends of this mess and laughing. I would, but this is depressing.
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