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  1. I wasn't expecting another week of Jennings. I thought they were going to change guest hosts every two weeks. I guess not. I won't be watching again until there's a new guest host. Have fun, everyone. I'm out for now.
  2. The middle guy's answer made me laugh, too. FJ wasn't an instaget for me. I said "Laka" after a while. The person next to me said, "No that was the guy from Taxi!". Think they would have given me "Laka"? Different pronunciation, I guess, Maybe.
  3. Hate to burst your bubble but no, we all don't agree. He doesn't have a good voice for the job, It's not just the lisp, either. The timbre is all wrong and instead of commanding the audience's attention, his voice is like weak noise that blends into the background.
  4. Putting aside my dislike for Jennings, the thing that stood out the most to me was his voice. It's just not right. And it's not that it's not deep enough, it's more than that. It doesn't command respect. It's like one of those voices doing cheesey appliace store ads on the radio. You just tune it out in your head and that's not something you want in an announcer. It was the complete tonal qualities package that just doesn't work. If he was a weather guy on the evening news you wouldn't pay any attention to him.
  5. So long Alex. Rest in peace. And Thank You.
  6. We thought that last night's episode (7 PM here) would be pre-empted by a network news Special Report. Thank goodness they did not do that. Tonight? Who knows?
  7. Every spare advertising moment on ABC in So. Fla. has been devoted to plugging Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (which I suspect will suck). Not a word about next week being Alex Trbek's last. Par for the course in Florida.
  8. Gee, who picked this episode? I thought the next 2 weeks were "Best of Alex Trebek" themed. I've seen way too much Jennings over the last month or so and absolutely not looking forward to his hosting in January. I certainly did not want to see his mug tonight on TV. No time like the present, I guess. I just changed the channel.
  9. I guess I'm finally getting used to the swapped start times from 5 years ago. Watched Jeopardy at 7 on WABC for a decade before moving to FL where WoF is on first and then Jeopardy at 7:30. Missed most of tonight's show after the first few clues and it didn't pick up again until there were only about 5 clues left. Out of curiosity, was Iago an answer in the Shakespeare category? It may be a while until I get around to watching the whole episode.
  10. Thumbs down to ABC and George Staphanopolus for interrupting one of Alex Trebek's last Jeopardy! episodes in order to tell me something they already told me half an hour ago. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the new hosts start on Jeopardy! but I do know for sure if Staphanopolus gets the hosting gig I will become a former Jeopardy! watcher. A pox on him and ABC and whoever thought that was a good idea. Fill in your own curse words here and rest assured I've spoken them just now.
  11. Whoa. And they let this guy near children? Whatever, he missed 2 easy answers about New York and lakes so I was glad to see him lose.
  12. This was explained to me years ago. A Schlemiel is the waiter who dumps a bowl of soup on a guy. A Schlimazel is the guy who gets the soup dumped ON him.
  13. I wanted the defending champ to win but, alas, the guy in the middle won because he was the only one to get FJ. I don't like it when "sports team traitors" win, though. Grew up in New Jersey but is a Dallas Cowboys fan. Booo! Those are fighting words if you're surrounded by Giants' fans. He must've been really popular growing up. Then again, he probably did it just to draw the ire of those he grew up with. I really don't like people like that and will be rooting for him and his wired-up jaw to lose every day until he does, finally, lose.
  14. Also acceptable. Such a great, underrated movie.
  15. As did my viewing companion as soon as the category was revealed. "If the category is Historical Documents the answer is the Magna Carta," "just as sure as if the category is something about Scandinavian playwrights the answer is either Ibsen or Inge." She once made a pre-call that freaked everybody out. The category was bland, generic "Art" and she pre-called "Starry Starry Night", which turned out to be correct. Everyone was freaked out and spooky-scared the rest of that night. It was kind of freaky.
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