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  1. A big city person always rushes into a small town diner and starts ordering a fancy latte or cappuccino. They never stop to look at the menu and cant understand a place that doesn't serve double lattes. Plus, the small town waitress invariably looks mystified because she is too backward to know what a cappuccino is.
  2. caci

    Best Baker In America

    Glad Dwayne won and loved that he said he was winning for himself. No sob story about a dead grandmother or proving to his family his talent. Just loved it!
  3. caci

    Halloween Wars

    Maybe it is just me, but this was one of my favorite seasons. At first, I wasnt overly impressed with Morbid Masterminds, but became more impressed as the show went on. Loved Team Ghou'ld and am glad they won. (Real minority, but I didn't mind Tator). I just really liked this season.
  4. I apologize for my misinterpretation, but bringing up statistics and then asking why we should be discussing men (and in essence boys) struck me as wrong. But my misinterpretation. I still think it is too easy to divide the discussion into women or men, boys or girls.
  5. The thread is called Hollywood Dirty (Open) Secrets. It does not specify women.. If the purpose is to bring abusers to light, then that must mean all, no matter the victims sex. Plus, I am a bit concerned about bringing up the statistic of only 1 in 10 victims are boys. Does that mean they should just deal with it because it happens to girls all the time? I really hope that is not the case. Every victim deserves sympathy, compassion, and justice no matter their sex.
  6. caci

    Halloween Wars

    Definitely the best two teams have moved on. I still am rooting for Team Gould whose work I prefer. Those heads were great!
  7. caci

    Halloween Wars

    Love Ghouled works so far but have been oddly blah with Morbid Masterminds. I am just not as impressed as I am supposed to be. Still, I know they are better than the limericks team. Too bad for the pumpkin carver on the rhyming team. He deserves better.
  8. When I buy a baguette, it doesn't fit the plastic bag. ( no paper or recycled bag for me) However, it never looks whimsical because usually it is flopping around and I have to worry about it falling out of the bag. I guess I'm not the tv baguette type.
  9. caci

    S16.E07: The Ultimate Faceoff

    I thought the winning dress was ok. I liked it even less though after seeing it in the Penny's catalog. No real shape and not flattering on the model at all. I'm not crazy about the twins, but I think Amy should have gone home. That outfit was well made but beyond ugly!
  10. caci

    Halloween Baking Championship

    I like John Henson. So far, he isn't too far over the top. The guy with the balloons looked really familiar but I can't think of what other competition he has been in. Guys Grocery Games maybe? I know I am in the EXTREME minority, but I have never cared for Carla Hall since the earliest times of Top Chef. She still continues to grate and I think my dislike is getting worse. Too bad, because I really like this show and look forward to it every year.
  11. Walking in a wooded area today made me think of this one. Every sound in the woods is always made by a person hiding or stalking another character. The stalked person then asks, "is anybody there?" because the sound couldn't be made by squirrels, chipmunks, deer, falling fruit, branches etc. (esp. in the fall). Seriously, the woods on tv must be the quietest places on earth. On the other extreme, you'll get the tv outdoorsman who seems to know automatically if a sound is made by a forest creature or a person. Maybe this one is true. I don't hunt so I don't know.
  12. caci

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Not a great fan of his comedies but Lewis was great in a dramatic role in the old series Wiseguy. One of my favorite storylines. R.I.P Mr. Lewis.
  13. In a way, I agree with you because of all the shows (fiction and nonfiction) that have dealt with child sexual abuse. However, the pain was so raw and the details so unflinchingly graphic that I found the episode very compelling. That being said, I actually found the descriptions of the everyday life of a child in scientology (or junior sea org so to speak) to be even more interesting. I wish I had heard more of that, mostly because I find it so totally bizzarre.
  14. I just thought of Quincy and that may have been one of the few shows in which the morgue was brightly lit.