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The Torkelsons/Almost Home

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Just rewatching The Dance. Whoever in the studio audience that wolf whistles when the camera cuts to (then 18 year old) Alyson Hannigan in her pink rose dance dress had better not have been a much older adult.

This episode also has one of my favourite lines from Mary Sue (about Chuckie Lee doing the disappearing handcuffs trick on her): "This had better work, boy. Or you're going to wish you could make yourself disappear!"

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Oh, man, I loved this show as a kid. They used to show the reruns on Disney, and that's where I saw the show.

It's been ages since I've seen it, though, so I can't really recall any specific episodes right now. I just remember Dorothy sitting at her window talking to the man in the moon, and some of her family (I do remember William Schallert being on there-I always liked seeing him pop up on TV when I was a kid, he always came off so friendly and kindly :)). I'll have to try and look up this series at some point, it'd be kinda fun to watch it again. 

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Just seeing the name in the recently added shows section sent a wave of nostalgia through me. I watched the reruns on Disney circa 1999. As much as I love Brittany Murphy and Jason Marsden, I prefer season one.  Let's see what do I remember: Man in the Moon, dress with the flower covering the stain, explaining the plot of Jane Eyre to Brittany Murphy to get her to read a real book, and Connie Ray generally being delightful. 

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On 9/22/2019 at 7:45 AM, Glendenning said:

Ruth Ann and Steven Floyd got the Chuck Cunningham treatment and never existed in the Almost Home continuity.

I tried to justify it as Ruth Ann and Steven Floyd stayed in Oklahoma with their father as the custodial parent. However, the mother started making comments about only having one son after they went to Seattle. That didn't wash with me.

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I liked Ruth Ann. Anna Slotky deserved better than for her character to be wiped from the timeline. it's doubly sad that her only other TV role that many remember is Cheryl from 3rd Rock from The Sun who August Leffler ridicules as a slutty airhead who August says uses padding to make boys think she's got big boobs.

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Since The Torkelsons is now a cult classic, i'd like to see an in-character reunion special produced by Disney who own it. One problem.. although "Boarder Hodges" will have definitely died by this point even in the show's world.. how would they handle "Molly Morgan"?

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Wow. A Torkelsons thread. One of those short lived show that so many remember and love. I never knew why they changed formats. It went from charming to a typical sitcom, although I slowly became fond of Almost Home too.

I was surprised Olivia Burnette didn't become a bigger TV star with steady work. I remember she got a lot of attention and praise, not just for this but also for other appearances.

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