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  1. I loathe Mary Tyler Moore. The less i see of her, the better. Far too many people still pine for the 1970s.
  2. Just a reminder that the 1990s were thirty years ago, so yes, that's retro...
  3. Someone on a baby name board reports that their husband vetoed the name "Natalie" because of the Facts of Life. The husband must be a time traveler if he think kids in the playground in the 2020s will care about a 40 year old TV show...
  4. Is Carrie wearing shorts under her dress in that above photograph? I still wouldn't mind a Greenbush and Turnbaugh headed spin-off. Much better idea than Laura Nose Job on the Prairie.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lime_Street_(TV_series) The Official Samantha Smith You Tube channel has some videos of Samantha's scenes. Maia Brewton reminds us in the pilot how good she was at playing spunky and defiant girls. Anne Haney is also good, and the show was a retirement gift for Lew Ayres.
  6. Cindy's suffered the brunt of the backlash from Susan's bigoted rants a few years ago. Just as "Charles in Charge" has suffered from Scott Baio.
  7. This applies to Vietnam War television as well - who else remains haunted by CCR's "Fortunate Son"?
  8. it's very telling that the production team wanted to do the "lost her virginity" storyline with the thin, white blonde. I guess Tootie losing it would have raised a lot of racial issues they didn't want to touch with a ten foot pole.
  9. @floridamom @dgpolo The lack of a Christmas episode real boils my potatoes. Especially as they could have easily done one once Beverly and Dawn came on board.
  10. the Lenny Henry Doctor is dressed like Rupert the Bear and he battles Thatchos (a Cyberleader with a Margaret Thatcher wig and handbag)
  11. Lenny Henry played an alternate Seventh Doctor in a Doctor Who parody sketch in the Eighties.
  12. The Darlene/Jackie feud, that has been going on for a few episodes, came to a head. After Darlene called her a loser, Jackie slapped her! Harris, in a rare moment of showing that she cared, said "Don't hit my mother!" and almost charged Jackie (Dan stopped her). And why is Harris's friends name Odessa? Why name your kid after an organization that helped Nazis flee justice after WWII?
  13. the media (and real life) trope where people make excuses for evil and/or violent women and girls. No, women don't just kill in response to abuse, they can kill for any reason and no reason, just like boys and men do. Being marginalized by society shouldn't give you a free pass.
  14. There is no male equivalent - at least not in how society sees and considers it - of the young girl's first period so saying "why aren't there VSE's about the male version" is pointless. And many of these "first period" VSEs are written by women. LMAO at the idea that women can't be sexist. And it's not "internalized", it's just plain old sexism.
  15. Bewitched being the UberExample - Mrs Kravitz: "I was just here for a snoop, uh, a scoop of sugar"
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