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S39 Sandra Diaz-Twine (Mentor)

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From CBS.com

Sandra Diaz-Twine


Age: 45
Previous seasons of Survivor: Pearl Islands (winner), Heroes vs. Villains (winner), Game Changers

What specific accomplishments do you think ultimately earned you the moniker of "Idol" when it comes to Survivor?
This is probably the easiest question to answer. I am considered an Idol because I am the only castaway to ever win the game twice and to this day that has never happened again. I won the first season I ever appeared on back in 2003 and also won the second season I ever appeared on back in 2010. I'm not an Idol because I say I'm an Idol, but because my record proves it. Nine years ago and 19 seasons ago I became known as the Queen, and to this day no one has ever come close to tying my record.

What do you think you can teach the new castaways to help them become Sole Survivor?
I'm an open book when it comes to the seasons I've played in. I plan on sharing all aspects of the game with the castaways. I will be able to discuss situations like being flexible and how to go with the flow when you have no control over what the majority wants to do at a given time. How to build a strong alliance, by trusting people you genuinely like and share common interests with. And that no one is perfect, there's no way to play a perfect game, so when you make a mistake, own it.

What part of the game do you think new castaways usually underestimate?
The new castaways underestimate how hard the social part of the game truly is. Hard because there's people you will automatically like and people you will automatically dislike. With those you like, you immediately build a bond and trust, yet there can only be one winner. It's easy to vote off people you dislike, but when all those people are gone, now you have to start voting off the ones you consider friends. And these are the friends that you just blindsided and 100 percent of the time are upset that you voted them off and yet you still have to also convince them to give you the million dollar prize. It's really a juggling act.

How will being a mentor present a different challenge for you than actually competing in the game?
Being a mentor is actually easier than playing the game, because you don't have to focus on the daily aspects of Survivor. I know I'm not playing for the million dollars. I know I will not participate in any challenges (hooray). And I know I will never enter the game in some crazy twist. All I have to do is get to know the new players, listen to them carefully, and advise them. In other words, I plan on sharing the knowledge I have gained after playing for 94 consecutive days. I'm going to provide guidance, but at the end of the day each person has to make their own decisions and play their own game.

Given that you're not playing Survivor in the traditional sense, what element of the game are looking forward to NOT having to endure?
I'm over the moon knowing I don't have to endure a single challenge the entire season.

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Hail to the Queen.

Yeah, Sandra isn’t as flashy as Rob, and her strategy to win both times was basically “stay out of the bullets’ path.” But she gives insanely good interviews and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. If you don’t put her on the short list of greatest players, consider this: she had to spend 38 straight days with Jon Dalton, and 39 with Russell Hantz. The fact that she did not murder either of them qualifies her for Survivor Sainthood.

Fun fact: Sandra is only one of three players worldwide to have two titles. Granted, other nations might not endlessly recycle players like Burnett/Probst, but I still think that’s impressive.

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Well. I love her.  She is a totally direct Bronx Nuyorican meaning she is BOSS.  The only two-time winner -  and yet, bizarrely, the show thinks Rob is her equal.   As Sandra would say, FUCK that.

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From the episode 1 thread:

On 10/2/2019 at 4:06 PM, Nashville said:

I used to be ok with Sandra, but no more.  Keep reading....

Sandra is currently the only person to ever win Survivor twice - hence her self-designation as the “queen” of Survivor - and Sandra’s “queen stays queen” mantra means Sandra will do or say whatever it takes to keep her record unique.  

Of late this has meant Sandra’s goal when participating in a season of Survivor is no longer to win; it’s to play spoiler, to ensure no other player threatens to match or exceed her record.  This motivation was absolutely transparent in Game Changers, where Sandra basically trashed her own game without care - so long as she was able to wreck both Tony’s and JT’s chances at their second win in the process.

Which is why I no longer like Sandra.  I had no problem with either of Sandra’s wins, but her currently demonstrated inability to play Survivor to win - to trash others’ games not for game reasons, but to warp Survivor into some sort of ego trip vanity plate...?  That leaves me colder than fuck.

12 hours ago, Rachel RSL said:

Wait wait wait....you're blaming Sandra for ruining JT's game?  JT?  Literally one of the dumbest players to ever play this game?  JT screwed up both his 2nd and 3rd times all on his own.  And in glorious fashion both times.   And, if I'm not mistaken, on the very first day, Tony immediately put a target on his own back by telling everyone he was going to look for an idol , then ran into the trees literally hooting and hollering about it.  Sandra may not have wanted anybody to tie her record but JT and Tony screwed up their own games all on their own.  She definitely wanted to win for a 3rd time so it's not like she didn't try.  If you hate her then, by all means, that's your right, but she definitely tried to win every time she played.

3 hours ago, Nashville said:

No no no no no no.

<dammit, I knew this was going to get screwed up in translation...>

No argument with any of this.

This isn’t my sticking point either, but it’s getting closer. 😉. I’m not saying Sandra didn’t want to win; in fact, I’m certain that was Sandra’s primary driving force - initially, at least.  

At some point Sandra’s priorities shifted, though, and she took her eye off the ultimate prize (Sole Survivor) to focus on a different task: preserving her record as Survivor’s only Twofer.  Doing so didn’t require much heavy lifting on Sandra’s part - as you noted, Tony and J.T. did most of that themselves - but the fact is that Sandra sidelined her primary game for a vanity play.  And that’s kinda where my respect for Sandra went south.  YMMV


so long as she was able to wreck both Tony’s and JT’s chances at their second win in the process.

To be fair, Tony wrecked his own second chance by acting paranoid and crazy. 

We were shown that Sandra was willing to work with Tony and create a Winner's alliance to get all three of them to the F3, which was the best chance at any of them winning again.  But then Tony made Spy Shack 2.0, and overheard Troy talking with Sandra about getting rid of Tony.  And of course, she agreed to that, because that's what you do in Survivor.  You agree to every plan brought to you at the time, even if you're not planning on actually going ahead with that plan.  You then later take that information back to your allies to incorporate it into your actual plan.  I'm sure Sandra had been planning to tell Tony that Troy was gunning for him, so they needed to take him out first.  But Tony burst out his Spy Shack and confronted Troy and Sandra right then and there.  That's when Sandra realized Tony was a loose cannon and a liability, so she cut him loose.

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