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Busman's Holiday: The Cast in Other Roles

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prospect for more Grantchester is looking rather dim as Norton is the star of a new series "McMafia" 


with all that talk about his hot-hot-hotness as an actor I checked IMDB for any upcoming projects and was surprised to find he is busily filming this series which I had not previously seen mentioned. 

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Al Weaver is actually kind of nerdy-cute IRL... the Leonard hair does him no favors. At least he has a sense of humor about it.

And apparently he's in the mini-series Press, which airs on PBS Masterpiece starting Oct. 6... should be interesting to see him in a different role!

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posting this here because there’s not a ‘cast in other roles’ topic. found a bbc miniseries, ‘life in squares’ on amazon prime in which al weaver plays virginia woolf’s husband, leonard, and james norton plays duncan grant, the gay lover of virginia’s sister, vanessa bell. 

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36 minutes ago, Quilt Fairy said:
2 hours ago, wonderwoman said:

in which al weaver plays virginia woolf’s husband, leonard,

So he has a history of playing characters named "Leonard".

apparently so. good catch!

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Press with Al Weaver started last night on PBS. It has a big cast, but Weaver had a prominent role as an investigative reporter and closest friend of the main character. His character is as adorkable as Leonard, but with more people skills. Despite knowing he was in it, it took me midway through his first scene to recognize him.

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LOL Tessa's singing was hilarious and it looks like she had more lines than most Marys get.  I never understood why her older sisters didn't take her in hand and improve her a little bit. Even her parents ignore her and allow the others to make fun of her and shame her for not being asked to dance.

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I was watching The Mallorca Files season 1 and in about the third or fourth episode I heard a familiar voice but couldn't figure out who I recognized.  Re-round twice before I realized it was Al Weaver!  He does get around!

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