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S06.E07: Brooklyn Nine Neyo Game Night

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Ne-Yo, Melissa Fumero, Dirk Blocker, Terry Crews, Kyle Bornheimer, and Joel McKinnon Miller.

The show seemed to take it easy with Miller, not giving him tough ones or even as many plays as other people.

Song Sung Wrong seemed to take even longer than usual.

Boy, Kyle Bornheimer was wrong not to pass on a few of the names in the Celebrity Round. Yes, if he had unlimited time he could probably get a person to say any name if he gave clues about the parts of the person's name, but tick-tick-tick, there's not time for that.

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On 8/22/2019 at 4:38 PM, opus said:

Well, I found out I’m not familiar with many of the cast members of Brooklyn 99.

Terry and Melissa play main characters, Dirk (who doesn't look a THING like his dad -- LOL) and Joel play Hitchcock and Scully.  Kyle plays a cop (Teddy) who's been on less often than Doug Judy, The Pontiac Bandit.

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They might have won the final round if they'd just remembered the cardinal rule: if the contestant isn't getting it right away ("Dad on Married with Children and Modern Family" elicits nothing), for heaven's sake don't waste 10-15 seconds trying to build up the name element by element -- pass! as in, tell her to pass!! immediately!!!

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On 8/26/2019 at 2:27 PM, joanne3482 said:

I found it odd that it was all Brooklyn 99 cast members and Ne-Yo

I kind of agree, though Kyle Bornheimer is a Brooklyn 99 cast member only by courtesy -- he did a 5-episode arc way back at the beginning.

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