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S01.E08: Game Night

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I don't know how they're going to wrap this up in two more episodes. I'd like for Gemma and Duffy to just stay friends. 

Zara and Craig are my favorites. Andrew's speech during game night was incredibly moving. I hope he and Tony 2 can make things work. 

Kash getting fired from his job was terrible. Dude, don't take your phone into an important meeting! 


The preview shows Gemma seeing Maya and Kash kissing. That's how it is all going to blow up? She's going to rat her out, due to insecurity, to Ainsley. I wish they'd have been more original and just had Maya tell her friend the truth. 

Interesting that Ainsley is going to be the one to pursue Dylan McD now. This will hopefully be a catalyst for her to mature a little more in the way she views relationships. 

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4 hours ago, Bean421 said:

Interesting that Ainsley is going to be the one to pursue Dylan McD now. This will hopefully be a catalyst for her to mature a little more in the way she views relationships. 

I thought that was so predictable from the first time he appeared on screen.

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Gemma and Duffy are already on their way to couple-hood, its almost as obvious as Kash/Maya, just without as much baggage. Well, beyond Gemma being a rather recent widow and single mom, of course. Its just really hard to see Ainsley being alright with them together, especially so soon after the wedding that was not to be. She almost sat out Craig's wedding just for inviting him to game night for gods sake! He is a likable guy, but he did her real wrong, and Maya hooking up with him is a major break of Girl Code. 

Basheer and Fatima are so cute, and their wedding was beautiful. Love that we got a follow up with the guy who is writing comic books (who just sold a book to Marvel!), even if it got sad when Kashs dad found out he got fired. 

I cant blame Kashs boss for firing him, he just put in his two weeks, asked for it back, and is now taking calls for other other jobs in the middle of big meetings! Come on dude, you can let it go to voicemail! 

I love "more and more random characters show up unexpectedly" plots, so the game night that just kept mutating into a bigger and bigger party was really cracking me up, especially as the social media guy keeps popping up to take pictures, and the super awkward posing when the party started. "Take you glasses off tall man...no put them back on."

 Andrews speech was really touching, I was kind of mixed on Tony 2 and Andrew at first, but they are growing on me quite a bit. I think Andrew has a lot of growing to do though, which maybe now that he is actually around the people that these laws effect, he will. 

Zara and Craig are my favorites, them trying to become parents is going to be really interesting to witness. Will Craig's daughter with the lawyer ever come back again? 

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Between this show and the last few seasons of the Mindy Project I have come to the conclusion that Mindy Laling and I have fundamental differences in what constitutes deal breakers in both friendships and romantic relationships.

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Between all the randos showing up (Marcus, Andrew, Dylan McD) and the hilariously bad pronunciations (Nose-crets, scat-TER-gries) of the games, the sitcom typical misunderstandings (Maya supposedly likes Marcus, Marcus believes Ainsley is into him), and the social media guy,  it was a fun ep.

I wish we spent more time at Fatima and Basheer's wedding and I was kinda feeling Craig's affront at not being invited.  Asif remains full of win, tho.

Maya and Kash are so full of denial "We're only hanging out" right?  Even with Maya breaking the girl code - I still think as a romantic conflict designed to keep a couple apart, it can't be beat.

Gemma is exactly the person Duffy deserves.  I like them as a potential couple and hopes she continues to take the piss out of him.  He needs it.

I was already pretty interested in Andrew and Tony2.  This episode made me root for them a little more and humanized Andrew a bit more.  I actually, gasp, felt a little bad or Andrew. 

As much as I am enjoying the show, I do think they missed an opportunity to ground the friendship between Ainsley, Maya, Craig and Duffy a bit better.  We know they are long time friends but we didn't get a lot of face time with the four of them collectively to know why they are are so close even after all these years.  Even though we gets scenes between two of them here and there, I wish we'd get more scenes of just the four of them so we could actually see why they are such friends.

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Ugh, Kash was back to annoying me again. First he pushed Maya to just hang out platonically. Then after they did that for a few weeks, he asked her to be his date to his ex's wedding which is, as she pointed out, a girlfriend thing to do, not a platonic friend thing. And then he had the nerve to get mad because she won't commit to being in a relationship with him. DUDE.

He is the one who said that they were just going to hang out platonically with no romantic strings attached and then he is the one who got mad because she wanted to keep doing that. I guess they're just supposed to do everything on his time table.

And on top of that, she was correct when she told him that he has nothing to lose (since he already shat the bed when he left Ainsley at the altar and humiliated her in front of all her friends and family) whereas she could lose her best friend (and potentially the rest of their circle of friends) for betraying Ainsley like this. He doesn't care though because it's all about what he wants and when he wants it. He already blew up his world so he doesn't care what a huge risk this could be for Maya. So selfish.

I felt a tiny bit bad for Andrew because he was completely blindsided by Tony 2 dumping him. I mean, he's still a selfish shitty person but he clearly did not see that coming. 

As usual, this was a fun episode. I always enjoy the big group scenes like everyone at game night. I wish we could have seen more of Bash and Fatima's wedding though. The set was gorgeous so it seemed like a shame that we only got to spend a few minutes there.

Duffy and Gemma are inevitable. I wish they would just stay friends though.

I'm glad Kash booked an actual acting job, but I can't blame his boss for firing him. He quit and then asked for his job back but clearly is not putting any effort into being there.

I like Craig but Zara is still a bit too much for me. I hope that the baby will rid her of the last remnants of wanting to become famous. I would hate to see her become one of those people who pimps her kid on social media so she can get free stuff/be famous.

I hate the whole Ainsley/Bryce situation. I know this was being set up from the beginning so that she could fall in love with someone else, clearing the way for Maya and Kash to be together, but Bryce is just so blah.

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