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  1. peggy06

    Big Little Book Talk

    Just finished the book, and you will never convince me that they didn't plan two seasons from the get-go. If they didn't, why would they have left it a cliffhanger? Come on, we weren't born yesterday. Also, Madeline's affair subplot that caused a strain on her marriage and needed extra time for resolution. I'm just glad I didn't read the book first. If I had, I would have rolled my eyes so hard at a S2. Now I understand why the episodes were so short. No decent material to pad them out. Everything was overblown. In retrospect, it makes the show look like a vanity project for Reese, with her giving herself this extraneous affair and its aftermath. (Ugh, that vow renewal.) I did like getting a more vivid and memorable Renata, but even she went OTT by the end.
  2. peggy06

    S02.E07: I Want To Know

    Bonnie's mother's plot was the catalyst for Bonnie confronting her own major issues that had plagued her adult life and caused her to push Perry, the start of the lie. As such, I think it's important. It wasn't especially showy, but I felt it was well done. Of course it's difficult to show someone's thoughts, hence the running scenes and flashbacks. Sometimes you don't need to spell it out. I never thought Corey was anything but a nice guy who was interested in Jane. Why did he have to be anything else? I'm not sure how else they could have shown the deep trauma from the rape other than by having Jane trying to be with a man. I didn't need anything more from that particular plot. Similarly, it was obvious what Bonnie was going to do at the police station (her line at the hospital about telling the truth). I don't need to see a scene where it happens. This served very well as a series ender but could also be a season ender if they choose. The only major loose end, for me, was that Mary Louise thought one of them killed Perry, and she let that go. I thought that was her whole reason for the custody hearing, to force that out into the open. But they went a different route in the court scenes. Of course this could be the starting point of a third season, but it would be a boring season to revisit all of the same plot points.
  3. peggy06

    S02.E07: I Want To Know

    I mostly enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy Celeste's takedown of Mary Louise like I had hoped. I felt too sorry for Mary Louise having lost her child that way. What a horrible burden to live with. Maddie runs true to form - Ed proposes a vow renewal in a heartfelt conversation. She immediately starts talking about having it on the beach, a big party. Probably already envisioning her dress. Sorry, I just don't like the character and don't feel the part was especially well-acted. I am somewhat confused about what exactly happened with Bonnie's mother. Renata this episode mostly seemed OTT to me. And I generally love Renata. Just kick that idiot to the curb and be done with it. Um, Celeste? Did Jane know you were going to out her rape in open court like that? Sure hope so. What is your take on that line? (Also, great screen name!)
  4. peggy06

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    I know the show is unrealistic, but it's so enjoyable and the cast are so watchable that I can let it slide. It's good solid Sunday night entertainment for me. I will be sorry to see it end. My main complaint is that the episodes aren't longer. I think it kind of stands to reason that when they go off book, it's not going to be as tight of a story. The same thing happened to Game of Thrones well before the late lamented Season 8. Regarding this episode, it is a definite that Juliette's "stress management" services were sleeping with Gordon. The severance of $72,000, as stated upthread, seems to be based on the length of time she was employed. The $160,000 was the payoff for the hanky-panky. Keeping that from Renata would be a major concern for Gordon, I would think, and worth a bundle. Renata in the car was gold. Love Laura Dern and love her character. I'm impressed with Zoe Kravitz this season and this episode. I don't mind that her storyline has been muted; in fact, I like that they've emphasized the toll it took on her to have pushed a man to his death. The slow burn and the way her backstory has been revealed, culminating in that scene with her mother, were excellently done. I'm looking forward to next week. Yes, there's a lot to wrap up. I hope Maddie and Ed is not given much time; that storyline interests me least of all of them. Renata and Gordon should be wrapped up quickly too. How much is there to say? The focus will probably be on Celeste and Mary Louise in court. I'm eager to find out if they reveal ML's skeletons.
  5. peggy06

    S02.E04: She Knows

    This did not ring true to me in terms of how just last week Celeste said so forcefully, "I will not not be rich!" That wasn't about lovingly giving her child opportunities she never had...it was about money and status. This feels a little like a retcon job. I agree. Besides which, the things Amabella really needs don't require being rich: Maybe some stability in the home, maybe Mom dialing it back from 11 sometimes. You can have a birthday party without all those trappings. I like Renata as a character; any scene she's in is immediately more interesting to me than one without her. But the pity ploy regarding Amabella just wasn't working for me.
  6. peggy06

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Several comments that Renata "married badly." Renata herself said this when Gordon tried to talk to her at the party. But I took it as her twisting the knife even farther, pretending to blame herself for not anticipating that he would be a loser. Did Ed marry badly?
  7. peggy06

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Maybe just a nitpick, but that scene where Chloe shows Madeline her project: That is just so over the top, even for a kid who's supposed to be old for her years. Unhinged, really? I'm getting pretty worried about Bonnie, and I don't like how they keep showing that bridge. So there was an accident and presumably, Perry's brother died. And his father blamed his mother. I wonder if Perry was really the one to blame?
  8. peggy06

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    Pretty boring, let-down episode.
  9. peggy06

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    I wasn't really looking forward to this show, since the first season seemed pretty complete as it stood. And Meryl Streep wasn't an inducement. I never see anyone but her in most of her roles. But this episode got me interested again. Maybe an unpopular opinion: I don't like Madeline. I think Mary Louise is kinda correct about her. When you look back at most of what she's done, it's mostly self-serving. I don't have much sympathy to spare for her troubles. Renata, now, I could watch a whole episode just about her. Laura Dern is just so great in this role. Fascinating, the reveal that she had to climb up from poverty - it explains a lot. I'm very much interested in what happens with that plotline. Bonnie feeling guilt is absolutely believable, and I'm glad they didn't skirt around the possibility. You wouldn't get over that easily. I can also get her resentment that she wasn't allowed to tell the truth, because "the group" told a face-saving lie. What a weird dynamic for Ziggy with Celeste and her boys.
  10. peggy06

    Midsomer Murders

    I would scream like a banshee if I saw a dead mouse on the floor, let alone a dead person. So I'll let that pass. I just finished "Bantling Boy" last night. Spoilers ahead for the episode (It's S8 I think?) At least by now, Barnaby has relaxed a bit about Scott. they even show Scott one-upping Barnaby a couple of times in the last two episodes.
  11. peggy06

    Midsomer Murders

    That's why I kept expecting that extra bit of info about the kids, and thinking I may have missed it. It would still be a bit of a trope, but would make more sense.
  12. peggy06

    Midsomer Murders

    I watched The Fisher King (S7E3) last night and they made a meta reference: Scott: (Referring to his second case in Midsomer) "Is the body count always so high?" Barnaby: "It has been remarked." So perhaps not intentional, but funny nonetheless. I'm still getting used to Scott. In his first episode, he was so smarmy with the overdone compliments and courtesy to Joyce and Cully. Seems to have calmed down a tad. It was kind of uncomfortable how hard Tom was riding him on the first case, going on about being late, etc.
  13. peggy06

    Midsomer Murders

    Yes it is.
  14. peggy06

    Midsomer Murders

    There's a forum! I searched just on the offchance. After ignoring this show whenever I came across it on PBS, I've become addicted through watching it on Acorn. I don't know whether to hurry up and binge it before it leaves every platform, or try to stretch it out. It's the perfect cozy police show. I love the settings, the houses, the woods, the denizens of all the towns and villages, the village events. I love Tom Barnaby and Troy. It's a show where I can be watch/listening while I do handwork or fold laundry or work on a jigsaw puzzle on my tablet. It's just creepy enough, i.e., there are often rather twisted motivations and sometimes a nod to superstition. It's like they made a Merrie England travelogue with crime added, for the benefit of Anglophiles everywhere. Sad to say, I just finished Troy's last episode, The Green Man. It was just the type of episode I like, with the woodland scenes, the campfire, the night sounds of the forest, a pub named The Green Man. The mystery was nothing great (as so often), but having the side plot about past times helped to make up for that. I will hate to see Tom Barnaby exit, but I have a few good seasons before that happens. Can any UK posters confirm that the seasons were only 5 episodes each? I read through the whole forum when i found it, and already want to rewatch some episodes based on comments. One ep that has bothered me is the one with the psychiatrist who helps Tom and who has three kids. Anybody else think this? Did I miss something?
  15. peggy06

    S08.E05: The Bells

    (Bolding mine) Oh man, do I ever agree with this. Especially the parts I bolded. Tyrion is gone all soft about his family, and it's holding him back from being an effective Hand. Varys decided to switch to another player before Dany did anything, and is a traitor. Traitors commonly get executed, especially traitors who are trying to assassinate the rruler. Yet, again and again I hear/read that Dany shouldn't have done that. That it's evidence of madness. It's evidence of ruthlessness, which is considered a strength in others characters (who are male). If Dany is going to commit this act, it makes more sense that she does it out of anger. Not because she's a Targaryen. Saying she snapped in the moment from seeing the Red Keep is illogical and weak. It doesn't make her actions any better, if that's what they were going for.