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  1. It was interesting to me that they didn't really delve into the mom's mental illness. It was just there. Perhaps the book does so more thoroughly. I especially wondered after that Life interviewer questioned Beth about a condition in which a person sees patterns that others don't see, and presented it as a mental illness. (THat was cruel IMO.) The "rounding error" comment, I think, was mathematical lingo for a small mistake. Her mother had a PhD in Mathematics. I assume it was heavily ironic. I, too wondered why the school accepted all the absences when it was clear she wasn't out si
  2. Funny thing. I was raised in a religion that believes in Heaven and Hell, and in my younger days, I used to worry that Heaven seemed boring. I think this was because I envisioned Heaven as a place where we were our corporeal selves and had the same feelings and wants as we had during life. It was explained to me that this wouldn't be the case; we would be beyond those considerations. This is pretty much how the show presented it, too, with the exception that it wasn't boring...at first. For me, delving into the details of The Good Place was the show's mistake. And they went out of their
  3. In S2, a grandmother made it to the final four. Granted that was in 2011. Contestants like Nancy are what I'd love to see more of.
  4. I almost always prefer the older bakers. Experience counts for something. I hope this doesn't become another reality show where they cast for looks.
  5. I saw that story, too. There was a small article with a picture of her in the Daily Mail. On the plus side, she owns her own pub now! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8545691/Bake-Offs-Candice-Brown-indicates-feeling-hopeless-split-husband-Liam-Macauley.html
  6. peggy06

    Hamilton (2020)

    I didn't know all that stuff about Aaron Burr, either. Ditto for Hamailton himself, though I always had a sneaking liking for him amongst the Founding Fathers. Thought that came to me while watching: In this production, Aaron Burr=Antonio Salieri. (Except for the part where killing AH really did happen.)
  7. peggy06

    Hamilton (2020)

    Maybe it's because I only know this from watching the show on Disney+, but why does everyone laugh when he goes into character as AH to say the name? I didn't think that was funny or even really meant to be funny.
  8. While I don't 100% agree with your assessment (Carol was breeding cats at one point), this is pretty typical of online attitudes about any female leading character in a fictional series. So why would reality be any different?
  9. The continual sneering is making it very hard for me to watch Kerry's scenes. Not that the Richardsons don't sometimes deserve it, but not to the extent she does it. This show is really capturing the casual racism of well-off liberal white suburbanites.
  10. I'm so mad at Mia right now! She had to run off and get her friend all worked up about the baby? She couldn't just wait till morning? She had to give her the address, for crying out loud? May Ling wasn't going to disappear overnight. If I were Elena, I'd be super suspicious to find Mia upstairs in the dark holding the baby. Wanting to take pictures of a sleeping baby doesn't make it any better TBH. For a minute I thought we were going to have a kidnapping. My thought was that Izzy's friend is the one who's gay and something happened over the summer that was a misunderstanding, but Iz
  11. Is it something like Trey, for a kid who's named after both father and grandfather? Third=triple=Tripp? I didn't like Mia very much, but her character is more interesting than Elena. Elena as played by Reese might as well be Madeline from Big Little Lies.
  12. I pretty much only watch Hulu and the Roku Channel, so my exposure to commercials is limited to the ones they show again and again and AGAIN. But there's a cute one I haven't seen in a month or so. It's for the purple mattress, and it's a young couple The guy says, "Our doctor recently turned us on to something great. It's called sleep." The woman says "It's like being awake, only better." For some reason, I get a small chuckle every time I see this, because of the wry delivery of the lines. The rest of the purple mattress ads, you can have.
  13. I'm not quite done with the series and wavering on whether to finish S1. I don't look forward to any upcoming plot developments with Brady. Right off the bat this seemed like a cross between Hallmark Channel and Hart of Dixie, though with more melodrama than the former and less humor and charm than the latter. The acting, to me, is so-so. I like almost everything to do with Doc, because Tim Matheson is far and away the best actor in the ensemble. He can sell the crochetiness as well as the schmaltz. Hope got on my nerves with butting into everyone's lives, but at last, finally, she seems
  14. Just finished this and I'm really let down by the ending. Such a weak motive for murder. $5000? Really? I mean we already had one crazy psycho guy (Katz) murder a woman for no good reason. Now two? Also, embezzlement is so mundane for all the mysterious buildup. I actually hadn't expected Corinne to be dead, and that was an additional bummer. But worst of all was Adam shooting Tripp, and Jo covering it up. Adam was entitled to murderous rage, but to do that right after Tripp points out his kids will be parentless if he goes to jail? It just didn't make sense to me. Even less sensible is a
  15. THEY GOT ME! After all the switcheroos in the course of this series, I should have seen it coming. And I did, briefly, consider that the funeral might have been Jamie's, except for McNally's remarks. All I have to say is that I'm so glad I was wrong? Was prepared to hate this show like I've never hated any show before. In the end, this was very very sweet if unrealistic.
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