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  1. peggy06

    Four Weddings

    I never thought she was that bad. the one who bugged me on that episode was the princess.
  2. peggy06

    S02.E10: All Alone

    Maybe you're looking at this from a 21st century perspective, though. In the 50s and even 60s, fathers were not as involved in the day-to-day with their kids as they are now.
  3. peggy06

    S02.E07: Look, She Made a Hat

    I agree with this. Maybe it's regional, maybe I was sheltered - no adult in my life growing up during this period ever talked like that. It was considered totally beyond the pale. In this show, it's like the Sherman Palladinos are so giddy that they can use it, that they overdo. It does seem a little contrived how they always are hanging out, particularly given they seemed to have amped up the general annoyingness of the Maisel parents. I guess you could fanwank that Yom Kippur was a special occasion so they all wanted to be together. I could really do without either of Joel's parents, but especially Moishe. They come close to being cartoonish. I can almost see them being together because they have grandchildren in common, except for the fact that they never pay any attention to said grandchildren. (But then neither does anyone else.) No, I'm afraid the real reason is to use those actors and to lay on the comedy very, very thick.
  4. peggy06

    Four Weddings

    I have done this, too, but there was one couple on SYTTD where I was judging hard as sugar daddy/trophy wife, and looked them up. And the husband had died of cancer within a few years. That kind of cured me - I felt horrible.
  5. peggy06

    S04.E08: Episode 8

    Well, no need for me to watch this any more, now that they killed off the most interesting character. I could not possibly care less about Demelza and Ross and their constant breakup/makeup shtick.
  6. peggy06

    Four Weddings

    I stopped my streaming service so I won't be able to watch even reruns any more. I will miss coming here. The last episode I saw was a New York or New Jersey episode where the most notable aspect was the bride who kept going on about shots. She HAD TO have shots! At one wedding the others wouldn't do shots; at another, there was a sign up that no shots would be served. Most of her commentary was about shots or lack thereof. It was a little OTT. There was a Christmas themed wedding that had the prettiest church decorations, thanks to the time of year. That bride was very critical of Shots Bride; it was like there was a separate competition going on between them. Definite personality clash. One of the tall centerpieces fell on another of the brides at the Christmas (Silver and Gold) wedding, and that bride didn't even ding the wedding for it. (But another bride did.) The winner that time had a nice wedding, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. Tons of food as I recall. I think she was the bride who dinged someone else because she didn't care for flowers. I guess hers was the best by default, no falling vases and shots were served.:)
  7. peggy06

    S01.E01 Pilot

    Worse than I expected. The dialogue was heavy-handed. Everything was in your face: Strong women! Science! I despise Trump, but don't want it brought into fictional TV shows thankyouverymuch. I found the acting stiff. But the funniest thing was when the Big Bad devolved into the Night King from Game of Thrones. Make up your own effects!
  8. peggy06

    Say Yes To The Dress

    I've been watching the reruns on Sunday morning. The old shorter episodes are so much better. Les Pnina, for one thing. Also I liked the managers being featured in the TH. Today I caught a blowout episode (with the Australian bride who ended up not liking her dream dress) and an episode with a bride who was set on a blush gown but wasn't feeling it till she tried on something white. There's just enough of brides, family and consultants in these episodes. Episode 2 also featured a very pretty, petite bride who had seen a photo of a particular halter dress and was trying to replicate it. I hated the halter dresses she tried on, as well as her dream dress in the photo. They looked like white cocktail dresses. She would have looked amazing in so many other styles. Too bad she was fixated on that one.
  9. peggy06

    House Hunters International

    Calgary to Stockholm episode: The wife talked a little too much about needing her own space, and some of her reactions to her husband came across pretty negative. I don't think she's into this marriage. I was glad they didn't take the expensive place, but the middle pla ce could have been OK. That studio is really, really small. Especially if you aren't really into your partner. On the plus side, I always enjoy the Stockholm episodes. Beautiful place.
  10. peggy06

    S04.E08: Coushatta

    Regarding the Huell con: I think it was something we're just supposed to accept that it worked, even though it seems outlandish. If the ADA bought Jimmy's atrocious version of a Cajun accent, she'll swallow plenty of unlikely things. My hope is that we don't hear any more about this plot. My take on why Kim did it is that she started in to represent Huell the right way, and the ADA dug in her heels so hard that it set Kim's back up. Then it became personal. She was going to beat this charge. As to why she decided to do it so illegally, that's harder to figure. In the previous episode, it seemed like she did it to stop Jimmy from making his own position worse by hiding Huell. I assumed she had come up with something legal - very much not so! And then Jimmy was in the plot just as deep, so she wasn't saving him from anything. How she went from being upset with Jimmy for selling drop phones, to concocting a completely fraudulent scheme, is something I can't figure.
  11. peggy06

    S04.E08: Coushatta

    I never wondered about it for a second. It never occurred to me to think about it. I've rolled my eyes a few times at this plotline, but have concluded that it's character development for Mike and development of the relationship between him and Gus.
  12. peggy06

    Four Weddings

    Saw a couple of reruns over the weekend. The hour-long format is so much better than the new version. The Boston episode had two brides with lovely weddings but less-lovely attitudes. Fairytale Princess wedding: It rubbed me the wrong way from the get-go how Anjulie bragged that her fiance was doing all the work. She came off so entitled and spoiled. Also, she was pretty critical of the others' weddings, and kept comparing them unfavorably to her own. Her wedding was actually quite nice, with a gorgeous venue, and her princessy dress looked beautiful on her. I was a little surprised by the husband's state trooper uniform, but maybe that's the norm for members of law enforcement? I've only ever seen military uniforms worn. Too bad about the lack of AC in the castle; they should have thought that through, but my sense is that Princess would have wanted the place anyway. Their wish lanterns were awesome floating over the water. Harvard Cammi also had a very nice wedding. I liked everything about it except the personal photos at the reception (who puts a photo of themselves as a cheerleader at their wedding? Get over it!) The chapel was beautiful; the string quartet was awesome; her Dad walking her down the aisle was moving; her reception venue was lovely. I thought she looked beautiful in that dress, and especially liked the ruched bodice. Then she turned around and was so fussy at all the other weddings. You don't like the outdoors? You don't like TREES? What kind of inane comment is that? The other weddings were also nice. I liked the backyard wedding. I thought the food looked great, even though Anjulie said it wasn't enough for a wedding. That wedding also featured wish lanterns - wonder whose wedding came first? These didn't come off as spectacularly, not having wide open spaces for flight. The whaling museum wedding was fine, but nothing special. I was surprised it tied for first. I suspect some highly strategic placements by the contestants to help themselves or hurt someone else. That was my favorite dress, and the bride (Jenna?) seemed to have a great time. But the whole thing was pretty typical wedding except for the reception venue, which seemed ill-suited. This show is such a guilty pleasure. Sorry to hear it may not be coming back.
  13. peggy06

    S04.E05: Quite A Ride

    I agree with Ellaria Sand that it still isn't necessary to have watched Breaking Bad in order to enjoy/follow Better Call Saul. Even the cold open is clear that Jimmy is doing a bunk and something shady is involved. I don't think you have to know why, or get the vacuum cleaner reference, to pick up the gist. This isn't the first time BCS has jumped into the future without explanation, so if you got through the Gene scenes all right, this shouldn't be so much different. Maybe they should have used a light filter to indicate a change in the timeline? Once past that, it also isn't necessary to know about the laundry/lab to get that Mike is working on some super-secret and shady project for Gus. Which will eventually be revealed. I think one problem is reading discussions where BrBa fans talk about old characters and tie-ins. I think that would definitely make me feel like I was missing things. But those things are not germane to understanding the overall story; they just enhance the story for old-timers. That's in part why I don't need there to be more of them. I don't need to see old characters, and I don't look for references. It does make things a bit difficult for the newbies, like there's an insider club talking about the show that they can't be a part of. But that's not the fault of the show. I guess you could say it's a fault of the internet, or maybe just human nature. :)
  14. peggy06

    S04.E05: Quite A Ride

    This is my favorite episode of the season, because it was mostly about Jimmy. And secondly about Kim. They are currently the most interesting characters to me. I never once thought about Nacho. I wouldn't have missed Fring if he hadn't been there. It's moderately interesting to me to see the care that's being taken with the construction of the lab, but I don't need to see any more. We know the lab was built; we've seen it. I definitely don't need to see what gory end befalls the workers and architects of the final product. I'll be disappointed if they spend much more time on that storyline. Give Mike something else to do. Back to what I liked about the episode: Jimmy being old Jimmy, wheels spinning, energetic, alive. The phone montage was great. If only he had left while the going was good. I was nonplussed when he started wiping out his new slogan, but maybe he doesn't want any of those customers coming back at him now? Or he just decided he can't handle it. I really can't figure what direction Kim is going to go. When she told Denise it wouldn't happen again, she seemed sincere. So sad to hear Jimmy's pep talk to self at the end. It puts Saul in a whole new light.
  15. peggy06

    House Hunters International

    This was SO grating. The daughter constantly repeating about local ambience or somesuch. It was incredibly rehearsed. The 2nd and 3rd apartments were both very nice, though. LaPaz looks amazing.