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S01.E05: Love, Chalet

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Following their spontaneous night together, Maya and Duffy try being more than friends. Craig becomes obsessed with Zara's reality show. Ainsley meets an exciting new client who could help save her business… as well as the client's horrible ex-husband, Bryce.

Dropping Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

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I can't blame Craig for watching Love Chalet. Even if they hadn't just broken up, there's something compelling and voyeuristic about watching an ex on a reality tv show (not that I would know since none of mine have been on any of these dating shows, but I get it).

I used to watch those horrible dating shows on VH1 with the D level celebrities (Flavor of Love, Rock of Love) so Love Chalet is totally cracking me up: Duncan the former exotic dancer/current tanning specialist/aspiring bartender, everyone in bikinis and underwear in the snow, and the inevitable "You're not here for the right reasons!"

We're already seeing signs that Maya is not into Craig. He's clearly in love with her and she's comfortable with him so it's only a matter of time before she breaks his heart.

I like Kash and Fatima together so I hope he quits pining for Maya, but since this is a rom com I'm sure that Maya and Kash will be the fourth wedding in the final episode.

I am glad that Ainsley finally knows that Craig and Kash are still friends. I understood that he kept it a secret because he didn't want to upset her, but it's been a few months so she might as well know the truth.

I liked the confrontation at the club but it's so typical. Girls can't even dance without idiot dickholes turning it into a thing. Like seriously, GO AWAY. I came here to dance with my friends, not deal with an endless parade of jerks!

I love Basheer's friendship with Fatima's grandmother.

Gemma was just starting to seem a bit human again and then she had to go and talk shit about Maya to Duffy. STFU.

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Having been subjected to watching the Bachelorette with teenage Shipmate the past few weeks, I found the Love Chalet bits hilarious!

Duffy and Gemma are inevitable and, quite frankly, make more sense than Duffy and Maya. Maya is gonna wind up with Kash as endgame.

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Fun episode.   loved how everyone was so into Love Chalet and let's face it, that is exactly the sort of trashy show Zara would be on.  I loved every tv audience reaction shot each week as they all watched he show LOL.  Even the random people in the pub and Asif crawling in silently so he can watch as well.  Also the show itself was perfect.  Love the two guys being into each other twist (and of course everyone's reactions).  LOL.

I frickin' love Basheer!  And he and Fatima had on 'Team Zara' shirts!

Ok Maya and Duffy.  That is the most awkward pairing ever.  Basheer's reaction to their pairing cracks me up every time.  But I do think Duffy had to have his time with Maya so he could get her out of his system.  It is obvious he and Gemma will get together because Maya and Kash are totally gonna get together in the end.

I never saw what Craig saw in Zara but dammit, if Brandon Mychal Smith isn't selling the hell out of it. He does the teary eyed thing so well.  I am betting that her turning him down on tv was all producer manipulation.  She had to finish out the show as pre-scripted or she would have been in breach of contract or something.

I am glad to see her getting into the friend fold more deeply, but Gemma really needs to give up her childish competition with Maya. 

I hadn't realized this is the first time Ainsley has come face to face with Kash since the wedding.  Ouch.

Finally, I like the calligraphy notes as scene placards. 

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I got a kick out of this episode with the Love Chalet gags (I watch the Bachelor and all bachelor adjacent programming so...).

I’m really starting to love Craig, Gemma, Ainsley, and Basheer (“are you ladies happy with your cell phone plans?” “Yeah I think we’re alright.”). I’m meh about Maya, Zara and Kash. Hate Duffy. 

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I don’t even see friend chemistry between Maya and Duffy much less romantic chemistry of two people had great sex.

I think Maya either the writing or the actress is my main issue with the show, I don’t find her believable or likeable.

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