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S02.E05: A Better Yesterday

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I've come to like this show more and more. It seems they are actually taking care with the writing. I was getting quite angry with Seg when he was getting too close to Zod while holding that gun on him so I was glad that Brainiac brought it up after Zod overpowered Seg.

I love that a part of Brainiac is still inside Seg and helping him as opposed to just having an imaginary friend who is just putting your own thoughts in order. I'm thinking of another show that did this, could it be Farscape?

I was surprised the blond girl (I can't think of her name right now) didn't know about the oxygen things since it seemed so obvious to me they were going to be bad.

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Np way is Lyta dead, not only because its a lame way to kill her off, but it means Zod wont exist anymore because timie whimy stuff. 

Someone is actually trying to fuck with Segs head. Zod, Phantom Zone, Braniac, Braniac again. At least he got some cool shooting skills this time!

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