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S02.E04: She Knows

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A reminder that this topic is to discuss the episode; posts with mentions of the book or unspoiler-tagged book references will be removed and repeat offenses may result in additional sanctions. Thank you.

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For those asking about bankruptcy, it appears that Renata and her husband filed under chapter 7, which is the liquidation chapter, as the trustee is selling their non-exempt assets. Generally, individuals wanting to save their house and/or car file under chapter 11 or 13, which are reorganization chapters. Renata and her husband would not be eligible to file under 13 as there is a debt limit there that they most certainly would exceed, but they could have filed chapter 11 to attempt to come to a consensual plan with their creditors. Whatever monetary sanction is exacted against Renata's husband (sorry, can't remember his name) would likely not be discharged under chapter 7, but other debts would, freeing their money up to pay the judgment.

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The awkward moments in this show make me squirm.


Mary Louis is so freaking awful,

Mary Louise is one treacherous bitch. I'm so wanting someone to slap the shit out of her (Celeste smacking her was a start).

Renata is ridiculous, but highly watchable. Ditto, Madeline.

When Chloe said, "The door is hinged" I cackled.

I like that Celeste is a mess. But then, I enjoy watching women characters who don't have all their shit together.

Ed and Madeline's relationship is both fascinating and painful to watch.

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On 7/1/2019 at 6:47 AM, Melina22 said:

As for Celeste, I just assumed she'd been blackout drunk the night before and didn't remember what she'd done till it was too late. Ambien certainly wouldn't help. 

I don't get why she'd take an Ambien anyway. She picks up the bartender and takes him home for sex. Does she really need an Ambien to get to sleep afterwards? And why didn't the guy just hide out in the bedroom when he heard ML and the kids come in. Why walk through the apartment shirtless? Who does that? Unbelievable and just a plot device to get ML to react.

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On 7/1/2019 at 7:17 PM, Armchair Critic said:

I realize that,  I just meant that actor plays creepy well so that's what has me suspicious of him. She did call him "Dad" last night but I figured he was her stepfather.

I believe it's her real father. In the restaurant scene a few episodes ago he recounted a story about something she used to do with her food as a child.

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On 7/4/2019 at 12:43 PM, DrSpaceman said:

I treat patients with botox all the time, mostly for migraines.  If she is paying $4500+ for injections, she needs to find a new doctor.  Way overpriced.  That would be more than a year's worth. 


Did she actually say it was Botox? I think maybe she had a facelift. 

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In the bankruptcy hearing when asked to clarify the $4200 medical expense Renata doesn’t want to say it out loud she points to her forehead and draws a line..it indicates the line of Botox injections placed to eliminate forehead wrinkles.
Had to go back to the episode to refresh...remembering how much I love the theme song of the series.

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