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S03.E19: Bounty

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The case was fairly interesting, but I hated the way they portrayed the ADA and her interactions with Bull. She might be young, but the woman has gone to law school. His infantilization and her crying at the end were ridiculous.

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On 4/16/2019 at 12:59 PM, HurricaneVal said:

All I can think is "Please, dawg, for all that is holy, do not make her Bull's love interest..."

Naah, she's too nice.  Bull is only attracted to women who are a complete pain in the ass.

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So, I guess "it was a mistake" really is grounds for acquittal on assault with bodily injury and kidnapping, etc.  Sheesh.  It doesn't matter that the guy behind the guy was crooked as a snake, what the defendant did was purely wrong.  The episode plot did do a good deed though, in pointing out the flaws in the bail enforcement industry. 

I wonder if there are ever any repercussions in the DA's office when their staff fails to look into the case below the surface. 

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2 hours ago, Dowel Jones said:

I guess "it was a mistake" really is grounds for acquittal on assault with bodily injury and kidnapping, etc.  Sheesh.

From what I understand, if your action would be reasonable otherwise, then you might be able to argue that defense.

For example, the radio warns of an escaped convict in your area, and gives a description. Five minutes later a guy matching the description and wearing an orange jump-suit hops over your back fence.  You tickle the guy with a bat, and call the cops.  Turns out the guy is an innocent bystander who likes orange jump-suits.  You probably won't get done for assault, since your actions would have been reasonable, except for mis-identifying the guy.

I don't know that you can claim beating a guy up and locking him in your boot would have been reasonable behaviour if he had been the bail-jumper you thought he was. And dropping his unconscious body off at the A&E without telling anyone anything after you discovered he wasn't...

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