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  1. Welcome5431

    S07.E07: From Russia with Drugs

    despite the twists and turns,the plot is formulaic. I called the culprit based on the time they were introduced and their relationship to the alleged victim
  2. Welcome5431

    S07.E05: Into the Woods

    The dialogue was inaudible and unintelligible. I thought they were going for a connection between the victim from the marathon that worked in admissions at the prep school and the alleged threat against the teenage niece of the Mark Zuckerberg figure. I thought that the niece attended the same prep school where the runner was working, being in the one percent and all. But I guess the show is introducing a new arc.
  3. Welcome5431

    S07.E05: Into the Woods

    It sounded to me like the actors' microphones were all broken the whole episode. my volume was up all the way
  4. Welcome5431

    S07.E03: The Price of Admission

    Watson said that a suspect was deceiving them during an interview, and said the same thing last week too
  5. Welcome5431

    S07.E03: The Price of Admission

    Do the TV's closed captioning or subtitles help?
  6. Welcome5431

    S03. E21. When the Rains Came

    Is this episode an interpretation of the possible cover up of the negligence towards those inmates in South Carolina who might've been abandoned and stranded in their prison during a hurricane last Fall? Media coverage favored Kavanaugh's hearing and dropped the inmates' stories as well
  7. Welcome5431

    The Simpsons

    In this apparent spoof of the Investigation Disc channel, Lisa is all too quick to pass judgment, play jury and accuse the traditionally delinquent population [Bart] not progressive
  8. Welcome5431

    All Episodes Talk: NCIS: Los Angeles

    in choke point , the Seal's nurse in the ICU yelled for "2 lorazepams for the seizure " , but he didn't specify the dose. IRL, this could represent HIPPAA's limitations on health care. Later, the director of the weed dispensary said her stomach churned over the crime. Marijuana can cause nausea as a side effect.
  9. Welcome5431

    S03. E19. Bounty

    During voir dere, would a prospective juror confess in court that she might not pay the resturaunt bill, regardless of oath?
  10. Welcome5431

    S16. E17. Silent Service

    They scripted McGee to answer Kasie's call to the lab;he understood her technical findings in the computer transmissions when time was of the essence. Did the copy of "Moby Dick", quote unquote, look new or worn to you?
  11. Welcome5431

    S16. E17. Silent Service

    I thought the team descended into immaturity in the first half, as the naval vessel descended. We have a NCIS crew member who lost her sea-legs; a young and petty medical examiner , the others were unprofessional too. Bishop missed an obvious conclusion that Gibbs fed her. The antics in the beginning set up their collective rise to the occasion once it was revealed that Gibbs was stranded and the case went dire. Nick was On It,.
  12. Welcome5431

    S16. E16. Bears and Cubs

    the key line delivered by Gibbs sums up this episode: "no dice"
  13. Welcome5431

    S03. E17. Parental Guidance

    The Court represents an ultimate social and public setting, in contrast with the prior life off the grid. Even if the single sermon is the only one he's heard, i don't think one sample sermon guarantees that he has internalized the moral of the lesson .
  14. Welcome5431

    S20.E17: Missing or We've Got something

    Detective Carissi seems to be the working forensic archaeologist. This season he uncovered 3 bodies long concealed on residential properties, first stumbling onto the yiddish family matriarch.. Plus he analyzed the contents of the Starbucks cup recovered from the parking garage early in this episode . He gave that herbology analysis of the suspect's lawn, later in this episode.
  15. Welcome5431

    The Simpsons

    Lisa introduced the sand artwork ritual to a Western audience by demonstration on a compliant Marge first