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  1. spoilers: Was any one else cringing a bit while two of the petty officers were having petty conversation on the welcome mat of the musician's flat. The delay, on tv, of critical moments could have meant the difference between an apprehension and an escape, a rescue and a bleed out. The gossip also apparently distracted the agents from realizing that the musician inside said apartment was the intended victim.The agents have worked as many cases as episodes that I have seen; they have the same evidence and retrospective that led me to deduce this logic .
  2. So slight season's spoilers or speculations: in a closed adoption, how are developments in the biological family history communicated to the adult child? Jack gave a medical history 28 years ago but what about conditions that are onset suddenly later. Maybe the adoption agency is out of business and can't transmit the updated history. I assumed Faith wants to start a family and that Jack is too close to the situation to think of this. We fans are often a step ahead of NCIS. Have Faith,
  3. Special agent Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs is a slight ludite with a perchance to pamper the scientists in the high tech laboratory..for balance.. But The rule #1 of the Bullpen should be: Respect for basic protocol. Kace hands down was too hands on with the case, in this case. a month they let the uncleared Ziva in, and the behavioral analysis missed Gibbs' motives for letting Kace interview the suspect. The behavioral analyst has been gossiping about the other agents' privileged personal affairs Tatter tot is Minnesota's hotdish
  4. tThe dialogue captured speech patterns among the devoutly faithful people in the interior of the USA; rural to urban,, coastal too. They invoke the lord's name every other sentence, and if secular people do it, it's taking his name in vain. hegemony
  5. The sign in Olivia's office had the gist of -women are decision makers In the final scene The clinic had a poster along the lines of -not his choice, in the context of the episode I stretched the copy to mean "his " with a lower and upper case H
  6. The signs on the walls iin Olivia's office and elsewhere were placed prop-aganda related to the COTW .
  7. Team Gibbs Must have /should have /neglected to update Zzziva's clearances and her background check to reflect most of the past decade before they let her back into the bullpen. She is declared dead and in the secure Naval building off record? Other "family "members are able to come inside the office to consult on cases but people they're able to provide a current background check Some jobs require employees to be re-trained and debriefed after a two week absence from work The show has ambiguities around the status of alive or dead, as the boundaries thin between the living and the dead, this October moon. The ambiguities caused confusion over when to rescue each other or just let supposedly deceased teammates rest in peace
  8. Agent Gibbs' rule 41: Be inconspicuous and you can hide, and, escape, in plain sight. Run through the sprinkler to reduce the sight of your wounds before boarding Capitol Metro Transit. Once you're riding public transit, address your partner using her alias, Zoe Davis. The set design is improving in authenticity ,
  9. Welcome back.It's going to be a long year
  10. despite the twists and turns,the plot is formulaic. I called the culprit based on the time they were introduced and their relationship to the alleged victim
  11. The dialogue was inaudible and unintelligible. I thought they were going for a connection between the victim from the marathon that worked in admissions at the prep school and the alleged threat against the teenage niece of the Mark Zuckerberg figure. I thought that the niece attended the same prep school where the runner was working, being in the one percent and all. But I guess the show is introducing a new arc.
  12. It sounded to me like the actors' microphones were all broken the whole episode. my volume was up all the way
  13. Watson said that a suspect was deceiving them during an interview, and said the same thing last week too
  14. Do the TV's closed captioning or subtitles help?
  15. Is this episode an interpretation of the possible cover up of the negligence towards those inmates in South Carolina who might've been abandoned and stranded in their prison during a hurricane last Fall? Media coverage favored Kavanaugh's hearing and dropped the inmates' stories as well
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