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S04.E20: Abby's Top Ten Dances

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I think it was rescheduled a bit late for everything to get changed quickly.  I saw Abby on Wendy Williams today promoting the new show for next week. That was probably not able to be rebooked.

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OK, that was easily the best episode of the entire show. Seeing the whole dances really showcases these kids work. Abbey was generous with the praise for the girls and even the moms a few times. Why can't this be what we see every week instead of all drama and bitching 24/7.

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Re-watching Where Have All the Children Gone reminds me of how awful Vivi was.  The number is so somber, yet there she swings with a grin on her face.  The strange part is, Vivi's resting facial expression is rather flat, and she seldom smiles.  When Vivi and Mac entered and exited the stage, Mac sprints, and Vivi walks like Frankenstein's monster.


I also noticed that Abby looks thinner now than the first season.

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