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  1. This dumbass Nina Turneer confirms every bit of shit that Sanders supporters represented. Gabbard is anti-gay. Fuck Nina Turner and her her picky recognition of what is good and bad... She was one of the group that went after Doleres Huerta.... Of course Nina and her self importance are worth more.
  2. Yup, anti-gay Gabbard's hypocritical pro war stance is perfect for the the tangerine tyrant, whether he hires her or not. This man is the hero of the head. I feel zero sympathy for BoBs, bemuse they were stupid enough in their beliefs and accusations. I hope thy are pleased about electing Trump and fucking just the folks in the middle that tRump was supposed to save. The voting against one's own self interest continues... the dumbing down of America in our educational system is massively supported, it makes me cry - I will struggling for at least four years. THIS IS NOT NOR
  3. Any Democrat that supports anything that follows tRump's thinking should be drowned from so-called swamp. But no, tRump is inviting every fucking lobbyist in to play. No matter how unethical. But his idiot supporters will continue to support shit against their own self own interest. They are all gung-ho about dismantling the FLSA. Heilmann and many other's are screwed, as is the American public. Consolations to all the young women that experienced this heinous behavior,. I know all about the men's movement - these folks are so proud to represent them.
  4. Oh no, I hold all the BoBs and all the folks that reinforced them responsible See the following shitheads: Thomm Hartmann Robert Reich Cenk Uyguar/Jimmy Dore Some of who earned cash and were all about RT.com. They all should be called out for their support for anti-gay Gabbard just because she was so "courageous" to step down from being a DNC co-chair.
  5. I need a safe space for a primal scream.... FUCK YOU uneducated low info purposely stupid idiots that were always going to vote against their own personal economic self interest voting for despicable ass hats, I'd like to include all of the special snowflakes that wanted Clinton to personally touch them and explain her policies... You're as fucking ignorant as your enemies, once again. Please - go forth and multiply and see how that works out for you.
  6. Trump is planning to hose Federal Workers. That won't hurt middle class workers in a anyway, or portend his future efforts about wages about other workers or interests. Just wait, Ryan's attacks on Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare are next. Purists should be so very proud.
  7. Oh goody, Arms Greenspan as a fill in for MTP daily... Day Side MSNBC is all in for tRump since Morning Ho leads the empire.
  8. Tulsi Gabbard was represented as a champion of the left, she never was. She deserves a slap from every twoo progressive, but won't get it because Sanders. The hypocrisy is malignant. She's anti-equal marriage rights. But who cares, she supported Bernie.
  9. Sidwell Friends, though perfectly able to protect POTUS children, has beliefs that are antithetical to the Tangerine Tyrant's beliefs, even though it is one of the best schools in the U.S. Undoubtedly better than the private school that Baron currently attends.
  10. The answer is no - they are all about at the bottom line all about the SCOTUS picks because in the end - that will keep them safe for at least another generation or two - with their upholding of Heller, continued dismantling of voting rights, overturning of marriage equality rights, upholding of Citizens United and overturning of Roe v Wade. Yet one more thing that progressive purists that are white privileged assholes, never gave two fucks about.
  11. Tulsi Gabbard is openly anti-gay and now openly hawkish after she played Democrats as being the opposite in her support for Sanders. All these folks present one side to the public and another when it comes to their personal ambition.
  12. Maybe tRump is reaching out to her for LGBTQIAA outreach. I kid of course - I think her invitation is more of a slap against progressives than anything. And should he choose her as UN Ambassador - and she accepts - her true colors are there for all to see.
  13. The purists that are mocking folks that knew that Clinton would win the primary and saw all the hate blown all over in the primary, that knew it would damage her and warned said purists - are now blaming the folks that understood how politics works for losing to tRump. Seriously? Once again, the progressive purists have handed us hell - just like they did in 2000. 9/11 and the Iraq War should have taught them, but no - 100s of thousands of lives lost and trillions of dollars further in debt didn't do anything to poke their bubble of purity. These are the folks that are responsible
  14. Here. New Balance came out against tRump as soon as they started to feel the pinch of the Veep's words about him maybe being better for trade because he's anti-TPP. I won't boycott them mostly because I can't - they are one of the rare shoe makers that accommodate my son's nine and half six E Flintstone foot. Judge me if you must.
  15. Which is why when I am not using things like Cheeto Jeebus or Tangerine Tyrant, I use tRump as a protest.
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