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Brandon Maxwell: He's Gaga Over Fashion

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As far as I am concerned, he won my heart by telling Cavanaugh that she should have enough money left over for a drink.

He will have to do a lot of stupid to negate that!

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I liked when he got emotional with Afa’s talking about what this opportunity meant to him. If I recall correctly, he may have wiped a tear from his eye. 

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Seriously?!?  Our new Duchess of Orange is the meat dress designer?  Wow. 

He is really growing on me as a judge.  I was reserving my opinion, because sometimes he's trying too hard to be outrageous a la our dear, dear Duchess of Orange, but when he's being himself he's got a genuine, gentle snark and provides some nicely nuanced evaluations of the designs.  Eventually I will remember his name.  For now, I shall call him "Meat Dress Guy."

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On 9/23/2019 at 6:32 AM, auntlada said:

It looks like it's falling off of her.

Yeah, not a huge fan of that.  I'm subconsciously pulling up the shoulders for her.  I don't know when fayshun decided that women's breasts needed to be on display to the point of needing auxilliary fasteners to avoid exposing oneself, but I for one, don't need to get intimately familiar with a woman, to find her attractive or interesting.

Edit - Fayshun may have made the decision, but women can flip the script by refusing to go along.

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