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The Venture Bros.

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Anyone else watching the reruns these days on Adult Swim? They’ve been airing the sixth season recently. I’m watching “Rapacity in Blue,” with Monarch’s frightening “Jedi Cave” moment. I’ll have to remember to post sketches I’ve gotten over the years based off the show.

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A final season on another network or service would be nice. On the other hand, Rusty and Malcolm finding out they're half-brothers and Hank disappearing make be the best way to end the series. Eh, probably not. I can still see Sirena going mental and trying to create a new human being by merging Hank and Dean.

ETA: Back in the days of Television Without Pity, they had Pixel Challenges, which had us making stuff with themes. A few themes, we dealt with creating anagrams from show titles. I'm still oddly proud of making this one:


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NPR talks to Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. Reporter Zack Schlein is definitely a fan. Some hope:


The duo maintains hope there'll be more. They spent the better part of two decades nurturing The Venture Bros., and were prepared to say more with it. An official Adult Swim tweet claims they "also want more Venture Bros." while Publick and Hammer say there have been on-again, off-again talks of one last special. But they're pessimistic about its odds of returning as a semi-regular show with proper seasons.


But hope springs eternal, and given how miraculous the very existence of The Venture Bros. was, they're not writing anything off.

"In my deepest dreams, I want to be something like Star Trek, where two years later people go 'The fans have spoken — you're coming back!'" Hammer says. "I'd be like hold on, let me dust off my idiocy and get right back to it."


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Adult Swim Has Three Movies In The Works For ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’, ‘The Venture Bros.’ & ‘Metalocalypse’

Rather than send the movies straight to Adult Swim’s sister HBO Max immediately, the pics will get a release worldwide on Blu-ray/DVD and PVOD and electronic-sell-through (EST) with a 90-day exclusive window before hitting the streaming service and Adult Swim.

In the The Venture Bros. movie, Doc’s latest invention will either bankrupt the Ventures or launch them to new heights, as Hank searches for himself, Dean searches for Hank, The Monarch searches for answers, and a mysterious woman from their pasts threatens to bring their entire world crashing down on them. The Venture Bros. is created, written and executive produced by Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. The Venture Bros. premiered originally as a pilot in 2003, with the first season airing in August 2004. The series aired 7 seasons and 4 specials over its near 15 year-run and was one of Adult Swim’s longest running series alongside Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay

Finally got on board this show for the first time after hearing about its reputation from... uh, I think comments from AVClub's Archer reviews, maybe. Not surprised someone there might have referenced this show, given that their Adult Swim parodies of old spy/adventure shows.

The point is, I enjoyed the pilot, but that's probably because I can be easily satisfied given the proper adjusted expectations (I gave up on Simpsons after season 11, so not always). It has some pretty morbid jokes ("We don't have a mum, Hank") so I already have a good impression of the show. The goofiness of the Monarch is charming enough, and the twist motive of the ninja had me laughing and impressed, so. I really dug the subversion of calling out a ninja who's blatantly crept up on a corner of the ceiling.

The only plot-point that might have been kinda lukewarm for me was the hooker. But if I'm as easily impressed with the pilot, the rest of the show should probably be even more amazing.


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The show started out as a parody of boy scientist cartoons like Johnny Quest but evolved to be much, much more. The writers are not afraid to sometimes 'go there' and there are pretty wild twists to come. Also, Doc Hammer voicing Dr. Girlfriend is never not funny. If you are familiar with pop culture from the 70s and 80s the jokes are even better. They managed to keep a multi-season parody of the classic schlock movie The Thing with Two Heads running without going stale. They lean into the idea that anything called The Guild of Calamitous Intent is going to have a formal, Victorian-esque set of rules and regulations. Can't wait for the movie to finally be done. 

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The Venture Bros.: The Complete Series


Collecting all 82 episodes from the show’s seven season run along with all the previously released special features, the set will be available to purchase Digitally (SRP $79.99) and on DVD (SRP $134.99 U.S./$129.99 Canada) from Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment on June 20, 2023.

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1x04: The Incredible Mr. Bisby

Ugh, Hank's drool went into Dean's mouth! Christ. lol

I like how Bisby was smart enough to overcome Brock Samson (even though Brock's whole deal seems to be he's invulnerable, including effects from hundreds of tranquilizers shot by Monarch's henchmen), albeit through Mandalay's aid. Glad Brock isn't a one-note cliche like that.

Also, something I didn't mention before, I like Patrick Warburton in such a badass role for a change as I only know Patrick's voice from goofy roles like Kronk in The Emperor's New Groove and Mr. Barkin in Kim Possible. Also that one Funny or Die sketch as a president of the United States who has never watched Rocky (and ending up finding it overhyped when he finally did).

"You knocked me out and put me in a bag to bring me fifty yards?" I really like how the show plays around with conventional tropes like the quoted joke here where the villain would randomly knock the hero out to show a secret lair, or how Mandalay, usually the brute like Jaws from James Bond, ended up with a "I just work here" excuse and walked away (or how Monarch ended up caring for the boys like a father in the first episode). There were quite a lot of these clever subversions in past episodes to keep me engaged and keep the show refreshing.

Also, having my issues with Disney, I can't say I shed any tears for him being made fun of through Bisby here. Pretty sure Mandalay is a jab at some of the more problematic Disney productions in the past that didn't age well (Song of the South merely being the most well-known one, not the only one).


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So, how important is it to watch this series in production order? Because, as you could tell from my last post, I might have messed it up by watching it by airing order (no thanks to HBO Max).

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We get a clip and a wild-ass subtitle!

As big of an asshole as Rusty can be, he’s right about pre-dawn raids. Also, it looks like he didn’t go on a bender after finding out the truth about Monarch.

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THE VENTURE BROS.: RADIANT IS THE BLOOD OF THE BABOON HEART, Brock (Patrick Warburton) has a lead on where Hank (Chris McCulloch) may be and leads a team to discover his whereabouts while Dr. Venture (James Urbaniak) and Dean (Michael Sinterniklaas) look on from the control room with Gen. Hunter Gathers (McCulloch).

Picking up after the events from the shocking Season 7 finale, The Venture Bros.: Radiant Is the Blood of the Baboon Heart unfolds as a nationwide manhunt for Hank Venture leads to untold dangers and unexpected revelations, while The Monarch is literally out for Dr. Venture’s blood. An imposing evil from the past reemerges to wreak havoc on the Ventures, The Guild, and even the Monarch marriage — it will take friends and foes alike to restore the Ventures’ world to order… or end it once and for all.

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1x09: Ice Station Impossible

Holy crap. Talk about a who's who of '60s animated shows. You have Race Bannon from Jonny Quest of course, but also the Fantastic Four! I love that they delved into Richard's problematic relationship with his wife from the comics, something the MCU would never touch with a ten foot pole. The parody of the other members was amusing, but Richard being a giant ass was the topper.

Now if only they would do Hank Pym too.


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12 hours ago, MagnusHex said:

Now if only they would do Hank Pym too.


Wait til you meet Dr. Entmann.

Oh, and don't worry, the Impossible family are far from the last time they're gonna spoof Marvel characters.

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Dang, @BetterButter beat me to it. Everything looks great. I hope it'll get to Max soon . . . assuming those in charge don't shoot themselves in the foot enough to die.

Heh . . . HELPeR is locked and loaded . . .

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Finally saw the movie! I loved it. If this was the end...I'm satisfied. But I'm sure they'll find a way to return.

So all this time 


the Venture compound was in DENVER?!

I didn't see that coming.

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I finally watched the movie. One question: has there been any scene in the history of the series that couldn't be expanded and tied into continuity really tight?


So . . . Rusty and Malcolm are clones of Jonas. And Hank and Dean never had a real mother. If the image of the boys in utero in a manufactured womb is the last thing we see from this series . . . . another follow-up would be nice. Two fetuses making the Team Venture sign . . . . that's a lot to take.

We're far enough along where spoilers aren't an issue, right? I'm just playing things safe.

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