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  1. I hate one where the trainer is saying something like "Come on, Peloton, you can do it!". It sounds like something one would say on a taped exercise to a generic audience and it sounds stupid. No way am I going to pay for TLC and Discovery freak shows to see the handful of shows I want.
  2. Another question just occurred to me: Why is he driving a race-car to pick up his pizza? Are you even allowed to drive them on the highway? It seems it would have been much easier to take his normal car so he didn't have unbuckle himself and remove the steering wheel and crawl thru the window...
  3. What puzzles me is the name uses the plural form of guru. Isn't there sppsd to be only one guru?
  4. I always wondered if she told everyone she has "poopy-butt syndrome" or they all speculate about why she keeps running off somewhere.
  5. Crap! Does this mean it's no longer on the Travel Channel at all? I just realized it's been a couple weeks since I've seen anything there and thought it was a temporary thing and the new ones on D+ would eventually be shown here.
  6. Or your family spent evenings in the livingroom fondling tp.
  7. I've seen one with a good-looking man dancing in the shower but not any fat ones. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/oYgT/delta-faucet-in2ition-awaken-your-awesome-song-by-cook-classics-ft-mike-taylor
  8. It's a Liberty Mutual commercial, and there's another with "normal" people doing action movie stunts that's a rip-off from a commercial that was popular years ago that was much better. I think it was for Comcast/Xfinity and featured a stuntman business in which the employees went to the office doing stunts, entered by crashing thru windows, and dodging explosions in the office.
  9. I watched some new-ish paranormal shows over the weekend: Conspiracies Decoded: This one is refreshingly skeptical, not necessarily paranormal. The UFO Phenomenon: Dubious, but I want to read up on the school visited by aliens story. Helltown: A Travel Channel documentary about Boston "Helltown" Ohio that ended up being someone's lame attempt at ripping of the Blair Witch project. The Proof Is Out There: Another skeptical show. Wow, is this part of a trend? Flying Girl Caught on Video in Russian Wood: Fact Check
  10. I enjoyed this but cannot stand Alanis Morrissette. Also, why does Fox keep pretending like this show hasn't been on yet? 🤔
  11. There's a new commercial in an ad campaign for some kind of car buying app featuring people thruout history apparently getting screwed with some ancient greeks, one of whom has triangular tires on his chariot who is interrupted by a woman in a minivan opening the side door to plug the product and closing the door before anyone can respond. How rude!
  12. I keep seeing a commercial for Dodge with Cletus and two little boys drag racing. Am I sppsd to know what's the reference? Oh yeah, in one of them the one little tells us not to try and do their stunts. 🤷‍♂️
  13. I assumed she was the black friend in Clueless. I mean this girl.
  14. I saw it last week by accident but forgot to mention it. I was leery when they discussed levitation and showed the debunked little girl flying in Siberia footage but thankfully, they dismissed it as a hoax later. It's great to see a skeptical paranormal show.
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