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  1. Wait, I thought Dolly Parton's song was "9 To 5", not "5 to 9"!
  2. The ones I have seen are open from various directions, so you don't have to pass the front desk for access. Oh! I laughed my arse off at the Buns of Steel gag! I cannot believe I forgot ob that!
  3. Wow, is no one watching this show? I wanted to like this episode, but everyone behaved terribly! Lessons learned, I guess?
  4. I always thought about the ease with which one could sneak into a hotel breakfast buffet. It seems pretty easy. LOL I cannot help but wonder now just how many times do people vomit in rental cars now...
  5. This might be being anal, but would someone in 74 A.D. say that's the year? I thought that practice didn't start until the Middle Ages.
  6. I assume it's people who are tired of paying or cleaning them themselves. I always wonder about Parker the Pizza Delivery Girl getting fired for giving him all that free stuff.🤔
  7. At least you have the option of watching more than four eps! I have never seen more than one ep of Bojack Horseman at a time. 😡
  8. I'm particularly annoyed by the commercials in which the latina ex-model from Desperate Housewives whose name escapes me pretends to dye or touch up her roots with grocery store hair products. Yeah, right...
  9. That DuelFan commercial continues to become more confounding! Who the hell is Moreways? What is he winning?
  10. I'm not sure what it's for, but there's a commercial about a man who used Perm Plus and as a result, has attracted a lot of cats. Wait, isn't that a real product?
  11. I liked the intro and there were a couple amusing gags, but I was bored and found myself looking at the clock.
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