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S13.E31: You Are Not Alone

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So the whole Zig/Maya/Tiny thing is going to be a major shitstorm. Maya... she means well but girl dun goofed over and over again; flushing the drugs, paying Tiny off, kissing Zig to get him to stay (which will also earn him some hell because gangs don't give a shit about that stuff). Tiny's, "don't sneak up on me again," comment, plus the TeenNick promo with him in her house... I don't know that Degrassi will kill anyone, since they've recently done two back to back, but all I can think is that he's going to set their house on fire (and that perhaps Mrs. Matlin won't make it, due to her health). I'd really like to know more about why/how Zig got wrapped up in this gang thing... Grace's explanation was a good start but I'm still very confused by the whole thing.


Glad to see Clare finally focusing on herself, I hope they don't drop this triathlon story. And though it was kinda silly, since I would expect this concern from younger teenagers, not older ones, I was glad that they addressed the, "will Clare go lesbian," issue, since I've seen people theorize about that during the hiatus. Was anyone else worried about the combination of axes and beers? Still don't like Alli, like, why does she shit on everything that's not about her? Blegh.


Not at all interested in Winston and Frankie. Just don't care. But I guess I appreciate something more relatable.

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Gotta give it to Jack, she's been on the show all of 15 minutes and she nailed Clare when she told her she's obsessed with guys. We'll see where this plot goes, but for now, I'll just say I liked that we got to see more of Jack.


I wish we had seen a little more from Frankie's point of view, but it's not hard to buy that she would have harbored a little bit of a crush on her brother's best friend. Andre and Sara play well off each other and have nice chemistry, so I'm good with how this played out.


Maya, wow, that really was a dumb move. And the way she kept him from going at the end by kissing him? One could argue that will turn out to be another form of her leading him on. I hope not. I do love them together, but yikes, that really was a cluster fuck of a move.


So we found out that Zig got taken into the gang after he was thrown out. We still don't know why he got thrown out.


Not too happy with another black guy being a gang member. I hope they don't turn Tiny into a straight up bad guy as I really like him and I hope to see more of him, especially next season.


Is there anything Grace doesn't know? I like her, but that scene with her explaining the gangs was absurd.


This is my first post on this forum. I guess I wanted to wait to TWoP officially closed before completing the move. It's good to see some familiar names here. Looking forward to posting more.

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I thought axe throwing + beers was a bad idea, too. But, Teenagers. 

Does Maya really have feelings for Zig and has just been lying to herself/others when she denies it or was she telling the truth and just doesn't want him to get hurt? My reaction to the kiss at the end varies depending on which of the above is true. I feel like this is The Bracelet Thing 2.0 and she is just digging herself into a deeper hole. Looks like Tiny is going to pay them a visit soon.

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Still don't like Alli, like, why does she shit on everything that's not about her? Blegh.


We can always count on Alli being consistent!


Maya needs to stay out of whatever Zig and Tiny are involved in.


Still can't stand Jack.  She just comes across as such a know it all.  I guess that makes her and Clare well suited as friends.  

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This is the season that will never end...yes it goes on and on my friend....


This episode was okay.


A-Plot. God, Maya is dumb. God, it's painfully obvious the writers and producers are making Olivia do most of the emotional heft of the storyline. It really should've been more about Zig but Ricardo....yeah. At least he's cute.


The gang dynamics scene with Grace was pretty good, and it looks like they're keeping everything low scale unlike the ridiculousness of the Vince storyline. Upset that they had to use another black male as the pusher but the kid is a good actor. Maybe Tiny will stick around, I hope so.


B-Plot. Basically set-up. But could they more stereotypically butch with Jack throwing axes in her spare time?


C-Plot. This was cute. I could see Frankie liking Chewy since he was the boy she grew up with and Chewy realizing Frankie wasn't a kid anymore. I wish Frankie was more developed though I suppose that will come later.

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I'm kind of intrigued by Tiny. I think they have the potential to do something with his character. As this is Degrassi, they probably won't, but hey, there's potential. I think Grace's potential is slowly dying. She's very much on the sidelines. She mostly provides exposition or serves as a sounding board for Maya. And all her "edge" is slowly being stripped away until all she has is her look and really nothing else that defines her as an outsider.


I think they shortchanged the Winston/Frankie thing by rushing it. Even the transition to the kiss was way too fast. But this could be interesting in the long run. I just wish they'd taken the time to build it up so it didn't just feel like "and now you will care about these people."


I'm not sure Jack has the physique to run the triathlon club and do drunken axe throwing on the side, but sure, whatever. It's Degrassi.


I know Zig wasn't heroic this episode but this is what Maya made me think of (she's just a big bag of bad female character stereotypes, isn't she?) http://the-toast.net/2014/05/27/movie-girlfriends-hate-heroism/ I'm fine with characters making bad decisions if A) there's a point to it B) the show realizes it's a bad decision C) it's believable D) (optional but preferred) there are consequences. I'm not quite sure yet if the show really understands how bad they've made Maya at... all the things. Really she's terrible at everything except playing the cello. I hope she does have feelings for Zig because I find her relationship with Miles creepy, I think the writers do a better job with Maya and Zig when they're flirty and not tasked with too much drama, and because if she doesn't then this whole storyline about "saving" Zig is getting ridiculous and painfully stupid.

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