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S2 E7: Weather the Storm


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As the team gathers for a Friendsgiving celebration at Dean's, a violent windstorm touches down in Seattle. As the storm picks up speed, creating dangerous fire conditions, the crew must put the festivities on hold and report for duty, leaving some of them in a life-threatening situation.

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So our group of misfits are called in because B shift is "stranded". Wouldn't that mean B shift has most or all the vehicles out in the field and this group shouldn't have any available transport when they report to work? Or B shift never showed up to work?

Separation or no separation Warren is still on the job so how will that help Miranda's stress?

I nominate the man, his wife, and mother for the "Stupidest side character ever created" award. 

Andy and Sullivan had their first and maybe last meal together but I guess they and the crash victim somehow managed to jump out of the sliding vehicle to safety before the it fell off the side.

With a major windstorm that was build up to be, the team should have been out on the road tending to one rescue to another and another. Nope! One call to the Foolish family, cut a tree, and they are back to the house in time for turkey, stuffing, and sex.

Vic still didn't learn her lesson and remove Ripley's name for her phone.

I guess Vic prevented Ripley to check in with other stations on their status and updates with the storm. He may be the worst chief ever!

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They finally did it.  They made some members of the public actually more annoying than the staff of Station 19.

Seattle FD needs to talk to the fire engine manufacturer about the quality of their windshields.

Grey's Anatomy called.  They want their gratuitous, pointless, unerotic, and completely improper sex scene back.

Bishop should be kicking her heels together for the promotion.  Working somewhere else is always an advantage.  At the least you get to see different management; learn something new.

It looked to me like that road dead ended at the cliff.  I suppose it was supposed to curve to the left, but even so, the skid marks would seem to indicate a rather high rate of speed for the area.  In daylight, too.  I was puzzled by their lack of movement at the scene.  One in the back with the patient, and go.  Use some initiative and get to the hospital.  Or, maybe it was "protocol".

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People in the Greys universe really love to have awkward, work place sex, dont they? Its amazing anyone gets anything done, everyone is either having sex, or walking in on their co-workers having sex every time they try to grab a broom or something. I hope the janitors do a LOT of deep cleans. 

So did they just swerve over, or did they miss that it was a dead end? 

Oh good, its useless side character theater this week! With all the buildup to the wind stuff, I thought we would get a few more interesting cases, and not just some stuff randomly blowing around. 

I definitely think that Jack has something like bipolar disorder, and the fire triggered what was probably there, but dormant. His constant pacing, being unable to sleep, and getting angry about weird things all seem like they could be a manic episode.

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I like Vic and the Chief, but did they really have to have sex at the fire station? I know it was a "conserve the sets" episode, but still. The Chief should know better. Couldn't they have waited until after Friendsgiving? I really like Dean. He is a sweet guy. I was glad that there wasn't too much Miranda/Ben drama this week.

Ryan's father is an ass. He should turn himself in and not put Ryan in this terrible position that puts his career in jeopardy. I do like Ryan's relationship with Captain Herrera who is so clearly the better father.  Hopefully, he will get Jack the help that he needs. 

Sullivan swings from one extreme to another. Either he is awkward and closed off or he is spilling his personal secrets. All he had to say is that his people are from "where ever" and leave it at that until he was ready to share the story about losing his wife, but noooo, he has to be all dramatic and run off. What is he, 5 years old? I also couldn't believe that he actually went and got the woman's necklace. How could he put that over his, Andy, and the woman's safety?

Travis annoyed me. He spent the most of the time when he was getting to know Grant saying that he didn't want to be serious and he is still wearing his wedding ring so why was he upset when Grant declared he doesn't see himself getting married? I know that the show is just setting up problems for their relationship, but I like Grant and love interests have a tendency to vanish into thin air on this show.

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6 hours ago, mxc90 said:

I guess Vic prevented Ripley to check in with other stations on their status and updates with the storm. He may be the worst chief ever!

I honestly thought his big news was that he was stepping down as Chief (so he can bang Vic any time she wants). Silly me! 

Yeah, those side characters were pretty damn annoying, especially that stupid ass wife, who insisted on being the most annoying. You see that your dumbass husband got himself into a predicament! Shut up!

Yeah, what is up with the Sullivan/Andy scenes? It SEEMS like they're leading into a romance here, but they wouldn't have Sullivan AND Ripley sleeping with the people who work for them, right? Maybe Sullivan is just REALLY awkward when it comes to bonding with other people. Otherwise, I guess their scenes were ok. I guess I don't mind Sullivan opening up to Andy about some stuff. 

So, Maya got lieutenant but at another station. I'd be very surprised if she took it. Although, if Andy and Sullivan have slid off a cliff in their ambulance, maybe there's a new opening? In all seriousness, I'm sure Andy is at least ok. I think they're definitely still in the truck, but Sullivan may be the one most in danger. 

The Travis/Grant stuff is really just set up for some serious problems and either a break-up or Grant deciding that he wants to get married. I assume it will also lead to Travis taking off his ring. 

Obligatory sex scene during an inappropriate time? Check. I do like Vic and Ripley, to my own surprise. I think they do work...but Ripley is still the Chief and that should be causing a lot of problems. 

Ryan's dad is pretty awful. His reaction to Ryan giving him a choice is....not turning himself in. And he suspected that he was wanted and said nothing. I get it was Thanksgiving and he wanted to spend it with his son, but if he DOESN'T turn himself in, then he's still a piece of shit father. I'm glad Captain Herrera hates him as much as I do. 

Speaking of that, it seems like he's also noticing Jack's manic behaviour. I'm glad people are really picking up on the fact that Jack is not ok. I do still think it could be bipolar. It was interesting that Captain Herrera started to talk about how he's seen this behaviour in other firefighters, seemingly talking about trauma and PTSD but he also changed his tune when Jack completely lost it on him. I'm pretty sure he knows it's not just PTSD. I am HIGHLY interested in Jack's story, which is a shift in last season when I really didn't like his character. Then again, I love personal stories like this. And I think they're doing a great job at displaying it. If it is bipolar, or some form of mood disorder, I think they're doing a decent job in telling it. He's not just manic one episode and depressive in the next. He's slowly unraveling, though in a noticeable way. Plus, his friends are noticing it due to the job that they do and most TV shows have their closest friends not notice because they're dumb. 

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1 hour ago, Lady Calypso said:

I honestly thought his big news was that he was stepping down as Chief (so he can bang Vic any time she wants). Silly me! 

Ha! I was surprised he didn't accidentally slip and named Vic for the promotion instead of Maya to the group. I'm sure during his walk to kitchen, naming Vic crossed his mind.

Never heard of rice krispy stuffing.

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