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S06.E06: Chapter 71

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I liked this episode because of all the scheming and double crossing between everyone. This show is much more entertaining when it isn't Frank versus everyone else. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend (or at least a temporary ally)" was in full effect in this episode. Tom's death was the least surprising one of the three (!) in this episode. I'm just glad (or hopeful) that the shooter didn't kill the dog.

How in the hell is Claire pregnant? She's in her 50s! How long has Frank been dead? She mentioned in this episode that Doug got out of the psychiatric facility a month and half ago and we saw the Fourth of July in the season premiere so it's been at least a few months since Frank died. Please don't tell me she used his sperm to impregnate herself via IVF after he died.

The most shocking thing about Duncan's big reveal was that Bill isn't his bio father. I was pleasantly surprised that when Bill revealed what as ass he is by saying Duncan isn't one of them, Annette finally ditched her brother.

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