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  1. If I remember correctly, that song was one Katherine sang on American Idol.
  2. I love Aaron McCargo's kickin' cole slaw. Man that slaw is amazing. It's the only slaw I make now.
  3. Which, I'm sure, is why Tori did The Masked Singer. Some people do it for fun and some do it for the exposure. She's very talented and now more people know who she is (those that watch TMS anyway).
  4. and TBH I've never heard of Taylor Dane either, and I'm at the back end of the Boomers.
  5. Especially since I've never even heard of her before.
  6. Rankin-Bass produced animated holiday specials such as "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" and I believe "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". So that thread would be movies/shows that are not these. I wish there would be one Holiday/Christmas TV movie thread. I did move the two threads into my feed but I still have to read both.
  7. Well I'm going to disagree about Chris Rock - I didn't mind him cast as Loy. In the first couple of episodes, I saw Chris playing Loy, but as the series evolved, I only saw Loy. I thought Loy and Josto were of similar characteristics, in that neither was one you would think to lead their gang, and that they were in over their heads. In fact, I found Josto just as cartoonish as his brother Gaetano.
  8. This sounds like the movie Bad Moms Christmas, which is hilarious and would never be aired on any of the Hallmark channels.
  9. roughing it

    S04.E10: Happy

    Mike Milligan was one of the KC mob leaders featured in Season 2 Fargo. This season's Fargo was a pre-quel to Season 2.
  10. ShelleySue, That was what I was trying to say, but you put it so much more eloquently. And not just Danica, but many of the other Hallmark leads as well (Alicia, Candace, etc.).
  11. And these same faces are getting older, way past the "ingenue" stage. Not that mid-40s can't find true Christmas love with the single dad, but it seems to me these movies are more suited toward mid-30's characters.
  12. I was wondering why in this episode, the final $ was doubled if she got it right, when in the other eps the contestant could go for the $100,000 final? Also for this final, the contestant got to choose whether the last singer standing was good or bad. In previous eps, the final singer had to be a "good" singer.
  13. I just wish there was some kind of rating system for these movies so we would know which ones to watch and which to pass on. Would be helpful when looking at 3 options airing at the same time to make the best choice.
  14. I never made the connection between Kimberly and Ashley. One I really like and the other not so much. I love Lucky 7 - I have it saved on my DVR and watch it a couple times a year.
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