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  1. Me too! These first two episodes, I kept saying "wait, what? who? what? come again?" Anyone keeping a running total of how many times Saul has been kidnapped? literally and figuratively? And if Crazy Carrie rears her ugly head again, I'm going to have to give up, because I just can't with that anymore
  2. I'm sure she spent many an hour practicing all of her expressions in the mirror before filming (or probably even before the audition).
  3. Panina (misspelled on purpose) sure sold a ton of them though
  4. I find The Bickersons abhorrent and wish they had been booted. No, wait, I wish the female partner had just walked away during his snit and quit right then and there. I would have. I'm not going to miss Big Blonde Hair and her pal though. Every close up of BBH, she was mugging for the camera. So when the camera pulled back and you saw the entire group, I watched her specifically, and she was showing all of her "expressions" the entire time, hoping she'd be on camera. Wonder what other reality show she was auditioning for. Ugh, glad she's gone.
  5. Makes you appreciate what the consultants go through to make a dress appear fitting, what with all the extra fabric tacked in, clamps, shimmying a dress up or over, etc. Not only do that have to try to figure exactly what a bride is wanting, but also getting them strapped in for viewing. And hauling all of those heavy dresses in and out of the dressing rooms! Looks easy on TV
  6. Thank you for your responses! Seems to me like each episode could do 1 country (or "homestyle" which is what I think you are saying) recipe and 1 "American" recipe, one tasting segment and one equipment segment. But yes, probably going for more air time.
  7. I like the intro music much better than the olde twangy bluegrass. It's a nice fresh update, and I associate the bluegrass with Chris Kimball, who I disliked before the scandal. Long time casual viewer of both ATK and CC, so my question may sound a bit silly...what is the difference between ATC and CC?
  8. Pretty sure he's dead. I saw that part again and his breathing was labored, and then it stopped as he looked skyward.
  9. 3-2-1 GO people!! How difficult is it to comprehend?? After all this time!! 3-2-1 GOOOOOOO. Sheesh.
  10. You are so very lucky. My sister in law found that she had one, but it exploded before they could repair it. 59 years too young. 😞
  11. In what universe is a 28 year old women attracted to a 57 year old man? Tale as old as time... And she already looks plastic...
  12. Grandma Barbie should schedule regular appointments with a dermatologist for skin cancer screenings. And I'm guessing she won't ever do a breast reduction.
  13. Wouldn't it be nice if they could bring it back at least as a weekend show like The Kitchen? Air new episodes on Sundays so it wouldn't compete with the Kitchen.
  14. I disagree. Once the swelling went down I thought it looked really nice. Much better than the pointy bony bits she had. Now her nose looks more natural.
  15. They also must have threatened that if Smitty didn't wear the wire, they were going to go after Bridget. That's why he did it, to "save" Bridget. I was onto Smitty wearing a wire when he was asking all those questions of Terry and Ray. At first I thought they were onto Smitty too, but then Ray carelessly admitted killing the cop.
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