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  1. Well, I'm in the minority but I like Monica. And I know I'm going to dislike new cowgirl. Maybe it's because it's her first scene, but she is WAY over the top for my taste.
  2. My guess? All the way up, like the ringleader.
  3. I would have to watch this part again, but when Konstantin was holding Dascha's hand it looked like he pinched the IV that was attached to her wrist, thus cutting off whatever was being administered to her.
  4. I, too, am glad Frog didn't win. He looked surprised too, when it was announced he was 3rd. At least by his head bob, anyway. I think he thought he had it in the bag. I'm glad Night Angel won. I thought she was the best, and except for one song a few weeks ago, she was consistently good. And I have no idea who any of the 3 finalists are.
  5. Say what??? I must have missed something....
  6. And again, with the background music so distractingly loud you can't hear/understand the conversation.
  7. I would think that Constantin would have "vetted" Villannelle if he was recruiting her for an assassin career. And for such an assignment, he (or The Twelve) would look all the way back as far as they could, even to childhood. I don't get that he's V's father, but he's definitely a father figure, and any mention of him sleeping with V is eewy squicky.
  8. For me, Bonnie = Spyros and Spyros = Bonnie. Despise them both equally. Also Wags. Actually, I'm not sure if there is anyone I like anymore. I sure as shit hope that Axe and Wendy do NOT get together.
  9. But isn't that the point? Eve and Nico's marriage was struggling, Eve was bored and looking for excitement that had left her. So no wonder there was no chemistry between her and Nico. They'd lost that lovin' feeling, otherwise known as chemistry.
  10. Yep, I noticed that. Epic fail. Yes, totally agree. That pouty poo poo face. I can accept that Rock may have been just a pretty face that they made him a project to turn him into a leading man. I don't know Rock's history, if that was a real thing. But with this series I guess it doesn't matter what was real and what was sugar schmaltzy coated revisionist history. I won't be recommending this to friends. I would have rather seen something more based on a truer history.
  11. I hated that Jeff's wife scraped her teeth with the fork when she tried his fried rice.
  12. What makes everyone think Carrie is a double agent? She doesn't have access (that I know of) to US intelligence - that door has closed. I thought she was laying low and having a relationship with Yevgeny and biding her time until she could start helping the US again.
  13. Ha Ha, yep. Got them confused 🤪
  14. Isn't the home that Villanelle is living in up for sale? I thought the real estate agent (or was it Dasha) said it had been on the market for a long time and not moving, so I assumed V is squatting there (i.e. staying there without lease)
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