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  1. Anyone watching?? Billy looked really good all cleaned up. I do believe he is innocent, trouble just seems to follow him. Even his dad made him an unwitting accomplice to a crime. He just can't win. I don't think Isaac killed the ex-cop either. I don't think we've been shown what really went down.
  2. Sherri has been on a couple of shows that I've watched recently. One is Call Your Mother, which was a stinker of a show, but I liked Sherri in it. Another is Mr. Iglesias on Netflix, a cute, lighthearted show for all ages, that I laughed out loud a few times. Gabriel Iglesias plays a high school teacher and Sherri is the principal.
  3. SWMNBN = She Who Must Not Be Named aka Meghan
  4. I'm reading the "Lincoln Lawyer" books. I know there is a Lincoln Lawyer series in development. I would love for Nina Ariando to play Jennifer "Bullocks" Aronson, Mickey Haller's associate lawyer. I see her face when I read the books.
  5. Naah, they're mostly standing around talking.
  6. I'm watching and will stick it out to the end. I like these limited series, there's not too much time commitment. I'm more invested in Grace's story and Dell's story then the main one though.
  7. Wow I totally missed that. I thought something happened in a previous season, and this was a continuation of that. Thanks
  8. I need some help here. I don't remember the Patty-->Monica Potter relationship. My husband thought the Monica Potter character (can't remember the name) is Patty's mother, but they seem more in age to be sisters. This is what happens when there is too much time between seasons, damn you Covid!!
  9. Ever since Season 1 (I think) when Axe made Wendy enter the pool naked I knew they would get together. I don't like either of them so they can have each other.
  10. OMG that couple, especially the wife, were driving me crazy!! I kept yelling at the TV "'it's NOT a tumor' it's just a cyst!!!" If you were so worried about it, why didn't you go get it looked at, say 29 years ago!! "I don't know what I would do without Walter, I just know he's going to dieeeee" or whatever his name was. Puhleeze.
  11. I don't like angel hair pasta either. I always swap it out for thin or regular spaghetti. I recently made Ina's pasta with cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil, which calls for AHP, and I used spaghetti. It was quick, easy and yummy!!
  12. bigmag, if I remember correctly, the person who normally assisted with recording was out, so Honey asked Maddie to set it up.
  13. If Guilfoyle is hired, then I am out. I just can't. Cannot. Ever.
  14. Well at least they are no longer doing those god-awful Pinterest craft segments!! But I agree, these Pinterest recipes are just as lame.
  15. I did not like Randy's dress on Shaela. It looked lumpy and dumpy on her. It seems better suited for a taller figure. She looked like a little girl playing dress up.
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