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  1. You know what? Valerie has lost 3 very important people in her life in a short amount of time. That is really tough to deal with, not only each death, but the cumulative effect of that. Give her a break. I believe she is still married to Tom, they seem like a great couple.
  2. Hiker girl's nose result was incredible! What a great job by Dr. Nassif. And speaking of Dr. Nassif, the gross silicone dude did resemble him facially.
  3. So there's been some talk about Lori "lying" to Mare when she told her about Billy being the killer. Did she really lie? I thought that's what John confessed to her, to throw her off, that Billy killed Erin, and not to tell Mare. Then Lori goes and tells Mare anyway that Billy killed Erin. Did John confess to Lori that Ryan killed Erin? 'cause I somehow missed that conversation.
  4. I think there's something in Bobby's contract that says he has to win like 90% of the time. "Judges, this is a blind taste test, but *wink wink* this is the dish you must choose..."
  5. Colin's mom didn't like Mare from the start, probably because she wanted to keep her Colin all to herself - Mare threatened that by the way Colin spoke of her to his mother. So of course his mom is going to blame Mare for his death. Wittle Colin could do no wrong. (I'm guessing she believed the heroic Colin's story that he solved a previous case - that he confessed to Mare was false.) I think Billy was (secretly or not) in love with Erin, but John was the one who impregnated her and killed her. If that is true, I don't know why it took until now to kill her, unless she was going to ex
  6. I agree. While Colin crushed on Mare, I felt that Mare regarded him more as a younger brother. When Colin asked to talk about something other than the case....crickets.... because Mare didn't know what else to talk about with him.
  7. The resemblance between Lori and her son is uncanny. They look like they are really mom and son. With Helen always bringing people into their home (Brianna's mom, Siobhan's ex, Carrie) I wonder if she will offer Carrie to live with them, in order to keep Drew there.
  8. Hey, is that Morgan Freeman moderating the games? It certainly sounds like him, but I would think he's got better things to do than guide the games..?
  9. See, I'm the opposite. I'll watch reruns of mid-series through the end. I don't care to watch the beginning seasons with Violet, Roscoe, Baxter, Kevin Pollack's character (although I love the actor). I thought this last season was one of my favorites.
  10. They could reunite for Weekend Chew. It would be easier to commit to one show a week, rather than a daily show. Do it!! Please!!
  11. I thought they did - I thought I heard the detective say that paternity tests for Frank Sheehan and Dylan both came back negative.
  12. When Helen pulled out the bag of frozen veggies, I said "Ewww does anyone actually eat those??" Great hiding place. Teenage girls aren't the only sneaky ones.
  13. I've always gotten the impression that Wolfie's not comfortable being on the show. Even before his dad's death.
  14. Ha - the second I read this, this song came up on my Pandora. How random....
  15. Seriously, if you're not drunk at your high school reunion, you should be. Those things are rough *shudder*, never again. I don't mind the scenes with Siobhan, they provide another dimension to the story. Maybe it will lead to something significant that we don't see yet, or maybe it's just showing Siobhan. Anyway, as yet, it looks like Siobhan is the least f-ed up family member. But is she really? Interesting family life differences - at Mare's house it's FUCK YOU, NO FUCK YOU, NO FUCK YOU MORE, NO FUCK YOU MORE....etc. Then across the yard at Frank's house, laughter and board g
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