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S07.E10: The Saphrax Protocol

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So now we know what happened to Phineas Phage: teleporter accident.

I really loved the ESB/Barbarella mashup purgatory. I guess Phage's dream was Wizard of Oz?

Finally, Brock got to be awesome again. God, I loved him getting a pee break.

Man, there were so many bombshells tossed in this episode. Monarch AND Gary got promotions. Dean knows everything. We learned Dean & Hank's mom's name. I think? What an ending. Til...whenever.

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I hope it will be next year that it comes back,I am the only who hopes that part of Hank finding himself is looking for his and Dean's mom and damn it we better see her,Other than what we got how do you think the Monarch reaction to learning he and Doctor Venture are brothers ? and how do you think Rusty reaction.

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Typical TVB episode . . . at the core is two men declaring their friendship for each other, ready to sacrifice their identities instead of advancing themselves. Surrounding that? Hank in Purgatory, Sgt. Hatred being Sgt. Hatred (re: not having anyone care about his development), Hank running away from home, and Monarch finally finding out Rusty is his brother. Oh, and Brock killing a Guild blackout team. Killing sooooooooo many of them. He's probably been dreaming of an epic spree for the last few seasons. He also probably took selfies with the corpses and sent them to Warriana.

Naturally, a Guild promotion ceremony is built on pomp, circumstance, and general insanity. Nothing like hearing a Greek chorus ring out, "Oh, no, he didn't!" Nice bit with Monarch finally being able to kill Rusty once and for all. And he didn't do it. I get it . . . without Rusty, whom would Malcolm play "Cat-And-Also-Cat" with?

Kinda sad to see Dean slowly pour his heat out to a comatose Hank. Also, he did give his virginity to Sirena, so last week's climax wasn't a Three's Company-style misunderstanding. Nice that Hank decided to go out like Liam Neeson at the end of Darkman. Since he's Hank, he wore a Batman mask. Hey, no one had he had to grow up all at once? I got a huge laugh at him trying to seduce the Wampa. Apparently, he's seen Billy Dee's Colt 45 commercials.

Well, I guess we wait for mid-2020 for the next season, and a lot of threads are still loose. There's a good possibility Archer might be ending, so we still have need of a continuity-heavy animated series that gives a fuck and doesn't at the same time.

Final T-Shirt: Guild Tenning. Is Charlie Sheen with the Guild now?

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Based on what I've read, the Guild's silly advancement ceremony is like supposed similar rituals in the Masons, Rosicrucians, and others. Kind of like a bad school play.

Why was Brock looking for Hatred's hidden gun? I recall him claiming that he never uses guns. Maybe he was just going to fire off a few rounds to get the attention of the Guild goons.

Remember back when Monarch kidnapped Hank and Dean, one of them described him as being "all creepy uncle" with them? He is now officially their creepy uncle.

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I think Brock was serious enough that he was going to use the gun. Remember, he did say back in S1 that the blackout ops were among the few people he actually respected. So now that I think about it, a lot of his taunting and gloating and dressing up as a Samurai was largely for psychological effect, to acomplish things like making them forget how to count. Although a good chunk of it was still just because he's Brock fucking Samson. One thing I didn't catch until the second viewing was that the reason he was willing to take a close range gunshot was that he was betting they'd aim for the chest... and hoping they didn't know he had an armor-plated sternum.

I wish we'd seen more of their Saphrax story. Come on, you can't just dump him being angry about a magic chicken giving bad advice on us without elaborating a little!

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On 10/7/2018 at 10:48 PM, supernatural666 said:

Other than what we got how do you think the Monarch reaction to learning he and Doctor Venture are brothers ?

I don't know anyone on this show. I came into it late can just can't keep track, but this wasn't a particularly surprise reveal to me. I thought that was the point since I started watching. 

Good for Gary though for being promoted to an actual villain. I don't see why the Monach would kill Rusty because they just all play at it all the time. 

Lot of fun this season. I'm sure I'll forget most of it in 2022 when it returns. 

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