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  1. supernatural666

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    Prairie Fire know that if I awake up screaming tonight because of that ad I will be cursing your name.
  2. supernatural666

    S07.E10: The Saphrax Protocol

    I hope it will be next year that it comes back,I am the only who hopes that part of Hank finding himself is looking for his and Dean's mom and damn it we better see her,Other than what we got how do you think the Monarch reaction to learning he and Doctor Venture are brothers ? and how do you think Rusty reaction.
  3. supernatural666

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    When men do it it's sexiest and those men are huge pigs who demeaning that young woman but we do it we are be empowered and turning the tables so it okay when we do it,There needs be sarcasm text so it easier for other people to tell when your using sarcasm.
  4. supernatural666

    S07.E05: The Anamorata Consequence

    Why am I both surprised and yet not surprised Rusty might have be a clone,With all the crazy stuff that happen to him as a kid it kind of makes sense that some would happen to him as a kid. I could have sworn that Dermot called Doctor Venture Dad in front of Dean and Hank so why does Hank think that Dermot's dad is special ops or black ops. Why is Monarch and Gary arching St. Cloud last we saw them he was arching Billy and Pete. Gailileo908 I think your right about the mom Venture thing because wondering who his mother is. When red Helper was showing the newspaper what was the story about Jonas saving a woman in the arctic or some else cold because I feel like that will become important in the future.
  5. supernatural666

    S07.E04: The High Cost Of Loathing

    This possible love triangle is going to end badly,Why can't Dean get a girlfriend of his own my vote is for a super heroine or a super villainess who turns good because for her to someday Mrs Venture she can't be 100 %normal. Anyone knows who voiced Victor von Helping it's not on IMDB yet and I was wondering if anyone know. Also we need more Jared/Brown Widow because he is awesome.
  6. supernatural666

    S07.E03: Arrears In Science

    Makes you wonder if the reason the Rusty Venture from end of "Bright Lights, Dean City" was happy sane and all Doctor Quest looking was whoever is Rusty's mother deiced to take Rusty as far away from Jonas as she could. I want to question why Jonas gave Vendata a Good and Evil switch but with him I really don't want to know.
  7. supernatural666

    S07.E03: Arrears In Science

    We all know Jonas was a bastard but trying to shove his brain into Vendata there for killing him than trying to kill him when their in that weird mind space and more than likely slept with his "friend"'s wife and fathered the Monarch. I wonder if it is true how Rusty and the Monarch are going to reaction,I am hoping for a Luke Skywalker like NO!!!!!!!!! from at least one of them. Did we found out if the Fitzcarraldo's plane crash was an accident or if someone cause it?
  8. supernatural666

    S07.E02: The Rorqual Affair

    Well whether you thought it was a good movie or not you got to give Green Lantern a point for the female lead pointing out the silliness of the idea that she would not recognize Hal just because she couldn't see his cheekbones.
  9. supernatural666

    S07.E02: The Rorqual Affair

    Okay throw out your ideas on how the Blue Morpho is alive or if it's not the real Blue Morpho who or what he is because I have 0 ideas.
  10. supernatural666

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    I guess it better he wore the box or bag thing instead of just wrapping it around him like a mummy,But still if these people are mistaking toilet paper for robes or bouncy castles maybe you should be worried about them.
  11. supernatural666

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    You know in TV or movies where a character's screams and it's not just one long scream but short little scream sort like Morse code,I did that while watching that ad though thankfully just in my mind.
  12. supernatural666

    S13.E23: Let the Good Times Roll

    I am the only one who when the DeanMichael vs Lucifer fight was happening was reminded of vampire movies where they can fly?,Also I would have never chosen the Pinky Blinder hat but the rest of the suit looked good.
  13. supernatural666

    S13.E22: Exodus

    Yeah Catrox14 maybe before the world went to hell the Novaks instead of stay in America moved to Germany or some other county and Jimmy was born and raised there instead.
  14. supernatural666

    S12.E21: There's Something About Mary

    My dad thinks that Lucifer JR might have helped his dad escape,There better not be an atom left of Lady Toni Bevell and Ketch after the finale.
  15. supernatural666

    S12.E16: Ladies Drink Free

    Jody Rocks,Mary I am hoping will get better and Rowena I am sorry when you make me feel sorry for the King of Hell than you are the queen of bad mothers.