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S37: Jeremy Crawford

Netta Leven
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Hi.  I'm a big fan of, quite fittingly, Jeremy Collins and want to play like him.

I don't think he'll have the charisma or charm of that Jeremy, but at least he's a fan of the show, so hopefully, he has at least some of the assets that got him far.

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I could see him be labeled as a threat early and have a big target put on his back, especially given that he says he doesn't think he can fly under the radar.  I hope he claims to be something other than a lawyer to take the target off himself a bit.  

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oh dear Lord, why didn't see any of this? lol


"The thing that really kicked me off the show was something that wasn’t shown, so it might sound like an excuse. The reason for the blindside, and it wasn’t a blindside, Angelina was in a showmance with John. It was kind of one-sided like Kara and Dan. But, Angelina had just gotten married. So, she was adamant that nobody make any comments about a showmance between her and John on the show. And essentially I made a joke about Angelina and John’s showmance after our  challenge where we won fishing gear. I made a joke around the campfire and that got back to Angelina. And from that, she went around and told people, “He has to go, he’s trying to ruin my marriage. I’m going to be humiliated.” So, she told people that, but told them not to talk about it on camera. That’s how you get nine people to vote somebody off who they really don’t want to. You add a personal layer from the real world to it. So, it really had nothing to do with me and Natalie. If you go back and look at Angelina in the tent when she says, “I can’t trust him anymore.” That “anymore” is telling you why."

"What made me make the joke was that it started raining and instead of grabbing her own clothing, she grabbed John’s. And we all knew it. It wasn’t a secret. She was fully into him. John wasn’t in a showmance, he was always talking about his fiancé. But, he was definitely pulling the Kara card of letting Angelina do what she wanted to do to improve his game. When we were in the camp, it rained every day. So, there was so much time in the tent, in the camp huddled together. And showmances, that’s where they start."

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Jesus. Obviously Jeremy's embarrassed about being voted out first but being the first boot of your tribe really isn't that big of a deal. There's been 37 seasons of Survivor, 20 seasons of Big Brother, people get voted out first for all sorts of reasons. You only make yourself look bad when you act like an idiot. Jeremy, you are an idiot. 


Natalie and Angelina have responded over at Reddit and it sounds like two married people were in an alliance and Jeremy's bitter ass blew up it as something scandalous. 

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From Natalie's interview

"Holmes: Jeremy took us by surprise during the exit press when he told us that the reason he was voted out was because of a joke he made about a showmance between Angelina and John. Angelina has since denied this. Can you shed some light on that?
Cole: What Jeremy does not know until this conversation, is that Jeremy made that comment, of which I wasn’t even in the vicinity when he made the comment, I was told the comment by my ally John. When I was told he made the comment and John and Angelina weren’t doing anything about it, I said to Angelina, “I heard about the comment.” And she said, “Yeah, it’s pretty crappy.” And I said, “Angelina, your husband is a marine. He’s out protecting our country. You can’t let that comment sit. You can’t let that go. We have to unanimously vote him out to speak against that statement he made.” So, I got in her head. I got in John’s head the same way. I said, “You’re getting married next month. Your fiancé is going to be pissed to hear that! We’ve got to do something, John! We need to fix this!” So then, the next two hours I sat back and watched the magic happen. They were soldiers going out with my message. Nobody knows that they did the work because I planted the seed in their heads."

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