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  1. Feel free to roll your eyes on this one but CDAN has this blind:
  2. I definitely think it was simply a case of exhaustion. Look at RR's career, she's never been the lead in anything and probably has never had more than a few weeks of filming at a time. To suddenly be thrown into Batwoman's schedule would be absolutely brutal. I don't think there a more exhausting role for an actor than a 22-episode action adventure show. I've heard multiple actors complain how grueling the days could be. Even Buffy ended because SMG was sick of it.
  3. I still maintain that Chris Noble was the only entertaining character from Ghost Island i.e. the season so bad that it got the entire casting department fired.
  4. loki567

    S40: Adam Klein

    I think his "idol play," or should I say podium play? is a good example of why I love Adam as a character. He has such a natural, undeserved confidence in himself that makes for some great Survivor moments. My biggest pet peeve about Survivor players are those people who let indecision completely rule their games and they're not willing to do anything at all. Adam does not have that problem. Despite his game being blown up multiple times with numerous messy confrontations, he never played scared. There's a lot of people who would stay glued to their seats during that TC because they
  5. I love Adam. Guy was such a mess both times, it was amazing. And idol on the podium actually makes so much sense that I'm surprised they haven't tried it before. Apparently it happened on a foreign season and Adam might be exactly the type of superfan to have watched that. I really don't know where this season is going. In a lot of respects I think it's breaking down exactly like Jeff was worried about an All-Winners season would, where you have a bunch of good players with no personalities gang up on the entertaining winners and we're left with nothing particularly compelling moving for
  6. Rob's charismatic, has construction experience, good in challenges, and has an innate ability to read and manipulate human nature. I find it hard to believe that if Rob's first season was in 2020, instead of 2001 that he wouldn't be a good Survivor player. I don't buy for a second the game has "passed him by," or anything. Returning player seasons are weird. Everybody knows everybody's else game and they're usually looking to take out the biggest, most public threats. I don't think anybody's reputation should take a hit because they get voted out on an All-Stars season. Maybe their reputa
  7. I'm not sure I agree. Obviously Dan's a special case of bad behavior. But I think it's quite easy for the editors to create a reaction to someone that doesn't necessarily fit their personality. "So-and-so is an asshole!" A couple mean reaction shots. The general audience thinks that the person sucks. You can do to that to make somebody look smug (I am running the game), stupid (Nick's definitely getting that edit this year), bland, etc. You can also make someone look better than they deserve. I'm reminded of the Amazon cast saying that Christy was a LOT more disagreeable than
  8. Very few brute strength challenges. It's better to have speed, balance, endurance, and some puzzle making ability. The ideal challenge competitor looks like Ozzy, not Jeremy.
  9. Rob's eviction was predictable but still satisfying. Particularly, how the rest of the players pretty much spend the last 20 minutes talking shit about how much Redemption Island and anyone involved with it sucked. Let that be the final word on that terrible season. Michele and Wendell's relationship is so awkward for them but still hilarious to watch. I love the fact that Adam is completely repeating his first season, including voting against former tribe members after a tribe switch.
  10. That's not a bad point but the show put more focus on Jason/Scot and like I said even gave him the big jury speech.
  11. Michele's win wasn't the worst Survivor. Bob and Fabio still exist. But I hated her win for two reasons: 1. Scot and Jason, two of the biggest sexist douchebags in the history of the show were her winning votes and so important to her victory that Scot even got the defining jury speech. 2. There's this weird attempt by Natalie White apologists (and I'm one of those people) who have tried to turn Michele into this feminist icon, when once again she won because of said two sexist douchebags. I guess it's because there more effort to explain away female players' victories and dis
  12. I actually went back to watch that scene just to make sure and at the end, Rob did tell Adam that he would tell people they were still working together even if they weren't and who could, "tell what the truth was out here?" I wouldn't classify that as bullying, mind you, but it is the type of thing that would make me never want to work with Rob. And Adam should have immediately told Jeremy and Michele what Rob said so Rob wouldn't be able to lie to them first.
  13. The thing that can annoy me about Rob (and Parvati/Sandra to a large extent) has less to do with Rob and more to do with how the show treats him. They are so completely in the tank for the guy that there's no attempt to edit him as a person anymore. They're just constantly talking him up and virtually everytime anybody says anything about him, they're going on and on about how great he is. It gets annoying. Even after he just got completely hookwinked in a vote. The same thing happens on The Challenge with CT. There's no attempt at characterization, it's just, "CT is so awesome, he's the
  14. It's interesting the way they're editing this season. I'm not seeing too many story arcs or things of that nature. I wonder if the editors just assume that we know these people enough that they don't feel it necessary to over-indulge on characters explaining themselves again and again, and are just letting things breathe. Also wonder if that means that a minor character at this point (ex. Nick or Wendell) might still be able to suddenly swoop in at the end for a win. I am happy that a surprising amount of heavyweights have made it this far: Kim, Sandra, Tony, Yul, Parvati, Rob, Jeremy.
  15. loki567

    S40: Adam Klein

    I agree with most of your points, Eolivet, particularly the Adam/Spencer comparison. There's an attempt to present them as these two gamebots but strategy isn't the strength of their games. More of a case that they're both well-liked socially by their tribes and people are willing to give them an extra chance that they won't necessarily give to others. Ben already has given that extra chance to Adam. I absolutely won't be shocked if Adam is able to recover in roughly the same fashion as he did during MvGX, that with his game blown up again somebody tries to take him under their wing.
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